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The Internet Geek Show Is A Huge Hit! Now Showing Every Friday On Kukral TV

kukraltv.jpgIt’s official, Kukral TV and The Internet Geek Show is a huge webcam hit! Go figure. Because of that, I’m going to make every Friday, the whole day, a live webcam event.

Want to particpate and get some free advertising at the same time? Send me a black tshirt with your company name, logo, or any saying you want on it and I’ll wear it on the show every Friday for the whole day. Make it 2XL please.

Send to Jim Kukral
2220 Superior Viaduct, #3
Cleveland, OH 44113

Are you in Stickam? Add me as a friend so I can see your cam live.

Free Online Marketing Consultations Every Friday

Are you struggling with how to successfully manage or create an online business? Does your business need more sales, leads and publicity? Do you simply need someone to talk to who can tell you what you need to do to be successful online?

I’ve decided that every Friday (for a limited time) is now renamed Jim Kukral’s FREE Friday. I will personally get on the phone, or meet you in person (Cleveland, OH) to discuss your problems or opportunities that you face online, all for free.


No catch. Simply contact me using the form on this page to schedule a time.

Not interested in free? Hire me to be your caddy.

Win Jim Kukral’s Domain Name Contest: NicheROI.com

Take my domain names, please. I own about 150 or so domain names, most of which I don’t or ever will use. But I keep buying them as I “hope” to one day make them a good home. So why not give them away to someone with a good idea who can use them?


Here’s the deal. Every once in a while I’m going to give away one of my domain names to one of my readers who can come up with the best business model or website idea for that domain name. No, you don’t have to write an entire business model, but I will expect you to have a killer idea that is worthy of the domain (a few paragraphs will do).

The rules are you can either leave your idea for the domain in the comments for the public to view, or you can email me your idea and I will do a follow-up post in a few weeks showing each idea anonymously and my readers can vote on which one is the best.

The winning idea gets the domain in question transferred to them free of charge.

Interested? Let’s kick off this contest with one of my all-time favorite domains I’ve never used.


Take my domain, please.

I Care About Your Success, Get Rich Quick Guys Don’t

success.jpgThe other day I wrote It’s True… I’ve Made Over $500,000 From Blogging. The truth is, I wrote that piece a long time ago and never published it. Why?

Because I was worried of how people would perceive it.

I was worried that people would think I was lying.

I was worried that people would think I was boasting.

I was worried that I would look like an a-hole “money making follow me and get rich quick scammer’.

I was worried it would hurt my industry reputation that I’ve spent years building.

Then recently, more specifically over the last few months, as things changed for me, and as new paths appeared before my feet, I slowly stopped worrying about all of those things, and here’s why.

The bottom line is, I finally published the piece because I don’t care anymore.

I don’t care if you think I’m an ego-centric a-hole. I’m not. Ask anyone who knows me in real life.

I don’t care if you think I’m boasting about my success. I’m not, I’m trying to motivate you and prove to you it can be done without being a “get rich guy”.

I don’t care if you think that I’m full of you know what. Fine. Keep thinking that.

Get it? I don’t care.

Now, ask me why I don’t care anymore?

I’ll tell you why. Because I know who I am, and I know what I have accomplished that I’m damn proud of. And I know that I can and have used what I’ve learned to help other people learn how to do it too… the right way, the hard way.

The way that takes a ton of work and sweat and failures and could take you years to achieve. In other words, real success.

You want to get rich quick, find another blog.

You want instant success secrets, keep looking.

You want the real deal, no bullshit advice and tips from years of experience on how to find success online over the long-term? Then grab my feed and I’ll keep doing my best to try and help you.

I care about your success. That’s what I do.

Help Jim… Get His Fatblogging Domain Back!

helpjimgetslimAlways lock up your domain names, even the ones you don’t think anyone would ever want. Case in point, I’ve been fatblogging since Jan 2004 at www.helpjimgetslim.com.

But I stopped going to the gym last year (or longer than that) for a bit, so I stopped fatblogging as well, and I accidentally let the domain expire in Jan 07. So I’ve been waiting to “grab it back” in 90 days. So yesterday I tried to get it back through Godaddy and it wouldn’t let me.

Now, today, I go to look at it and I see that it has been registered and has some cash parking landing page on it. WTF???

Why would anyone want this domain? Another Jim that wants to get slim? What are the odds?

I’ll keep you updated on my quest. But I want my domain back. I’m ready to go back to the gym.

