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Today: Total Free Access To TheBizWebCoach.com

Today I decided to open up my membership program at TheBizWebCoach.com. Yep, it’s now totally free (for a limited time). Get in and sign up before I pull the plug.

You will get access to over 30 podcasts and articles from some of the top “web gurus” online today. People like Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Sernovitz, Shawn Collins and more. Plus access to the profitable business forums. Join today for free.

I made this video to promote the opportunity. Pretty neat way to use Animoto, right? Look, I’m not just preaching it, I’m doing it. :)

Guest Posts Wanted

If you’d like to write a guest post for JimKukral.com I’d be happy to discuss it with you. I’m looking for original only content of course. Please contact me to submit your post.

What kind of content am I looking for? Text, audio, video, you name it. I’d like it to be based on one of the following topics or a mix-match, somewhat.

  • All kinds of Online marketing (affiliate, email, ppc, search, etc…)
  • Blogging
  • Revenue
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online learning/teaching
  • Web tools/resources
  • ROI
  • Social media
  • PR

You get the idea. If it’s helpful, entertaining or problem-solving, I’d love to post it here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Changes Are Good

I’ve been blogging since 2001 here at JimKukral.com (drink!). I think I’ve changed the site design about 15 times since then. Now here comes another one. In the next few weeks you’ll see a complete new design for this blog and for the main site.

So why change so much? Because goals change. As you move on through your career and life, you open different doors and walk down different paths that lead you to new places. You may have every intention in the world of staying on one specific path or goal, but it’s not realistic.

Things change. I’m dealing with a friend now who might just completely give up their career of 25+ years because they just aren’t jazzed about it anymore. I get that. I’m not doing that, but I get it.

Don’t be afraid to change, or to update. It’s a natural part of being online in this ecosystem.

Can’t wait to show you the new changes I have coming to this site, my brands and everything else. Plus!!! I’ll begin blogging here regularly soon as well.

Where’d You Go Jim? The Reinventing Of Jim Kukral

I’ve been pretty quiet lately on this blog. Here’s why. I’m less than a week away from a complete new re-brand of me. Yes, I’m rebranding myself.

“What does that mean Jim?” Here’s what I can tell you.

  • Next Wednesday, November 12 at Noon est, I’ll flip the switch on my new brand. If you want to be notified the moment it happens, follow me on Twitter or signup for my newsletter list on the right.
  • I will be introducing two new web properties, each with its own focus.
  • JimKukral.com will still be here, but I’m dropping “The Daily Flip” brand. I’ll occasionally do videos still, but not exclusively and not always with the Flip camera.

That’s about all I can tell you right now. You’re just going to have to wait and see.

So now you ask me why. Good question. The answer is that it’s just time. As an entrepreneur, you have to keep constantly moving. You have to reinvent yourself as a personal brand sometimes, especially when the target moves. And hey, sometimes it’s just fun to try new things and innovate.

Honestly, I’m just following my passion.

This is a good thing. This is what I’ve been moving toward for years. I’ve spent the last three months preparing for this. It’s a calculated move. One that has kept me up working all night on some nights.

I’m excited about the possibilities, and I’m hopeful you’ll stick around to see what I have planned. Until then, I’ll see you here, at JimKukral.com on Wednesday, November 12th at Noon.

I’m 36 Today – My Birthday Post

Today I’m 36. Yep, I’m on the back 9 of my 30’s. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 10:30, and this morning I woke up in my bed at 9. Perhaps I needed the sleep to prepare for today.

On my birthday I am always struck by this line from an Indigo Girls song that goes… “Every 10 years or so I look back on my life, and have a few laughs.”

How true is that?

For me though, I tend to chunk my life experiences into 5’s. You know, 10-15, 15-20, 20-25, 25-30, and most recently 30-35. It’s just how I do it.

bdaybeer.gifA good friend of mine once told me that the 30’s were all about ego. I think he’s right, although for me it was my 20’s. My 30’s have predominantly focused on my family and my career, which are completely intertwined.

It’s foolish, I think, to sit back and have a “plan” for your life. I do think though, that it’s prudent to set goals and to try and reach them, assuming you have learned one thing, and that is…

What do you want?

Fortunately for me I learned by the time I was 30 what I wanted in life. (Is it pretentious to say that?). I don’t want gobs of money. I don’t want a fancy car. I don’t want a high-profile career.

I want happiness. I want safety and security for my family. I want flexibility in my career.

I’ve spent all my working years preparing for the next 5 years. This is when I will make my mark. This is when I will develop a business that I can be proud of that will generate long-term income and stability for my family. This is my late 30’s.

What do I see for the 40’s? Best-case scenario? Having enough security to be able to work only on fun things.

At least now I can look back on this post in 5 years and see if I was right!

Didn’t You Used To Own BlogKits? What Happened?

Yes, I did own BlogKits.

I get this question a lot, so I figured it was about time to answer it publicly. The truth? If only it was anything juicy, it’s not. Sorry!

I sold BlogKits to Forge in the spring of 2006. Then I stayed on to help it launch in December of that same year, including an awesome piece I got on Techcrunch.

A few months later (one-year from purchase) they were all setup and the transition was complete, so my job was done.

I left it in their hands and moved on to new things as per our agreement. You should go check out the neat things they’re doing with it now. I really hope it turns into something special.

What’s next for you then Jim?

Well, for those who know me you’ll know that I don’t slow down. I’m working on all kinds of fun, and yes, actual business-type projects that most of which you have already seen, but some new ones that are coming out soon.

Most of all, I’m having a heckuva lot of fun.


It must be getting close to Summer. My yearly “guylights” appeared on my head this evening out of nowhere a month or so early. I hope they don’t wear off by my blog room hosting duties at the Affiliate Summit.


By the way, the wife wanted me to point out that the fish nugget is a “homemade” Halibut fish nugget. She didn’t make the fish, just the nugget.

(We tell the kids it’s chicken, shhh.) It’s ok, they can’t read yet.

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