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I Love Twitter, But I Have To Quit It

As the headline says, I’m afraid I have to stop twittering, for a little while at least. I love Twitter. I enjoy getting updates from friends and colleagues, and frankly I find a LOT of good links and information from it daily.

But sadly, I’m drowning in tweets and it’s becoming too much of an information overload to keep up with reading them all.

I think the turning point was last week when I installed a neat little application called OutTwit, which delivers tweets directly to my Outlook. This is great, I thought, I don’t have to login to the website and try to catch up on my tweets, now I can just read them in my email.

Wrong decision.

What happened was that I found that my 195 “friends” send a TON of tweets. I went away for close to 48 hours and returned to see my email inbox full of about 800 messages.

So Shawn suggested I have the tweets sent to a special folder in Outlook, which I did, but the problem with that is, I see them all collecting in there, and when I try to go and read them, I feel completely overwhelmed. I mean, today alone I had over 500 tweets in that email box.

So Twitter, it’s time for me to walk away, for a little while at least. I just can’t keep up, and you’ve become way too much of a distraction for me.

I’ll be back, someday?

Anyone have any tips for Twitter information overload?