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Blogrush Proves A Brilliant Marketing Effort Will Always Win

This whole Blogrush situation just fascinates me, and I’m sorry to keep blogging about it, but I LOVE good marketing and buzz, and John Reese and Blogrush deliver.


Case in point, what we’re seeing now is the sliding scale of backlash coming back about the product. Particularly, we’re seeing the guys who have had traffic exchanges for years come out of the woodwork saying stuff like “I did it already, and you just copied it, etc…” Check out this comment at Mashable from the guy who started Blogexplosion…


Your service is nothing revolutionary, new or even original for that matter …

I’m the original owner of BlogExplosion.com, the original traffic exchange for bloggers (which I ended up selling to LiveVideo.com some time ago)

Both BlogExplosion and Blogmad.net had text link exchanges (essentially what you do), where you can target by category etc.. But that was a couple of years ago.. You can talk up your technology to match content etc. but it’s mostly just that – talk

RELEVANT CONTENT, TARGETED – Bottom line this has been done before with exactly the same functionality (except we had a much larger userbase than you do)…

The point I’m trying to make is…


This is going to sound crude, but here’s an example.

Two people could take a crap in a box and both try to sell it. But the guy who wraps it in the nicer package, the better marketer, is going to sell more boxes of crap.

Sorry dude who made Blogexplosion, and the other guys who are now feeling like they missed something. Guess what??

You did.

John Reese is a brilliant marketer. He positioned it perfectly. He got the sneezers in early to push it hard, and their minions followed suit. It was brilliant, and it worked, and even if it doesn’t last long term, he’s now sitting on probably a hundred thousand email addresses he can push income.com announcements and product to.

The summary…

Good marketing wins. I don’t care if your product is the same, or even better. The better marketing position will ALWAYS win short term. Now, personally, I refuse to market “crap in a box”. Not my style, even if I don’t get rich, I won’t do it. But you cannot argue my points above. John Reese did it again.

P.S. This does not mean you should focus on creating products that are not high-quality. In the long run, you will be able to create a long-term profitable business on the merits of a better product that solves problems… ALWAYS.

Are You Working Too Hard?

Seth Godin nails it yet again in this piece on Labor Day about what else? Work. Read the whole thing, but in particular, read this paragraph over and over because it’s dead on.

Hard work is about risk. It begins when you deal with the things that you’d rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier, drive through the other barrier. And, after you’ve done that, to do it again the next day.

Do you work hard?

Creative Marketing With Video: Sprint Waitless

Another smart video marketing idea. Remember we talked about Willitblend.com? Well here’s a little fun site and marketing campaign from Sprint.

http://waitless.org/ – They have short time saving videos that help you “turn life tedious moments into time savers”. Pretty smart.


You can learn how to quickly remove sand from your body, or how to chill sodas in 2 minutes or how to quickly peel an egg.

The point? It’s fun, it’s engaging. It’s creative thinking and marketing utilizing online video. I like it.

Thanks to B.L. for the story.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? Online or offline, it doesn’t matter, you either are or you aren’t. Today I was reading a post at my favorite business coaching blog called AsktheBizCoaches.com. It asked…

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?


Good question. Do any of these key points hit home with you?

Here are a couple of key points of Schumpeter that McCraw highlights in the article that caught my attention:

1. Failure is a phase through which nearly all people must pass on the way to success. The ability to take a punch and then get up off the canvas to win the fight is one of the defining characteristics of entrepreneurs. This is what we often refer to as the school of “hard knocks” that most small business owners go through to learn how to be a CEO. Nothing is a better teacher than making mistakes.

2. Schumpeter coined the phrase “creative destruction” to describe the incessant changes typical of capitalistic economies. This observation – that the same innovation that creates an opportunity for one business destroys another – became his signature insight. This is why you will rarely meet an entrepreneur who is comfortable in his or her current position. The moment you let up on the gas pedal and get comfortable will be the moment when your competition gains ground on you.

3. An outsider himself, Schumpeter believed that outsiders in general are better positioned to imagine big changes and new opportunities. Because of the tremendous obstacles entrepreneurs must overcome, Schumpeter held that successful innovation is “a feat not of intellect but of will.” This is what Jack and I lovingly refer to as “the grind” that typifies most successful small business owners.

4. A roster of leading entrepreneurs is like a hotel: “always full of people, but people who are forever changing.” What a fantastic visual!

Check out AsktheBizCoaches.com for more information and business coaching help.

Online Advertising Just Got Fun – My Latest Project: Scratchback.com

You thought I was done helping others make money online when I sold BlogKits eh? Not quite. Starting today, I’m accepting only 100 beta testing applications for my latest project called Scratchback.com.

The press release goes out later this week, but loyal JimKukral.com blog readers get the scoop early of course, and can apply for one of the spots early as well. I’m thinking they’re going to go fast though, so sign up now if you’ll want to have an invitation to the private beta in August.


So what is Scratchback.com?

I’m not revealing the juicy details as of yet. Beta users will get a sneak peek though. All I will say for now is that it is an online advertising solution similar to things like Chitika, Blogads, AuctionAds or TextLinkAds and Adbrite. Similar in that it’s a publishing solution, but totally different and unique in how it works.

It’s mostly unique because it’s fun. In fact, the entire model is based around fun, not “making money online”.

I’ve been building this project in my head for 3-years now, and it’s almost done. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and having some fun!

Idea Already Been Done? Here’s How To Succeed Anyway

gobigbook.gifEver have a GREAT idea that you were sure you’d make a million bucks from? Then you find out that somebody already did it?

A successful entrepreneur knows that giving up is not the answer. Instead, here are some tips to help you make it into a success. Courtesy of Wil Schroter’s blog.

Oh $&*@#! – someone already thought of your idea – now what??

