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Video Book Review: The Perfection of Marketing

The Perfection of Marketing puts you in the room with James Connor, a leading brand expert to hear the exact advice he’s given to over 200 CEOs on the most efficient methods to build their brand and increase marketing ROI. Culminating from 12 years of work, these best practices are battle tested for small and midsized businesses. This practical guide gives you the detailed playbook run by The James Group, a brand strategy and full-service advertising agency in New York City, which has made more money for 95% of their clients. Skillfully written in narrative style, this book is a must have for any CEO who wants to grow a company through marketing. With a summary and key questions at the end of each chapter, The Perfection of Marketing provides a clear path to marketing success.

The Perfection of Marketing

Why Haven’t You Started Your Live Ustream Show Yet?

I wanted to start doing a weekly Web show, so I put out a call for a co-host in Cleveland and got Jeremy Borger to show up. Below is the live on tape (recording) of the show we did earlier today. We talk about Twitter, and the Superbowl trends and other geeky related things on the Internets.

The reason I’m showing you this is to inspire you. It’s literally this easy to do. No script, no fancy lights, no fancy equipment. I took my Mac laptop and put it on a stool. Started, clicked “start broadcast” and that’s it. Live to the Internet, and it records too.

You can be doing this. You SHOULD be doing this. Do something, anything! If you know a lot about Tikis, well, then get your tiki collection out and talk about them on camera. Then put that video recording on your tiki blog, and then send a message out to your Twitter friends you have a new video about antique tikis. Then announce it on Facebook, etc…

I could go on and on. The point is. If you don’t try it… your competitor will. Just try it. When you do, send me your video so I can check it out.

What’s More Important? Getting Rich? Or Your Vision For Your Brand?

Note: This post was written for a friend of mine who wishes to remain nameless. It’s my pick me up to that person. You can do it! These thoughts accurately represent how I have felt in the past. I hope you find it helpful and inspirational on your journey to success.

What if you could make a ton of money being somebody who you’re not? Would you still do it?

Tough question, yet a question that we all must answer. If you’re like me, you struggle with these types of issues. An example perhaps.

I know that if I wanted to make a ton of money, I could become someone I am not. I could build products and services that I don’t want to build.

But I don’t, and here’s why. It’s more important to me to sell things I believe in. It’s more important for me to have the brand I want to have… that I’ve envisioned for myself long term.

Do I lose out on TONS of money because I have this attitude. Yes. Do I sometimes consider “selling out” and just doing what I know will make me a ton of bank? Yes.

Your decisions may be different. You may not have the same, perhaps stupid, limitations on your brand/business.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have those feelings. I’d be richer for sure. But would I be happier? I don’t think so.

The point is. Do what you need to do and don’t apologize for it. If you have to “sell out” to pay your bills. Do it. If you can get by by not compromising your vision then do that too. Make a decision, but don’t feel bad about it, and don’t let your friends or peers make you feel bad about it either.

In the end… this is business. But you’re going to have to live with what you’ve done. Decide now. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in the middle, which isn’t a good place to be if you want to meet your goals.

An Author’s Guide To Online Book Promotion

bookmarketingI keep bringing expert self-publishing and book marketing people on because, well, it’s relevant to me and I like to educate people about how it can be done. So here’s another interview with a person who wants to help you promote your book. Penny from

Penny gives some amazing information and tips about book marketing. We talk specifically about what authors can do to begin to promote their books. We also talk about the future importance of web video when trying to promote your book.

If you’re writing a book, self-published, or not, and even an ebook, you need to listen to this podcast.

Here are the show notes.

What are the most important things an author needs to do to promote their book?
Gotta start with a website at least. Talking about what the book can do for the reader, not about the book.
Start navigating social networking sites like Facebook and make a Squidoo profile.
You’ll be surprised at online networking opportunities.
It’s like moving into a new neighborhood. Find out who is there and where stuff is. Explore.
Never try to do it all at once. Start somewhere.
99% of media finds their experts online. Is your book online?
You can’t just build a website or social profile and forget about it. It’s work.
You should have a blog. It’s a great way to express thoughts about your book and let the community know about you. Also a great thing for the search engines.
It’s much easier to sell something to somebody who’s already interested. That’s what a blog and website can do for you.
One the secrets of getting your website better exposure is to have high-quality, high-traffic incoming links.
It’s a lot of work, but the payoff can be enormous.
Future books in your niche are easy to sell in your community.
Should authors experiment with web video? It has a huge stickiness factor.


Niche Marketing: Your Product + “What’s Hot” = Success

Shmuly gets it. He’s taken a traditional piece of Jewish headdress called the Kippah and combined it with current trends, in this case the Presidential election here in the USA. Check out his product at Pretty smart.

