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Add Live Ratings To Your Blog Posts In 30 Seconds

Js-Kit has done it again. First they released their super simple, yet amazing commenting script. Now today I got an email from them letting me know they have a ratings widget for your blog posts.


See the stars below the BUMPzee widget below? (you have to be on the individual entry page to see it, click the headline of this blog post) Pretty nifty eh? Go ahead and rate this post.

Why do I love stuff like this? Because it’s simple, yet powerful… a deadly combination for a widget.

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Online Marketing Idea: Keep The Conversations Alive On Non-Blog Content

What if you have a blog, and a website? I know, it sounds so archaic, believe me, I know. But even blogging geeks like me still sometimes have “non-blog” pages as part of their blogs, or, have pages that were created years and years ago before the blog ate the main part of the site.

The problem with those old pages is that they aren’t interactive without comments, right? It’s foolish to not attempt to keep the conversation alive, even on old non-blog content. How can we solve this issue?

One solution would be to convert your old static html pages over to blog entries and back date them. That’s a lot of work. Or, instead, you can find an easier way to bring the comments to your static html.

Check out an amazingly simple, yet very powerful script I found last fall called Js-Kit.com.

JS-Kit.com allows you to add dynamic functionality to your own site.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that does it?

Want to see it action? I made up a sample static html page that has a YouTube video on it. Then I inserted the simple line of code below the video, saved the page, and wella!, instant comments.

Try it for yourself, visit this page and leave a comment. If you use your real email address, it even sends you updated when anyone else comments.

Techcrunch has an archived write up if you want to read more.