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Syndicated YouTube Video Ads Means BIG Bucks For Video Publishers

Game on for video publishers. There is officially no reason to not get into the video business. In another HUGE move by GoogTube, they have announced that they’ll begin showing videos as ad on “other” websites. What does this mean? Let’s examine it.

With the new twist, websites participating in AdSense now can sign up to specify the kinds of YouTube videos they want shown on their pages. A website focused on automobiles, for instance, might want to display YouTube videos about cars and other vehicles.

Why is this big bucks for YouTube partners? Because imagine this. If you are a selected partner, and you have let’s say 100 high-quality videos about auto repair, all kinds of car sites can now choose to put an Adsense formatted video ad in their sites, distributing your video to possibly millions and millions of their viewers.


Do the math. Let’s say you have hundreds of videos in a niche and you’re one of only a handful of trusted partners of YouTube. Your videos have the potential to be pushed to thousands and thousands of websites instantly, of which you share in the profit of the ads with the website publisher.

Take a YouTube partner like Tim Carter of How many home improvement websites are out there now? 100,000 or more, right? Probably. His videos can now be served to all of those websites (if they choose it). So now Tim has to only focus on creating high-quality videos, and YouTube will distribute them over, and over and over and give him his cut.

Read/Write Web is right…

It’s a simple story, but if it is true it is going to blow the world of online video and advertising wide open.

It’s true, and it WILL blow the doors off the video industry.

Start making those videos, and figuring out how you’re going to get on the YouTube publisher/partner list. I can already tell you how to do it.

Make high-quality videos. That’s it. Make a lot of them.

More at Techmeme.

YouTube & Google Links & News

I’m on a YouTube blogging kick today. Lots of YouTube and Google stuff going as usual.

First off, if you hadn’t seen yet, YouTube is testing on a new page design. Also, Google Video is now a video search engine as I’ve been telling you for months.

Next up, check out this great video and story about online video advertising on the cheap. My only problem with this story is that I can’t believe it took $50k to make this video?

Now, watch some real porn on YouTube. (20 million views by the way).

Lastly, check out this old video of the Flintstones pimpin’ Winston cigarettes. Crazy.

New YouTube Player Saves Time, Creates Uninterrupted Viewing

YouTube, or shall we call them, GoogTube, released the next version of their embedded player yesterday. What’s better? Well, I like to look at product enhancements from the opposite way. I examine what they do, and why they were invented. You have to look at enhancements in such a manner. I mean, why enhance if you’re not improving?

Enhancement #1 Saving Time

You no longer have to go to YouTube to get the embed or link code for a video. You simply click “menu” on the bottom right corner and the video shrinks in size to allow room to get code. I love this feature because it saves me time. Great work.

Enhancement #2 Uninterrupted Viewing

You can now scroll through related videos with a neat looking (Apple-type) browsing effect. This allows a viewer to simply continue to watch videos without having to leave the page. In other words, it’s uninterrupted viewing. Many think this is their key to monetization finally. Download Squad has some more information on this as well.

Although some hated the scrolling video icons in the player, and they did pull that back to only show when the menu button is clicked. I liked it though. Ah well.

Enhancement #3 Ratings & Tags

Not a lot of people are talking about these features, but I think they are important. You can now rate a video (by stars) without having to go to YouTube. This is important because we think that a rating is a piece of your YouTube search ranking. The other feature I like is that the player now puts related tags into/under the video that are clickable, which actually gives you a tag-type search function direct in the player. Probably better than trying to fit a search box in there I bet.

Search Engine Marketing Just Got A Bit More Complicated Thanks To Google

It is happening sooner than I expected, and on a bigger scale, but I was right.

Google universal search is here, and that means that video is going to start ranking in the regular search results.

After years of people ignoring tabs and links designed to get them to do specialized searches, Google is taking the plunge to push the right buttons behind the scenes and make specialized or vertical search results part of the “normal” experience.

Check out Danny Sullivan’s extensive coverage.


What could this mean for your business?

It means that search optimization just got bigger. No longer will you need to worry about optimizing your web pages, you’re going to have to worry about videos and everything else. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that all of this “new” stuff is new, so it’s going to be like 2000 all over again. There simply isn’t a ton of content out there that is optimized, so the people who do it now will reap the rewards and get higher “rankings” sooner.

Still don’t want to mess with video yet? Not sure how much more I can convince you?