In this video I talk more about how smart marketers like Shmuly know to take their product or service and combine it with current events or trends to make more sales and get publicity. It works. You can do it too.

Take a moment and think about how your product or service relates to what’s hot right now. Sports (the Olympics?), entertainment, politics? You get the point. Now make the connection and do something creative. The press will eat it up.

Music on video from

How To Start An Ecommerce Store From Scratch?

Nina Frye had an idea one day to create an ecommerce store (

The problem was, she was a mom who had never done it before and had zero idea how to get it done. Fast forward now to years later and now Nina has a fully-functional, successful store. So, how did she get there? What lessons did she learn along the way?

If you’ve ever thought about starting up your own online store, you MUST listen to this podcast of me talking to Nina gives all of her lessons and advice on how she got started, as well as mistakes made and tips. She dishes it all. GREAT interview and you will learn a lot. Please leave feedback in the comments.

Here are the show notes:

The story of how we got started. Moms overwhelmed!
Target a niche!
How did you start the site? Steep learning curve.
Worked with Score. Did a test market first. Found local place to print, spent $2500. Took to a local fair and test marketed to moms. Sold out!
Sent out press release to local newspaper. Simple news release.
Signed up to mom blogs and pitched them. Giveaways work! 2 or 3 or month.
It’s expensive to run a website. Find a good local web guy/gal who you can trust. helped a lot. Gave me media lists, help me find a pr person. Got on through contest.
Go to retail stores. Promote that on your site. Cold call them. Looked to see where your competitors are, and called the stores they are at one by one.
Setup a wholesale price. Setup a sales sheet, not your website, an order sheet they can fill out and send back.
Use coupon codes. Make shopping cart easy to buy. Use for merchant account.
Google Adwords and converting at 60% sometimes.
Learned how to be an ecommerce expert by reading. is a great place to try out custom artwork sales.
Going to license artwork for overseas sales. Mom humor on all kinds of products.
We went to show in NYC and found licensing companies to approach. Pitched them. Got a lot of no’s.
What would you do differently now two years later? Spent too much doing website the wrong way first time.
We copyrighted the images using us trademark government.


Consistency Of Quality Is How You Sell Everything

Just got back from vacation in the sun and surf! Wow, look at my non-tan. Hey, I used 50 spf. I don’t like getting burned. Anyway, while I was on vacation I grabbed the USA Today every day and well, it got me thinking about a theory that’s called consistency of quality.

Watch the video for my full explanation, but you get the point already? Brands like the USA Today continue to produce high-quality content, over, and over, and over, and over…

It makes you trust them, and crave them. It makes you comfortable with them. And most importantly, it keeps you buying them. $$$


Social Media Strategies For Businesses

epsteinI can’t believe I found another old Internet geek like me! Yep, today’s conversation/podcast is with Jeremy Epstein, a hard core internet geek and now word-of-mouth marketing and social media strategist. Wow, I’ve been having a lot of people like this on the show lately haven’t I?

Jeremy and I do some venting about clueless customers and how to approach them and educate them about social media. We also talk a lot about customer evangelism and at the end Jeremy gives his picks for the top social media tools every small business should be working with right now.

Here are the show notes.

Chatting about customer evangelism. How do you convince a business to embrace evangelists?
Direct marketing traditional model of measuring ROI is a problem for most marketers.
How do you convince giant brands that social media is worth spending on?
How do you educate them? The key is starting small.
You cannot control the message anymore, but you can influence it.
Small business owner walks into your office and says social medis is b.s. How do you answer that?
What are the top social media tools I can get started with right now?
How are you measuring social media for your clients?


Quit Wasting Money On Press Releases, Buy Shankman’s Book

Seriously. Stop sending boring press releases that don’t work. It’s a huge waste of money. Grab a copy of Peter Shankman’s book for a few bucks and learn why, and how you’re going to save thousands.

Book title: Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work–And Why Your Company Needs Them

Peter is the guy who brought us (HARO), which is a great resource if you haven’t signed up yet, go now and do it. Back to the book…

This is a must-read book for you as a small business or brand that’s wants publicity, and you should. Spend the money and read this book and thank me later. And yes, those are my affiliate links in the video widget below. If you buy from clicking on them I get like 10 cents or something, lol.

Check out Pete’s blog too. Good stuff.

Please Don’t Start A Making Money Online Blog

The podcast recording below says it all really. Look, the “making money online” blog space is really crowded, and it’s really hard to “make money” in that space, and besides, there’s so many other niches you could be going after that you’d probably make “much more money” at.

Don’t make a “make money online” blog. Just don’t. You’ll be more successful if you move that energy somewhere else. Besides… aren’t we all just a bit sick and tired of these types of blogs? I am.