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Announcement: Making The Leap To Video Blogs Only In 2008 – No More Text

I’ve been blogging on this domain since 2001. I’ve written thousands and thousands of blog posts in text form, and while I enjoyed doing it all those years, it’s, well, boring now. This will be the last text blog entry I will post here at in 2008. Instead, I’m committing to only creating video or audio content. and I’m not looking back. Who will join me?

There are several reasons why I’m doing this…

Reason #1: Stop Being Lazy
Steve Rubel’s post about “the lazysphere” really hit home with me, then kicked me in the arse and left a mark. He’s right. I’ve become too lazy in my blogging efforts as of late (well, for years actually), and moving to video will force me to break that mold.

I’m taking your challenge Steve. By committing to video and audio posts ONLY, there’s no possible way for me to be lazy. It’s just too darn hard to create high-quality video content, so I either will be forced to make good content, or I won’t have content all.

Daily Flip Jim Kukral

Reason #2: Video Rules For Marketing
Hey, I’m an online marketer. It’s only natural for me to use a marketing method such as online video to improve my game for myself and my clients. If you’ve been following my blog at all for the past year or more, you’ll know that I’m neck-deep into the world of online video, especially for marketing purposes.

From producing, to directing, to acting, etc… I’m doing it all. Why? Because video is VERY effective from a marketing standpoint. I’ve used videos to close 80% of my consulting gigs in the last year, and at the moment, 90% of all my income comes directly from work in online video.

Reason #3: Online Video Is About To Rock The World
According to Pew online video traffic doubled in 2007 (more at Techmeme). Let’s face it, the eyeballs are starting to move to the web, and writer’s strike or not, it’s going to continue.

On top of that, when Google finally releases universal search, the flood gates are going to open and everyone and their mother will be scrambling to produce videos. Internet video marketing through the search engines is going to rock the seo world soon enough. My plan is to be right there, in the forefront, with as many videos as possible to take advantage of it.

Reason #4: I’m Bored With Text
I’ve been blogging on this domain since 2001. I’ve written thousands and thousands of blog posts in text form, and while I enjoyed doing it all those years, it’s, well, boring now. Producing online videos is hard darn work, yet, for me I’m finding that the work is very, very satisfying and entertaining, and fun.

Reason #5: Video Is A Challenge
There is no challenge left for me in writing text blogs anymore. Been there, done that for years. I could either keep doing it forever, or, challenge myself to take it to the next level, which is video/audio. Look, everyone should challenge themselves from time-to-time. That’s what I’m going to do.

Reason #6: I Like To Entertain
One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the past year of playing around in video is that I like entertaining. I like being in front of the camera. I like producing “live” content. It’s a lot of fun for me. I do not get the same satisfaction from writing text, not even close.

I’ve found that once I got over the “I look silly on camera” or “My voice sounds weird” fears, I began to have a lot of fun. And frankly, if it ain’t fun, why do it?

Reason #7: Nobody Else Is Doing It
Ok, some are leading the way, but if you look at the grand scheme of things, nobody, and I mean nobody, is out there producing videos like I want to make. Sure, there are millions of kids falling of their skateboards and YouTube stuff like that, but if you look around, video content, good video content in the form of professional “shows”, is hard to find.

This is it. Finito! This is the last few paragraphs of text you’ll read in blog form on this blog in 2008. Thank you for the years of readership, and hopefully I can count on your future viewer ship. :)

Please take a moment to subscribe to my rss feed to be updated on new video shows. There will be a podcast feed available soon as well.

The next post you see from will be in video form, coming next week. It will be the first of my new Daily Flip shows which I hope you will enjoy as much as I am enjoying creating them.

Lights, camera… Action!


Google Adds Blogs To The Matrix – Blogs Finally Legit

The legitimizing moment for blogs has occurred. Google is adding blogs into their regular index as part of Google Universal Search (video link).

Starting this week or next, queries on the leading search engine will return links to blogs alongside the images, news, books, local maps and video, Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience, told eWEEK in a briefing at the company’s headquarters here.

I’ve posed this thought for years, and I’m glad to see it finally happen. With the growing number of blogs (content), it would be impossible for Google to ignore blogs, and they would be forced to include blog content into the mainstream flow of blood.

I argue, and now believe I have proof, that Google would not be able to distinguish the difference between a “blog” and “regular” web content, therefore, they would have to make this move eventually, and they are now.

What does the future hold for blogs and Google?

Blogs are generating content at a pace that is faster than you can possibly imagine. In the next 10-years, the massive amount of content that will come in blog form will choke the Internet. Ok, not choke it, but it’s going to account for a massive percentage of content… that Google simply cannot ignore.

I started blogging in 2001. Back when many still didn’t believe in blogs, and certainly back when nobody thought a blog could actually “do” something. I’m glad to see this moment for bloggers. The days of discounting us as non-legitimate sources of content are over.

What is Google Universal Search? Watch this video.

Google Universal Search Ramping Up To Go Mainstream?

I’m a big believer in Google Universal Search, the video piece of it at least. Heck, I directed and wrote a video commercial for it. That’s me “the boss” in the beginning.

I’ve even helped build an entire business model around it.

So I’m constantly monitoring the Google looking for indications that it’s finally going to roll out on a full-scale. Why it’s taking so long, I’m not sure. I guess more testing. But when it does go into 100% mode, it’s going to blow the doors off the search industry, particularly online video.

Get your cameras ready is all I have to say.

Today I got some good indications that we’re getting close to that day.

Sometimes I use Google to find blog posts on my blog. So today I was looking for an old post so I typed in “kukral utterz“. Here’s what I found. See one of my videos showing up in the organic results?

I get the same thing when I do “kukral wendy“, or “kukral shoemoney“. And on and on.

Interestingly enough, however, if I just type in “kukral blog”, no video shows up. So what I’m thinking is happening is Google is somehow testing it out on “non popular” search phrases.

But who knows? I can’t wait for it to launch. Have you had any experiences with Google Universal Search? Any insights?