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I’m An Affiliate Marketer & My Blog Has Affiliate Links. What Else Should You Expect?

Mark at 45n5 (what does 45n5 mean anyway?) is talking more about disclosure on his blog these days. It’s good conversation, but it got me thinking.

I’m a long-time full disclosure guy, having fought the PayPerPost battles and many other blog battles over the years and recently. So I get the need to disclose, heck, I even invented these blog honor badges.

Disclosure is all about deception and intent. If it is your intent to fool or deceive someone for your own personal gain, then you have bigger problems than disclosure, you have ethical issues you need to deal with. Some, like me, would also tell you to watch your karma.

The point is, disclosure is good, but not always necessary. Sure, I’ve used the (aff) before, but you know why? I have used it to specifcally draw attention to a an affiliate link so that my friends and readers would use it because it would be clear to that that it would help me. I do that all the time on blogs that I read.

For example, this is my personal blog. I’m an affiliate marketer. I’m also a blogger. I’m also a “self proclaimed expert” in the industry of which I practice.

So, should I blatently disclose when I have an affiliate link on this blog?


Should it just be expected that I promote affiliate links because “that’s what I do” and therefore it should be know I’m not trying to “get over” on anyone by tricking them?

So What’s The Difference?

Again, it comes back to intent, and throw in some earned trust. Do I intend on making some money from my blog? Yes. Do I intend to promote products that suck so I can make a buck maybe? No.

You will find affiliate links on this blog.

And when you see them, I hope that you’ll understand that they are there because that’s part of how I make my living, and frankly, why not? I’ve earned the trust on my name through years of experience and work in the industry. I am NOT trying to trick you.

When developing your own ideas about disclosure, be sure to think about what your readers expect from you, and how much they trust you first.

The Wassup! Project, Share Your Wassup!

Happy Friday! The Wassup Project goes live, and the Big Brown Box goes live this weekend, stay tuned.

You know you want to participate. Answers to your questions below.

Question: How does this make money?
Answer: It doesn’t, it’s just for fun.

Question: What’s with you lately Jim, you’re even further off the deep end than usual?
Answer: I’m living my dream, where I sit around and do stupid stuff all day.

Question: Wassup?
Answer: Please go upload your Wassup!

Why Are More People Making Money Online?

Matt at posted a detailed analysis today entitled ‘Making a Living Online – All the Cool Kids are Doing it‘.

I’ve been noticing a lot of extra activity in the web business world over the last year. At first I thought it might just be because the few sites I visit were marketing themselves better or that the internet was just becoming more popular altogether. After a little bit of looking at recent traffic trends, I think it just boils down to more people are engaging in online business.

This is something I have noticed as well. Matt’s empirical research (including traffic charts) builds a decent case for “real” data to suggest that our assumptions are true.

However, I think the question that needs to be asked isn’t “if” they are, but rather, “why are people making money online”?

Two Reasons Why More People Are Making Money Online

Reason #1 – Easy To Use Tools
It’s not hard to understand that things get adopted much faster when the tools exist to foster ideas. Look at the things we have now that we never did before. Stuff like YouTube and BUMPzee, and heck, just simple blogging/cms tools that are now even easier to setup.

Take a look at this video resource where the top Internet gurus upload their videos about making money online, for free!

Reason #2 – Marketing Butterflies
I’ve always argued that today’s bloggers are like the webmasters of 10 years ago. In other words, they are not marketers… yet. Who’s the super-successful innovators online today? Right, it’s the people who had a jump start as webmasters, or designers, or programmers years ago.

You know what happened? Those people learned how to become marketers. They learned to take their skills and sell it. That’s what bloggers are learning to do right now as well. Watch out, because in 3-5 years, you’re going to see millions of budding marketers grab the reigns, and when they do, you’re going to see trillions and trillions of user generated content pumped into the mainstream.

Matt sums it up nicely.

2006 is Just the Beginning

Just about everyone I know claims to have experienced tremendous personal growth (as far as online earnings) in 2006, and I’m fairly certain that this is just the beginning. We’re standing at the gates of a new business phenomenon that few have started taking advantage of. Now is the time to build your online businesses and learn the industry. Stop putting it off because if you do you may find yourself left out.

And he’s right. The question for you reading this now is simple.

What are you doing right now, today, that will bring success for you down the road? If you’re not at least trying, you’re going to be left behind. Go for it.

The Big Brown Box Project Is Coming

Awesome Dave and I have been secretly plotting out our next project, one that we hope will top the Awesome Million. It’s called, and it’s almost ready to go live.

We have one problem. We can’t find a box.

We’re looking for a box about the size of dishwasher. So I went to Sears and asked for a box, but they said they immediately cut the boxes down, so no luck, and I’m not buying a dishwasher just to get the box. Then I went to the UPS store, and they don’t have a box that big. So I started driving behind strip malls on my way home from work looking for boxes.

Any ideas on where to look for a box of that size?

If you’d like to be notified when launches, just sign up for this blog feed or email list on the right.

An Awesome Way To Start Your Week, Make Yourself Awesome!

If you’re new to the ADHD world of Jim Kukral and his many projects, then perhaps you didn’t know that I’m awesome. So awesome in fact, that I’m the co-founder of the Awesome Million, a website that lets anyone or anything become officially awesome, for free.

Me “Awesome Jim” and my business partner “Awesome Dave” are on a mission to help 1 million people, places or things prove their awesome-nicity. So far, over 1,000 awesome pages have been created, ranging from people, to websites, to just plain old wierd stuff. Here’s a few of my favorites.

AwesomeMillion Member # 441

AwesomeMillion Member # 359

» AwesomeMillion Member # 237

» AwesomeMillion Member # 108

And the list goes on and on.

Want to read more about this wacky idea? Here’s our info page.

Here’s a video of me and Dave talking about Awesome Million. Slightly entertaining.

Here’s me and Dave seeing who can eat a stack of crackers the fastest to the tune of Eye of the Tiger.

View all videos by us nutjobs here.

Finally, check out our national media coverage with photos!

What are you waiting for? Become Awesome today!

Idea Consultants Must Have A Plan & Be Able To Solve Problems

Aaron Wall over at SEOBook (that’s my affiliate link, buy the book and get me a spiff I’d appreciate it) has a good post called ‘Hiring the Ideas Guy‘.

As more and more content is created there are more publishers than there are good ideas, which means publishers are hungry to spread the few good ideas that exist. What separates a profitable channel from a money loser is typically two things: ideas and execution.


The reason consultants can charge $500 to $1,000 an hour is because they can create and spread good ideas that create significant market leverage and value quickly.

Yep, and here’s my own additional thoughts on “being an idea guy”. As I said in the comments on Aaron’s post…

I’m an idea guy as well, but I can, and do execute. You just have to have the resources to get r’ done.

Here’s a mistake you should never make that I did once. Don’t pitch yourself as an idea guy, pitch yourself as an idea guy who implements. Most people hear “idea guy” and think, “Oh, he wants a big paycheck for sitting around thinking about stuff.”

See, most people want consultants to solve problems. Whether it’s time, or saving money, or whatever. So for an “idea guy” to come in and get the job, they have to solve one of those problems, or whatever it is the customer needs. So, ask them right up front.

“What problems do you have?”

Then, come in as the idea guy and solve it, with an execution plan. That’s how you get work as an idea consultant.