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Aweber Tips: Customizing The Confirmation Email

Ready to get more confirmation on your email signups? This works. I’ve been using it on all of my lists for over 6 months. I give full credit to Shawn Collins for tipping me off on this idea to customize the confirmation email in Aweber. Thanks Shawn. Here’s the video of how to do it.

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How I Increased Email Signups By 300%

I’ve been using Aweber as my email capture and delivery software for a few years now. It’s a no brainer. All the big guns use it because of the price and features. Anyway…

My friend Andy Sernovitz (Author of Word of Mouth Marketing book) and I did a podcast a while back and I had mentioned to him how I used Aweber, and a trick I learned from him about word of mouth to increase my email signup subscriptions by over 300%. Andy wrote a post about it here.

Jim Kukral makes a crazy offer when you sign up for the email newsletter on his blog, the Daily Flip: On your birthday, he’ll send you a video of him singing happy birthday to you.

Simple, silly, fun, and effective. Subscribe rates up 300% and with 95% of the people who do sign up giving their birth date. Why does it work? Because most sites are boring, everyone loves personal attention, and Jim solves both problems with one great idea.

Andy gets full credit for the inspiration. I’ll take an assist for the implementation on my behalf. :) So, go sign up!

By the way, the Aweber hover box is a huge part of those signups. Those things work.

Honestly, you must read Andy’s book. My video review below.

No, Email Isn’t Dead… Yet

Not yet anyway. This video talks about why people like Jason Calacanis and Shoemoney are now all of a sudden trying to build emails lists. Is it because they didn’t before, or because they’re just trying to be different? I don’t know.

It all just seems a little silly to me. Again, I’m not saying email is dead, yet. I do think my kinds won’t have email. My niece in college doesn’t “email”, only Facebook. What’s your take?

I Answer Every Email I Get, Do You?

I answer every email I get. Mostly. What I mean is, every real email I get from a real person with a real request… gets answered. It may take me a week or longer to get to it, but I get to it. Today’s video (below) is all about email overload and your brand.

Bottom line is, if you are going to put yourself out there and ask people to email you, you’re going to have to make sure you answer those emails. If you don’t, your brand is going to suffer. Be honest, you’ve emailed someone before and they never responded, then you emailed again and nothing. Deep down inside you think that person is too busy to respond to you, or doesn’t care, and that effects their brand in your head, it just does.

I worry that in several years I’m not going to be able to keep up with the current pace of emails I get that need answering. I have no idea how Gary V does it, or Mike Arrington, or Mark Cuban, well, Cuban says here how he does it, and so does Mike. I’ve talked to Gary about it before, and what he said he does is answer them when he’s flying, then hits send all when he lands, smart.

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Alternatives To Outlook Express For An Email Super User?

I’m really getting tired of using Outlook Express. Every 100 times I use it I get the dreaded “compact messages” warning on shutdown, and half the time I do it, I lose my sent emails and tons of other email in my inbox. By the way, there’s no way to turn that feature off from what I read.

logo_outlook_express6.gifPlus, you know, it’s just… blah. I want something more robust and pleasant and just nicer, you know?

Email is HUGE to me. It’s 90% of my business-life communication. I get all my news via email from rss to email updates. I get all of my consulting work via email contact (mostly). I am an email super-user.

I love my email, but hate my email tool.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should switch to? Obviously I’m on a PC, and you should know these things. I have 20+ emails setup, each checking their own account. I also need to be able to send individually from each one, so I can’t just receieve them all in one location and be forced to send from that one single email address.

Oh yeah, last thing, I don’t want a web browser client like Gmail. I prefer to have my email downloaded to my computer in the background while I work. I don’t want to have to be forced to go look for it (refresh), it should just come to me.

What’s an email super user to do? Am I stuck with Outlook Express? Calgon, take me away!

These guys say dump Outlook and go to Eudora. But I used that like 8 years ago, is it really something that I want to try again?

Is this sign #1 that I need to finally really concede I should switch to a Mac this year?