More good links on the matter.

Aaron Wall says publishing video is easy money, he’s right.

Scott Karp says Google is an even bigger gatekeeper now.

The official Google blog coverage.

YouTube Ads Are Coming Soon… Are Your Videos Ready To Profit?

rb02.jpgIt’s coming fast. Will you have videos ready for the ads? Will you profit? Will advertisers be clawing to buy space in your videos?

Beware YouTube watchers, ads are coming―as soon as this summer. The video-sharing site that was acquired by Google in November is experimenting with the precise length, form, and placement of those ads, and will begin rolling them out this summer, Suzie Reider, head of advertising for YouTube, told an audience at the Ad:Tech conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

“We’re looking at executions like a very quick little intro preceding a video, then the video, then a commercial execution on the backside of the content,” Ms. Reider said.

The idea is to generate long-promised revenues that Google can share with the more than 1,000 “premium” content creators whose video material is available on YouTube, Ms. Reider said.

Google Adwords Inside YouTube Videos – The Next Ad Frontier

Contextual ads appearing inside your YouTube videos? Robert Scoble talks about how it’s already in progress.

C’mon, it was inevitable. Further proof that online video is the next “big” thing, the money men are figuring out how to spam it full of ads.

Imagine this. You’re watching a Pop!Tech video, like we are right now (we’re watching Ask a Ninja’s Kent Nichols talk to the crowd about podcasting and how Ask a Ninja came about). But, instead of doing advertising at the beginning of the video (like Pop!Tech has thanks to a sponsorship) there’s a set of Google ads along the side.

But, as you watch the video the Google ads change. And don’t change randomly, but change in reaction to what Kent is talking on stage about. He says “camcorder” and the ads change to a set of camcorders that you could buy — all without interrupting the video playing.

More here at Podtech.

Online Videos Increase Traffic & Bring Eyeballs To Your Online Business

asktheblogger_youtube.jpgI knew my constant harping on online video would start to pay off :). ran a piece today called 10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic With YouTube Videos, and they included one of my (please subscribe to my channel on YouTube) videos in example #4. I’m flattered, thanks guys!

Read the entire post for the full analysis. Here are the top bullets.

1. Embed a YouTube video in a blog post.
2. Share a YouTube video link in an email.
3. Create your own video and share it at YouTube.
4. Use your YouTube account to showcase your blog.
5. Use your blog to showcase your YouTube account.
6. Become an active YouTube user.
7. Tag your YouTube videos carefully.
8. Post YouTube video links to your Twitter account.
9. Sponsor a YouTube video or user.
10. Broadcast yourself.

Another VERY interesting piece in the article talks about the success of using online video in a marketing experiment.

Marketing Experiments Journal recently conducted an experiment to test the theory that viral video clips can drive targeted traffic to your website:

“We created a total of 28 videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 8 minutes. Each video had a 3-5 second promotion at the end of it, specifying a URL which indicated that there was a website that may be interesting or relevant to the viewer. Videos were placed on YouTube and Google Video, and where possible, a link was provided on the same page as the video, which drove traffic back to the main website. All of the video clips we shot were deliberately “amateurish” in their approach and production.”

They conclude:

“Although the video clips had no promotional message or content, 1.49% of viewers went on to become newsletter subscribers. In Just 60 Days, our videos were viewed over 324,000 times at no cost to us. KEY POINT: With no additional work or money spent, we are projected to generate 382,444 views for October, which is more than we generated in the previous 2 months combined.”

You’re still not ready to start doing videos yet eh? I will win you over eventually.

Online Video Business Models Explained

video1.jpgEvery day online I find juicy nuggets of information that teach me something I didn’t know. Some days, it’s REALLY juicy information, like today. I came across a blog by a person named Shawn M. Livermore, who has written a piece called Online Video – New Business Models.

Talk about juicy. Shawn breaks down the entire spectrum of online video business models, in short form (I hate long analysis). Did he leave some stuff out? Probably, but I defy you to find a better summary breakdown of the online video business. If you do, send it over :)

Good work Shawn, and thanks for the information.

YouTube, GoogleVideo, and all the others… what a great start to a new breed of web startups… Online video companies, as displayed above, fall within the following categories:

Video Sharing
Video Search
Video eCommerce
Video Editing & Creation
Rich Media Advertising
P2P (Peer To Peer)
Video Streaming