Design, Usability & Branding – AffiliateForce 2003

This is a blast from the past, just found it in my hard drive while looking for a file. I did this presentation at the AffiliateForce cruise in 2003. Click on the “Jobs, Press, & Help” link to start the presentation, then navigate slides by using navigational tabs up top.

Give me credit, I even faked the Adsense ad. Hax0r! Click here to view it out of the iframe.

This was my first affiliate event, and I knew nobody (in person) really, all through online. Except the people at KowaBunga! and Shawn, Wayne sorta, a few others. Or wait, was the New York event after this or before this? I was at that.

Why post this? I think the information in the presentation is still valuable, plus, it’s fun to see my animated head spinning around.

What In The World Is Up With Jim Kukral?

It was a big day for me today. This morning it was announced that I am hosting the media and blog room at the next Affiliate Summit, then I spent my lunch speaking to 85 Cleveland professionals as I moderated a panel on social media. After that I did a video interview with my favorite Cheesehead blogger Joel Cheesman. As if that wasn’t enough, I resigned from ReveNews later in the day.

Whew. At least I avoided having another panic attack.

So, What’s Up With You Lately Jim?

I’m getting a ton of emails asking me “what happened”, and in general asking me “what is up with you lately?” So I think it’s probably easier to just answer those questions directly right now.

The answer to what’s up with Jim is… I’m just in a transitional period. Here’s some specific answers, and thank you to everyone who showed concern. I do appreciate it.

Leaving ReveNews was my choice. Wayne talks more about that here. I don’t have much more to add except I’ll miss it, and it was time for me to move on and try some different things.

I sold BlogKits to Forge last spring, and we launched in December of 06. Currently BlogKits is being “retooled”, and while that happens I’m taking the time to focus on other things like my consulting business. I’m still blogging on the blog though.

Speaking & Event Schedule
I’m actively seeking out speaking gigs for myself. I’ll be speaking at Postiecon in June, then hosting the Affiliate Summit media room in July, and I should be speaking at the Blog World Expo in the fall. Get with me if you want me to speak at an event you’re planning.

The Blogging Continues
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally begun to move all of my blogging energy over to this blog instead of a million other places. I still hope to keep a blog at ReveNews (depending on what they do with it) and I still have my blog at MPdailyfix as well.

New Projects & Old Projects
I sold a bunch of my old projects and websites (that were still very profitable) earlier this year because it was “just time” to move on. One of them I had live since 2001 and had generated millions of visitors. I acquired some new sites that I’m continuing to develop, and have been working on some new projects as well.

I think that everything happens for a reason, and that you don’t see opportunity until you are ready for it. That being said, I think that I realized that I’m finally ready to spread my wings and focus on new opportunities like my consulting business and other new things. I guess what I’m saying is… Sometimes you just need to get on a different horse.

Got an opportunity you want to talk to me about?
My contact information is listed below. I’m open to listening to any serious opportunities you may have that require a person like me. Lots of opportunities are springing up already… just have to find the right match. Give me a ring.

Email: jim at jimkukral [dot]com
Skype: JimKukral, AOL: Monkfish7
Phone: 216.272.4383

All Phasers Set To… Blog! The Affiliate Summit Gets A Captain, Me!

jim_kukral3.jpgToday Shawn announced that I’ll be hosting the Affiliate Summit media and blog room this summer in Miami. Apparantely, I’m the King of all Bloggers!

Thanks to Shawn & Missy for this really cool opportunity. I wanted to do this because every good show needs to have a room like this where bloggers and media people can come to talk about the event. And frankly, the Affiliate Summit is now such a big draw, there is an expectation to have this type of media room.

If you’re a member of the press, make sure you apply for your press pass to the event. I look forward to hanging out with you in the special room they’re putting up for us.

Jim Kukral, recipient of the “Best Blogger” award at the recent Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards, has been named the Blogging Room Captain for the next Affiliate Summit (July 8-10, 2007 in Miami).

At Affiliate Summit, we sure do love bloggers, and we want to make things as easy as we can for them to cover the shows.

So this time around, Jim Kukral, a veteran online marketing consultant and Publisher of ReveNews.com, will act as a liaison between Affiliate Summit and the attending bloggers in the Affiliate Summit Blogging Room, located in the Escorial Room at the Hotel Intercontinental, Miami.

The Affiliate Summit Blogging Room will give bloggers access to official Affiliate Summit speaker bios, images, and exclusive content, as well as wired Internet connections, work space, and hot coffee.

Only credentialed members of the press will have access to the Affiliate Summit Blogging Room. Press passes can be requested at http://www.affiliatesummit.com/presspass.php.

Interested in having Jim work or speak at your event? View Jim’s speaking and event schedule.