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Dualing Flips with Kevin Savetz

This is a cool video for many reasons. 1. Because my friend Kevin Savetz is a great guy. 2. He’s got a great new site that you should all checkout that is very smart at ReviewRoundup.com, and 3. We did a dual Flip cam video. He pointed his at me, and I pointed mine at him. I flipped back and forth between the camera footage to create a neat interview effect.

Note: Kevin is a smart guy who builds sites like this that do very well. You could learn a thing or two from him by looking at some of his sites and how they’re built. Very smart.

What Color Is Your Flip Camera Submissions

A few weeks ago I asked you to shout out your color of your Flip camera in video or picture format on Flickr. By the way, you can still do this so c’mon and have some fun!

Here’s some video responses by a few people that got in on the fun. First is a video from the gang at Marketleverage. Second is a video from Missy Ward, and third is from Shawn Collins.

Check out the live Flickr stream for all the videos and photos.

What Color Is Your Flip? Show The World!

UPDATE!!! Click here to view the Flickr stream of tagged photos and videos for “myflipcamera”. Awesome!

My orange Flip camera is the best! I love this thing. What color is yours?

Here’s how you can participate. Take a picture or video of yourself and your flip and upload it to Flickr with the tag “myflipcamera”. I’ll feature all the images and/or videos here on JimKukral.com.

Did I mention that orange is the best? :) Show some pride in your Flip camera color choice. Orange will win!

Superbowl Flip Camera Winner

On Superbowl Sunday of 2008 I held a contest to give away a brand new Flip Ultra video camera. Congratulations to Carl who won. Carl got his camera a few days ago, and has already posted up his first video using it which I have embedded below.

This is a true testament to the power of this neat little camera. Anyone can pick this up and make an online video. Buy the flip!

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