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Spending A Day With Gary Vaynerchuk

In the summer of 2008 I had the pleasure of spending a day hanging out in Cleveland, OH with the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know who Gary is you should go read up on him here. If you do know who Gary is, well, then you’re about to see what it’s like to follow him around for a day or so.


Here’s a hint… It’s exhausting.

I wrote ‘A Day In The Life Of Gary Vaynerchuk‘ based upon my experiences of that particular day hanging out with Gary. I hope you enjoy the video extras from the day as well.

Special thanks go to Gary, and to Lisa Picarille for the excellent editing.

Give & You Shall Receive

We interrupt the Daily Flip to bring you a video you have to watch. Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine guy, talks a little business/life strategy.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m crushing, in a totally marketing geek non sexual way, on Gary these days. I mean, I even wrote I wanted to be him months and months ago. You know I love you man, in a normal non freaky way, Ha. What can I say, the guy has it down, across the board.

Watch this video peeps. Gary’s giving school and I’m in the front row, you should be too. Join the verygreenteam too.

Does Your Brand Have A Jingle?

Watch video below to see the world premier of my new Daily Flip jingle!

I’ve always wanted a cheesy jingle. You know, like the ones you see on late night TV from the used car salesman in your town? Or the windows/garage door/plumber, etc…? You know what I’m talking about. They produce these seemingly low-quality, yet, extremely catchy jingles that they run on radio and TV over, and over, and over… Until it’s hammered into your brain. Hey, it works.

So, the other day on Twitter (add me) I said I wanted a jingle, and someone responded and said they could help me find someone to do it. Two hours later I have a jingle for the Daily Flip, and I love it. Twitter is kicking butt for me these days. Great news, because I quit it last fall, now I’m back and loving it, for now. So, does your brand have a jingle? It should?

Oh yeah, If you think you can make a better jingle than the one in my video, go ahead and send it to me. I’ll feature it on the show. For now though, watch the video below and enjoy my new jingle.

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My New Headset, YouTube Tips & Geek Podcasts

Here’s another “long form” Daily Flip video. The first one, “What’s your passion?” got some good reviews, so I figured I’d try another one. However, this one is a bit shorter and has more of a set focus.

I picked three topics for this show. Those are… 1. My new Sennheiser headset I bought from 2. How I use YouTube to get tips about using software and learning things. 3. My involvement with, a site that aggregates podcasts for Internet geeks like me. Listen to my show about online video called Video Ninjas. Enjoy.

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Revenue Magazine – Geek Marketer’s Best Friend

Jim does a review of one of his favorite geek magazines called Revenue Magazine. Revenue Magazine covers all things related to affiliate marketing, but not limited to other things like mobile advertising, pay-per-click strategies, email marketing, and much much more. Anyone can get a free subscription to Revenue Magazine by visiting

Online Videos by

Watch this video at YouTube. is a web show about online marketing and being an entrepreneur. Jim Kukral is an award-winning and long-time blogger, as well as speaker, writer, online marketer and web entrepreneur. You can read more about Jim Kukral here.

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Announcement: Making The Leap To Video Blogs Only In 2008 – No More Text

I’ve been blogging on this domain since 2001. I’ve written thousands and thousands of blog posts in text form, and while I enjoyed doing it all those years, it’s, well, boring now. This will be the last text blog entry I will post here at in 2008. Instead, I’m committing to only creating video or audio content. and I’m not looking back. Who will join me?

There are several reasons why I’m doing this…

Reason #1: Stop Being Lazy
Steve Rubel’s post about “the lazysphere” really hit home with me, then kicked me in the arse and left a mark. He’s right. I’ve become too lazy in my blogging efforts as of late (well, for years actually), and moving to video will force me to break that mold.

I’m taking your challenge Steve. By committing to video and audio posts ONLY, there’s no possible way for me to be lazy. It’s just too darn hard to create high-quality video content, so I either will be forced to make good content, or I won’t have content all.

