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This Is A Business, Not A Hobby

It’s interesting that this post from Copyblogger came out today about the ‘3 fatal diseases that kill good blogs‘. Why? Because I’m currently writing a book right now called ‘Attention!’ and one of the themes I’m working on in the book is…

This is a business, not a hobby.

Social media, blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online PR, you name it… This is a business. We’re doing this to make money, or leads, or get publicity. Not for fun. Not for “friends”. Until you flip that switch in your head where you understand this, you’re going to continue to find it very hard to find success on the Internet.

From the Copyblogger post…

If you are serious about blogging, you need to treat your blog like a business. You are the CEO of You Inc., and you’ve got to weigh every single decision as if there were millions of dollars on the line. Yeah, it would be great to blog in your underwear and sleep in every morning, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to do that.

Measure the day’s work in results, not in hours spent typing on Facebook or Twitter. Absolutely, fostering relationships is important, but every action needs to be treated as an investment of your time.

This is especially important if you are a solo blogger, as there is only so much work that you can get done in a day. You’ve got to be efficient with your time. This means measured action and measured results — not just going with the flow.

I wrote the first eBook about how to make money from blogging back in 2004 called Blogs To Riches. When I wrote it and released it, I was getting hate mail from people saying things like “You shouldn’t use blogs to make money you jerk” and “You’re ruining the Internet, F#$% you”. These people didn’t believe that blogging was a business, or could be.

Of course, a few years later people like Problogger came on the scene and proved that you could buy a house with the money you make blogging. Now, today, we all realize that blogging is in fact a great way to do business. Yet, still so many of us treat it as a hobby still.

Here’s why. Because “regular people” are the people who start blogs. They’re not marketers. They’re not entrepreneurs. They are people who have a passion about something and they want to share that passion with the rest of the world without having a gatekeeper tell them they can’t.

But things are changing, yes they are. We’re no longer bloggers anymore, we’re “publishers”. The majority of people don’t start blogs anymore just to waste time. They want something out of it. It may not be money they want. It may be fame. Whatever it is, they want something for their effort, and that makes them a publisher.

What happened to me in 2004 is the same thing that is happening now to social media. We’re all being told we shouldn’t try to make money with social media. It’s pure, they say. Leave it alone, you’ll ruin it.

This is ALL a business, not a hobby.

The Two Reasons We Use The Web

In my presentation called “Beyond the Website” I cover my mantra of “Why We Use the Internet”. It’s one of the main things that we all need to understand before we can be successful online.

You MUST understand why people come online. If you dont, how can you sell to them? How can you create products and services and tools that they want? You can’t.

Here’s quick little snippet of me talking about why we use the Web. Do you think simple like this? Do you solve problems? You should.

Video Book Review: The Perfection of Marketing

The Perfection of Marketing puts you in the room with James Connor, a leading brand expert to hear the exact advice he’s given to over 200 CEOs on the most efficient methods to build their brand and increase marketing ROI. Culminating from 12 years of work, these best practices are battle tested for small and midsized businesses. This practical guide gives you the detailed playbook run by The James Group, a brand strategy and full-service advertising agency in New York City, which has made more money for 95% of their clients. Skillfully written in narrative style, this book is a must have for any CEO who wants to grow a company through marketing. With a summary and key questions at the end of each chapter, The Perfection of Marketing provides a clear path to marketing success.

The Perfection of Marketing

Why Haven’t You Started Your Live Ustream Show Yet?

I wanted to start doing a weekly Web show, so I put out a call for a co-host in Cleveland and got Jeremy Borger to show up. Below is the live on tape (recording) of the show we did earlier today. We talk about Twitter, and the Superbowl trends and other geeky related things on the Internets.

The reason I’m showing you this is to inspire you. It’s literally this easy to do. No script, no fancy lights, no fancy equipment. I took my Mac laptop and put it on a stool. Started, clicked “start broadcast” and that’s it. Live to the Internet, and it records too.

You can be doing this. You SHOULD be doing this. Do something, anything! If you know a lot about Tikis, well, then get your tiki collection out and talk about them on camera. Then put that video recording on your tiki blog, and then send a message out to your Twitter friends you have a new video about antique tikis. Then announce it on Facebook, etc…

I could go on and on. The point is. If you don’t try it… your competitor will. Just try it. When you do, send me your video so I can check it out.

Presentation: I’m A HUGE Failure, Are You?

Are you a HUGE failure? Or are you a loser? Maybe you’re a quitter? Maybe you’re all of the above? Or maybe, just maybe… you’re really successful, but you think you’re a failure?

The truth is, anyone can be successful if they understand that we all fail, and then realize the reasons why success comes to some people.

The presentation below is one I gave at Las Vegas Wordcamp in early 2009. It covers topics such as success and failure, and is designed to motivate, educate and inspire you to being more successful in life and business ventures. I hope you enjoy it. Please share your feedback in the comments.

