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Build Your Own iPhone App For Only $99 – Limited Time

I did it, and it’s great. You can download the Jim Kukral iPhone app from the iTunes store right now. Or just click on the link in the sidebar of my blog here to get it. Pretty swanky, right?

Ok, it’s not the biggest, fanciest, most robust app on the planet… HOWEVER, it’s very cool to have my own app, and you could as well. The best part is, it’s only $99 to brew your own over at Ubuildapp. Ubuildapp is owned by my friend Brad Waller, a long-time affiliate marketing legend. So not only do I know you’re going to get a good deal, I can guarantee that if you have any problems it will be taken care of.

So how does this work? How can they do it so cheap? Well, what you do is use the Ubuildapp to construct your app on your own. You design the app, from the images, to what it does, etc… Then the system configures it all together, and when you’re ready, it submits it to the app store from Apple. Then you wait for them to approve it. Once they do, it’s done, and you have an app! Easy. The alternative is that you figure out how to write the sdk for the app yourself, which is easy if you’re a programmer I guess.

But you’re not. You’re a blogger, or small business owner, or personal brand who wishes to get in on the iPhone application frenzy. Now is your chance to do it… for only $99 bucks. Do it before he raises the price. $99 is an introductory offer.

My 14 Year Journey Back To A Mac Product, My New iPhone

14-years ago was when I bought my last Apple product. It was one of their first laptops. It had a 40 mb hard drive and a black/white screen. Back then it was awesome. I remember playing D&D games on it and also booting Word off a 3 1/2 inch disk. :)

Now, 14-years later, I’m back to the Mac! I bought the iphone as my first purchase and transition back to Apple. Here’s a video where I compare them side to side and talk about my journey from starting on Macs, to PC, and now back to Mac.

What about you? Are you like me? Did you start on Apple and now ready to make the switch back? Leave a comment below.

Note: Yes, those are rubber chickens behind me on the set. Don’t ask.