Daily Flip Jim Kukral

Reason #2: Video Rules For Marketing
Hey, I’m an online marketer. It’s only natural for me to use a marketing method such as online video to improve my game for myself and my clients. If you’ve been following my blog at all for the past year or more, you’ll know that I’m neck-deep into the world of online video, especially for marketing purposes.

From producing, to directing, to acting, etc… I’m doing it all. Why? Because video is VERY effective from a marketing standpoint. I’ve used videos to close 80% of my consulting gigs in the last year, and at the moment, 90% of all my income comes directly from work in online video.

Reason #3: Online Video Is About To Rock The World
According to Pew online video traffic doubled in 2007 (more at Techmeme). Let’s face it, the eyeballs are starting to move to the web, and writer’s strike or not, it’s going to continue.

On top of that, when Google finally releases universal search, the flood gates are going to open and everyone and their mother will be scrambling to produce videos. Internet video marketing through the search engines is going to rock the seo world soon enough. My plan is to be right there, in the forefront, with as many videos as possible to take advantage of it.

Reason #4: I’m Bored With Text
I’ve been blogging on this domain since 2001. I’ve written thousands and thousands of blog posts in text form, and while I enjoyed doing it all those years, it’s, well, boring now. Producing online videos is hard darn work, yet, for me I’m finding that the work is very, very satisfying and entertaining, and fun.

Reason #5: Video Is A Challenge
There is no challenge left for me in writing text blogs anymore. Been there, done that for years. I could either keep doing it forever, or, challenge myself to take it to the next level, which is video/audio. Look, everyone should challenge themselves from time-to-time. That’s what I’m going to do.

Reason #6: I Like To Entertain
One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the past year of playing around in video is that I like entertaining. I like being in front of the camera. I like producing “live” content. It’s a lot of fun for me. I do not get the same satisfaction from writing text, not even close.

I’ve found that once I got over the “I look silly on camera” or “My voice sounds weird” fears, I began to have a lot of fun. And frankly, if it ain’t fun, why do it?

Reason #7: Nobody Else Is Doing It
Ok, some are leading the way, but if you look at the grand scheme of things, nobody, and I mean nobody, is out there producing videos like I want to make. Sure, there are millions of kids falling of their skateboards and YouTube stuff like that, but if you look around, video content, good video content in the form of professional “shows”, is hard to find.

This is it. Finito! This is the last few paragraphs of text you’ll read in blog form on this blog in 2008. Thank you for the years of readership, and hopefully I can count on your future viewer ship. :)

Please take a moment to subscribe to my rss feed to be updated on new video shows. There will be a podcast feed available soon as well.

The next post you see from will be in video form, coming next week. It will be the first of my new Daily Flip shows which I hope you will enjoy as much as I am enjoying creating them.

Lights, camera… Action!


I Work In Bursts, How About You?

I’m what you would call a “burst” worker. Instead of planning out a bunch of ideas and scheduling them to be done on certain dates and in certain order, I instead aggregate a bunch of thoughts over time, then when I feel ready, I quickly push all of them into production and get them done as fast as possible with tweaking to come after.

I’m an Internet geek marketer with information overload.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

All in about 8-hours or so of working time. Tomorrow I may do nothing except catch up on RSS feeds and check email. This is how I work.

Now I know this is probably not the most productive way to get things done. A smart person probably plans out their tasks and goals and sets dates for them. I can understand how that can be much more productive.

How do you “get stuff done”? I’m interested to hear how other people accomplish their tasks. Maybe you’ll give everyone a tip we can all use. I’m open to change. :)

Someone Please Create A Geek Marketer Magazine

Got my last issue today of Business 2.0. The cover says, “this is your last issue… you’re getting a couple of FORTUNE magazines to fulfill your subscription.”


Ok, thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to read about that stuff. I want to read about geek marketer stuff. Business 2.0 was my favorite magazine, besides Revenue Mag :)

Who’s gonna pick up the slack and make another mag for geek marketers like me? Geek Marketer Magazine, that’s the ticket. Sign me up.

Recommend any other mags I need to be reading like Business 2.0 to fill my void?