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Pixelotto Is Alive – Will You Win The Million?

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the new Pixelotto idea in action, I think it’s going be another home run. The site went live this morning.


Here’s why it’s better/different. Because he’s giving away 1 Million bucks to someone (the ad clickers, not the ad buyers), and all they have to do is click on the ads. You max out at 10 entries per day. I clicked on 10 ads today and it took me less than a minute. So assuming the site sells out in 6 months, it works out as follows.

Time invested per day: 1 minute x
6 Months = Approximately 180 days
= 180 minutes of time spent for a chance at 1 million dollars

So that’s 3 hours of my time invested over the next 6 months for a chance at a million bucks. That’s a way better investment than the lottery.

I’ll be talking about this on my radio show today at 1pm, EST. Tune in! Specifically, I want to cover why this is going to work, and that is because of hype, and more importantly, value.

Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show, Tuesday, 1PM on

I hope you can call in to my show tomorrow where I’ll be giving away creative online marketing ideas to anyone who calls. The show is on at 1PM, EST. Click here to listen.

The format of the show is that anyone can call in to tell me a little bit about their business, and I’ll try to think of a fun/creative way to market that business online… of the top of my head!

The call in number to talk to me live on the air is: (646) 915-9539. Or you can email me ahead of time at jim At jimkukral dot com and tell me a little about your business, and who your target customer is. Of course, you can always AOL IM me during the show at monkfish7.

Listen Live

Below is a little video I made discussing the show. Talk to you tomorrow!

Want Some Free Online Marketing Ideas? Listen To My Radio Show

In conjunction with launching this newly revised blog, I’ve decided to jump in feet first and commit to a radio show as well!

I Have a Talk Show

Like this blog, the radio show is going to be focused on providing you with free creative online marketing ideas and advice. Can I help you? Are you:

  • A small business that needs to start thinking creatively online?
  • A blogger who can’t seem to get any traction?
  • A marketing person stuck in a rut, or unsure of how to get creative online?

I’ve realized that helping people or businesses succeed online through creative marketing ideas is what I’m good at, and, more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. So why not give it away, free?

I encourage you to call in to the show, or email me at jim at jimkukral dot com with your questions/problems. I’ll try to help!

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