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Help Jim… Get His Fatblogging Domain Back!

helpjimgetslimAlways lock up your domain names, even the ones you don’t think anyone would ever want. Case in point, I’ve been fatblogging since Jan 2004 at www.helpjimgetslim.com.

But I stopped going to the gym last year (or longer than that) for a bit, so I stopped fatblogging as well, and I accidentally let the domain expire in Jan 07. So I’ve been waiting to “grab it back” in 90 days. So yesterday I tried to get it back through Godaddy and it wouldn’t let me.

Now, today, I go to look at it and I see that it has been registered and has some cash parking landing page on it. WTF???

Why would anyone want this domain? Another Jim that wants to get slim? What are the odds?

I’ll keep you updated on my quest. But I want my domain back. I’m ready to go back to the gym.