Special thanks go to @micah for recording it with his Flip HD camera.

Learn Why You Fail, So You Can Succeed! from jim kukral on Vimeo.

Jim Kukral presents “Why You Fail?” at Las Vegas Wordcamp. This presentation will help you understand why you fail… so you can understand how you can succeed.

What’s More Important? Getting Rich? Or Your Vision For Your Brand?

Note: This post was written for a friend of mine who wishes to remain nameless. It’s my pick me up to that person. You can do it! These thoughts accurately represent how I have felt in the past. I hope you find it helpful and inspirational on your journey to success.

What if you could make a ton of money being somebody who you’re not? Would you still do it?

Tough question, yet a question that we all must answer. If you’re like me, you struggle with these types of issues. An example perhaps.

I know that if I wanted to make a ton of money, I could become someone I am not. I could build products and services that I don’t want to build.

But I don’t, and here’s why. It’s more important to me to sell things I believe in. It’s more important for me to have the brand I want to have… that I’ve envisioned for myself long term.

Do I lose out on TONS of money because I have this attitude. Yes. Do I sometimes consider “selling out” and just doing what I know will make me a ton of bank? Yes.

Your decisions may be different. You may not have the same, perhaps stupid, limitations on your brand/business.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have those feelings. I’d be richer for sure. But would I be happier? I don’t think so.

The point is. Do what you need to do and don’t apologize for it. If you have to “sell out” to pay your bills. Do it. If you can get by by not compromising your vision then do that too. Make a decision, but don’t feel bad about it, and don’t let your friends or peers make you feel bad about it either.

In the end… this is business. But you’re going to have to live with what you’ve done. Decide now. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in the middle, which isn’t a good place to be if you want to meet your goals.

Will You Lead, Or Follow?

The time is right for you to be a leader. Here’s what’s going to happen as we move into tough economic times.

1. Corporations will continue to tighten belts and not care about you.
2. Hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs.
3. Followers will suffer.

At the end of the day, if you choose to follow someone else’s path, you’ll be one of those people losing their job most likely.

But, if you choose to lead, you’ll set your own agenda. You’ll choose your own plan for success. You’ll make your own way.

Leaders win in times of trouble because they have their own rules. Followers lose because they become the secondary thought of some leaders driven by greed, and then become expendable.

Now is the time to lead. Right now. Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Do it, right now.

I don’t know about you, but leading sounds like a better deal to me. You can do it if you really try.

Inspiration: I Just Bought A Ukulele

Inspiration is a heckuva sales tool. Marketers need to figure out how to inspire their audience, because if you can do that, you own your market, regardless of what it is you’re selling.

Case in point. I have recently been smitten with a very talented Youtube musician named Julia Nunes. She plays the Ukulele on video and covers great songs and well, she’s just unbelievable. She has inspired me so much so that I went out yesterday and bought this Ukulele.

Why? Because I want to learn how to play like her. Now, I realize I will never have her talent, but the point is… she inspired me to follow a dream. Which is to become more musically inclined in my life. Do you inspire? Listen to my audio for more on Julia and my thoughts on inspiration.


Your Marketing & Sales Team Sucks

A bit of a rant today on the Daily Flip. Going all Feldman on ya. Basically, your marketing sucks, and your sales team too. Especially ad networks. Watch the video below to get my entire case.

I’m nicer in the video I think. Honestly though, I have to call you all out for bad marketing and even worse sales. Who in the ad network space besides one or two is actually doing anything innovative and attention-getting (booth babes do not count). Just a handful of you. The rest of you guys. Nada. Zip. Uninspiring marketing and sales teams that don’t know how to really sell.

Actually, I don’t really blame sales as much. I’ve been doing sales support as a marketer for years and years (yes, for an ad network once), and I can tell you that I consider it my job as the marketer to give the sales team the right things to say and show. This isn’t happening now/today.

You marketing sucks. Agree? Or disagree, leave a comment. Watch for challenge at end of video.

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Who Inspires You To Be Better At What You Do?

I’m driven by other marketers who inspire me to be more creative. These people push me to try harder, and in the end, I’m better for it. One of those people is Shawn Collins.

Shawn inspires me daily with his videos and his marketing ideas and his general attitude of having fun as a marketer. I mean, the guy really knows how to connect with his audience.

Check out this video he did with his kids. He made a post on his blog saying he was retiring from Affiliate Marketing (great hook headline for him), then put up a video of a fake press conference with his kids asking the questions. Very effective.

Watch this.

His promotion of his projects and conference always make me jealous of his ideas. It seems that every month I get a unique item from him via snail maril or email that is tied into some clever marketing campaign pushing me back to his blog or website.

Thanks Shawn, and keep up the inspirational work. It drives me to try new things and reminds me to have more fun.

What about you? What do you do for inspiration? Do other people or companies help you push the envelope on your creative efforts? Name them here if you wish.