Don’t sweat it. You don’t have to be the first one to think of a good idea in order to make a great company happen. There are plenty of ways to improve the idea and make it work.

Execute Better – Anyone could have sold books on-line, but Jeff Bezos of Amazon did it better than anyone. Do not overlook the power of good execution. There are plenty of good ideas that are executed poorly. You can take just about ANY product category and likely do better than most competitors, if not all of them.

Narrow the Focus – Your competition is looking broad at lots of categories. Narrow your focus to one category that you know you can dominate. Determine whether customers care about a big, broad play or just one highly focused play.

Go Head On – Most companies do not handle competition well. If it looks like there is only one other company in your space, is there any reason you can’t make them #2 in short order? Just because they are the only game in town doesn’t mean they can maintain a #1 spot next to your competition. Maybe they are just #1 because no one has beaten them at their own game.

Give it a Spin – Similar to narrowing the focus, another way to shape your idea is to shift the spin a bit. NetFlix took an old model of DVD rentals and put the on-line browsing / through-the-mail delivery approach. Ironically Blockbuster then gave the NetFlix model another spin and allowed you to return your movies the same day to their stores like NetFlix could not.

How-To Videos Plus Online Subscriptions Make A Recipe For Success

rb02.jpgCNNmoney.com writes a piece called ‘How to Score with How-to Video‘, Niche players are resuscitating the subscription model to make money off homemade instructional websites.

(Business 2.0 Magazine) — When Evan Margolin launched SalsaBootCamp to sell instructional video clips online, everyone he knew told him it was a crazy idea. Why would people offer up their credit cards to him – a dance teacher known only to his students in San Francisco – when they could watch thousands of dance videos for free on sites like YouTube?

Yet aspiring salsa dancers have signed up in droves, even as Margolin has raised the monthly subscription price from $9 to $37. Four months after its launch, SalsaBootCamp.com is making $20,000 a month.

Here’s a question you need to ask yourself right now. What do you know a lot about that you can film and sell subscriptions to?

Think about how easy it would be to upload this content to a private member’s area and let people access it on a subscription?

Are You An Online Entrepreneur? Want To Be Successful But Don’t Know How? Here’s The Key.

intro1.jpgI’ve been talking a lot lately about being successful online. While I don’t think you MUST be an entrepreneur to be successful online, I do think that possessing a few, if not all, of the successful habits that entrepreneurs have is very helpful. (In not just success at work either, in life too).

The Webpreneur.com highlights 10 of those habits in a blog entry called The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs. A must read if you’re someone who is searching for success in any capacity.

So, how do you stack up to the 10 habits listed below?

Passion for Life
A Smile on Their Face
A Dynamic Team
A Willingness to Help Others
Habitual Goal Setting
Ability to Remember Names
Empowered by Failure
Proactive Attitude
Determination and Motivation

I would note, that nowhere in that list is “making money”. Again, focusing your success on making money is the wrong approach. Focus on helping people solve problems, and the money will come.

How Do I Become A Super Affiliate?

I get this ALL the time from new online marketers. “Jim, do these super affiliate guys who sell ebooks really make all the money they claim or are they just full of you know what?” And every time I get that question, I have the same answer.


Yes, some do make all that money, and no, some are not full of you know what. The trick is figuring out which is which.

Jeremy Palmer is one of those “real” guys you should listen to. But he wasn’t always a super-affiliate. He got his start by failing and made his success by hard-work.

He recently posted his success story on his blog and I found it very inspirational, especially if you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer. Here it is in full on his blog. Excerpts below chosen by me.

I believe that in every failure there is an opportunity to learn. While I was licking my wounds I carefully reflected on my previous experience. I was convinced that I could still be successful as an entrepreneur, but knew that I would need to build my next business on a stronger foundation.

I know a lot of Internet millionaires, and none of them built their empires on auto-pilot, by copying and pasting, or working a few hours a week. Sure you might be able to earn some pocket change by putting in such a minimal effort, but if you’re serious about quitting your day job and earning a substantial income it’s going to take work.

There is no software, e-book, or magic formula that generates income by itself. Many of these programs contain good ideas, but none of them will help you make money “automatically”. The number one factor that will determine your success is – you I encourage you to learn as much as you can from your training materials, but remember that the most useful knowledge comes from doing.

There you have it. Get to work and be like Jeremy.

Online Success Lessons From ZEfrank

ZE’s gone, but not forgotten. Well at least “The Show” is over, and yeah, ZE’s still around in spirit, that’s apparant by reading one of his post “the show” interviews over at Slate.com.

070322_brow_zefrank.jpgThis piece is for anyone who wishes to learn how to be a successful online, in any capacity. Why? Because if you read it, you’ll learn just how accidental this type of stuff can be at first.

Ze Frank tasted Internet stardom early. In 2001, he made a party invitation of funny dance moves for a few friends. The invite went viral, and he had the experience of refreshing his e-mail to find 60 to 70 new messages from around the world. He was a network star, and the attention was addictive. The dance thing, however, was a fluke. The real challenge would be to create that kind of attention purposefully, from scratch. He quit his job and built up his personal Web site. He had a few successes, but nothing on the level of The Show.

This breaks the perception that a lot of people seem to have that ZE’s early dance skit was what propelled him into the world spotlight, it’s not. The “Show” is what did that. In other words, he didn’t stop when his first “hit” was scored, he kept pushing.

The Point?

The point is. You have to keep trying. You have to keep pushing. You have to believe in your ideas and keep working hard and doing what you love.

ONLY then will you have a chance at the success/happiness/money/love/whatever you desire.

At the very least, if you do all that, you’re doing what your passionate about, so even if you don’t become rich and famous, you’ve won already.

One More Point?

ZE didn’t get where he is today because he was trying to get rich. Think about that.