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Idea Consultants Must Have A Plan & Be Able To Solve Problems

Aaron Wall over at SEOBook (that’s my affiliate link, buy the book and get me a spiff I’d appreciate it) has a good post called ‘Hiring the Ideas Guy‘.

As more and more content is created there are more publishers than there are good ideas, which means publishers are hungry to spread the few good ideas that exist. What separates a profitable channel from a money loser is typically two things: ideas and execution.


The reason consultants can charge $500 to $1,000 an hour is because they can create and spread good ideas that create significant market leverage and value quickly.

Yep, and here’s my own additional thoughts on “being an idea guy”. As I said in the comments on Aaron’s post…

I’m an idea guy as well, but I can, and do execute. You just have to have the resources to get r’ done.

Here’s a mistake you should never make that I did once. Don’t pitch yourself as an idea guy, pitch yourself as an idea guy who implements. Most people hear “idea guy” and think, “Oh, he wants a big paycheck for sitting around thinking about stuff.”

See, most people want consultants to solve problems. Whether it’s time, or saving money, or whatever. So for an “idea guy” to come in and get the job, they have to solve one of those problems, or whatever it is the customer needs. So, ask them right up front.

“What problems do you have?”

Then, come in as the idea guy and solve it, with an execution plan. That’s how you get work as an idea consultant.

Viral Marketing Works When It’s Useful & Interesting… & Easy

Seth Godin is right, as usual. Check out this fun little, yet very simple tool.

It’s viral because it’s interesting, not because it’s accurate. And it’s interesting partly because it talks about how much money you have. Sort of the new fortune telling.

So let’s review. This works because it’s easy, fun, useful, interesting… When you work on projects, do you strive for those things? If not, are you sure you’re on the right track?

The Best Pixel Scripts Are?

I just recently launched Affiliate Marketing Friends using this pixel friend script. However, I’m, how do I say it, I’m underwhelmed at the script’s completeness. It’s buggy to say the least, and leaves a lot to be desired. Certainly not something I’d launch a real business around. What do you expect for $40 right?

So I’m looking around for a better pixel friends script. In my searching around I found this script (aff), which seems nicer and more robust. Anyone used it?

Send me your creative pixel scripts of ANY KIND, or leave a comment here. I want to see them!

Let’s Make Some Creative Video!

Today I plan to make 10 videos here in my office. Some will be done with my webcam at my desk, but some will be done with an actual video camera (my first attempt), directly then downloaded to my pc for editing. I’m feeling VERY creative today, so watch out.

To be inspired, I watched one of my favorite videos. It’s a spoof on magician David Blaine. This is NOT for kids or for loud volume in the office, the language is pretty rough.

Why is this video great? Because it’s funny. It’s not the best quality. It’s just… good. You either make entertaining video, or you don’t. Just throwing up a video of you chatting isn’t going to work. It’s got to be compelling.

So, enjoy. Now I’m off to work.

Become An Affiliate Marketing Friend!

Do you love affiliate marketing? I sure do. I’ve been working knee-deep in the trenches of it since 2000 or so, as an affiliate, a merchant and from the agency side of things. Affiliate marketing has been good to me.

There are many positive things happening in the world of Affiliate marketing these days. Bumpzee from Scott Jangro has literally exploded the discussion. The Affiliate Summit event has blown away everyone with its growth and amazing success. And of course you have long-standing web communities like who continue to champion our industry through its valued members.

Those are just a tiny few examples, there are many more.

So I thought to myself, our industry seems to be in a bit of a happy period. By that I mean, we all seem to be getting along and sharing and growing and well, just being friends. So I kept thinking, how can I further that friendship?


Affiliate Marketing Friends

From the site

I built Affiliate Marketing Friends because there are some amazing people in this business and I thought it would be a great way to get a bunch of them together to have some fun, and to raise some money for charity at the same time!

Every ounce of money that this website generates will go directly to a charity. I’m not sure which one yet, I’ll update this page when I figure it out.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see your face staring back at me soon. If you love affiliate marketing, you need to join!

So there you have it! Let’s have some fun.

Update: I’ve decided that the money should go to an organization in my hometown that is doing some AMAZING things. This page should say it all. These are amazing people who have been through a parent’s worst nightmare, and now they use what they’ve learned to help others.

