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Your Request For An Interview Has Been Denied

I’ve never met an interview I didn’t like. Publicity, large or small, good or bad, is publicity, and I like it. Which is why I’m often confused when other people don’t follow my same reasoning.

jfk_richmanCase in point, I’m writing a book right now and I’m actively out there interviewing people for it. Recently, I’ve been denied interviews from two agents/managers they represent without explanation, and I can’t figure out why? The two people I wanted to interview I was denied from was Adam Richman of the show Man vs. Food, and Robyn Okrant of

I reached out to them through their “people” first, which is what I believe the proper thing to do. But both management teams turned me down without explanation. I don’t get it.

Ok, perhaps they don’t like my book idea? I get that could be it. Or maybe they don’t like my publisher (could be competing). Or????

Let me just tell you that I do EVERY request I get. Doesn’t matter if I’ve never heard of you, or if you have zero readers/viewers/listeners, or you’re a competitor of mine… I don’t care. If you ask to interview me or for me to be on your podcast or whatever, I’m doing it. Go ahead, ask me.

I’ve done hundreds of interviews over the last 10-years, and I can honestly tell you that some of the ones I perceived to be the smallest turned out to be the biggest ROI for me in terms of revenue.

Is the lesson here to not go through the representation and instead try to go through Twitter or Facebook? I don’t know, but I still don’t understand it. Any tips?

Twitter Lists Resurrect The “A-List”?

Twitter just released Twitter Lists. Steve Rubel points out that this is perhaps the new measure of influence?

list2.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x427 pixels)

In July 2008 I wrote “The Death of the A-List” which caused a slight stir. Ok, not really, I was right.

Here’s what I know. We don’t need lists to tell ourselves how influential we are. You don’t need them. I don’t need them.

You have influence or you don’t.

I was influential speaking to 30 entrepreneur ladies in a knitting shop the other night in Lakewood, Ohio. I didn’t need to be on their list to know I affected them. I could see it in their eyes.

I was influential on stage in front of 3k people introducing Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk at the past Affiliate Summit events. Do I need those people in that audience to put me on a list to tell me that I’m influential? No. Hundreds of emails and contacts later I just know I did a good job.

Haven’t we got past this yet? Twitter lists seem to want to resurrect the idea that certain people are “more” than others. Being on a list doesn’t mean anything anymore, as it shouldn’t. It’s nice to be included, but…

Influence is measured to me in terms of sales, leads and publicity for myself or my clients. Or in the way that my audience reacts to me either immediately or down the road. Perhaps it’s measured different for you, that’s fine. The point is there’s ROI in influence. Being on a list is going to help that? I’m not so sure.

Or maybe I’m missing the point entirely?

Todd says…

I think Twitter Lists will end up helping separate the men from the boys when it comes to influence. In addition to seeing a Twitter users follower count, we can now see the number of other Twitter users who have added them to lists (example to the right). I would argue that getting added to a list is a bigger deal than simply getting someone to follow you.

In today’s world, if you need to be on a list to prove your influence. You’ve already lost.

Chris Brogan Trust Agents Keynote

I had the sincere pleasure of once again emceeing the Affiliate Summit in NYC 2009. This time I had the honor of introducing social media maven Chris Brogran, who has a new book out called Trust Agents. The video is below.

You will learn a lot about trust and influence and why they are VERY important. Chris was joined by his co-author and great guy Julien Smith. Please take some time to watch and learn.