Introducing: Ask The

For years now I’ve struggled with recommending tools, services or guides that I liked because I always worked for a company in a brand management type of role. That meant that I was unable to endorse Internet related products.

Sure, I could pass recommendations to friends and colleagues, but that was about it. Until now. I’ve recently launched my latest website called from Jim Kukral is built for me to answer questions from anyone about anything Internet related. It doesn’t have to be blogging either. I’m most qualified to answer questions about anything related to making money online. ATB is also built to showcase my personal recommendations.

Let me give a HUGE shout out to the master Dave Taylor who has been running for years and years and has been a huge inspiration to me. I know Dave will appreciate that imitiation is the best type of flattery, and as anyone can see, I’m not delving into his world of tech at all. ATB is totally different.

I should also mention Tim Carter at who has also made a huge impact on the way I work. Tim is THE master, and will one day go down as one of the pioneers in online monetization.

Quit Your Day JobWhat’s Different or Special About

When I set out to build, I wanted to make it different and better. So I have been working on taking what I’ve learned over the years from blogging and online marketing and combining them together.


1. I’m hoping to solve problems for people. The best blogs or sites solve problems.

2. I’m writing it very conversational and direct from my voice as to keep it “bloggy”

3. I’m only recommending things that I’ve actually used, or that actually work. No snake oil here.

4. I’m adding a very personal touch to every blog entry. That means a custom recommendation graphic and I will be adding a custom video to each blog entry as well coming next week. You can view a sample of how one of these videos will look here in this question.

I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even find it inspiring. As always, contact me anytime (contact info on right).

Oh yeah, and do you have a question for the blogger? Ask away!

Jim Kukral Is Now Available For Online Marketing Consulting Gigs In Cleveland & Beyond

The video below pretty much explains it all. Essentially, some things have changed in my job status and responsibilities, so I’m now open to go out and do what I love to do, which is to help people and businesses be successful online through use of creative online marketing techniques.

I’m based in Cleveland, Ohio, so if you’re a small business out there, or an individual who’s looking to get online, or take your brand online, and do it right, so that it makes sense, give me a ring at 216.272.4383.

Enjoy the short video!

Free Business Idea: Bottled Bathroom Sink Water

Am I the only person who thinks the water out of the sink (not the toilet) in my bathoom tastes much better than the water out of my kitchen sink? This is both true in my new home, and the house I grew up in, as well as any other domicile I inhabited over the years between leaving the parents house and buying my own home. (Except for the college house, blech).


My wife cringes when I talk about this, but I don’t care. I think that bathroom sink water tastes much better for some strange reason.

Perhaps it’s because I’m comforted by the memory of growing up with those awesome little paper Dixie Cups that were always there when I needed a late night sip as a child. (Thanks Mom).

So what’s the idea? My wife had the idea a year ago that someone should take juice boxes and fill them with water and sell them to parents who don’t like their kids to have nasty juice boxes. She called it an aqua box. And she never acted on it.

Now, a year later she’s watching Ellen on TV and sees a women who did it, and Ellen was promoting it! What a sinking feeling in your stomach eh?

Remember, the key to being a successful entrepreneur is just making it work and doing it.

Back to my idea. Someone needs to get the water from my sink into some bottles and sell it. I’d buy it. But wait, I can just go upstairs right now, and I’m the only one who wants it, so bad idea.

You get the point? If you have an idea, and it makes sense, and lots of other people besides yourself want/need it. Just do it before someone else does.

Here’s Ellen ripping my wife’s dreams apart talking about the Aqua2Go.

Hello, My Name Is Mr. Freebeestore!

Programming Note: Mr. Freebeestore will be on my radio show on Tuesday, Feb 13, at 1pm est. We’ll be discussing how he came up with the idea and other creative marketing things he’s working on as well. Please call in!

I wrote about this guy a while back. He sold his name to the highest bidder and the auction ended a few days ago on Groundhog Day. So, who was once Scott MacDonald is now…


Mr. Freebeestore!

It’s official, I am now Mr. Freebeestore! has won the auction with a final bid of $37,000.01, so until next Groundhog Day I won’t answer to anything else.

So, would you change your name for $37k?