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I Don’t Pay For Leads & I Don’t Buy Advertising

I don’t have to. Because I know how to produce content (speaking, podcasts, video, eBooks, etc…) that brings customers to me over and over, without me having to do much else. I spoke this morning to a local chamber of commerce group in my home town. Over 30 small business owners in attendance. Translation: All my customers. I walked out of there with 25+ leads. Pretty good ratio eh?

The video below shows a simple tactic that I use all the time to generate leads. In this case, 25+ business leads in less than an hour. These are people who are checking a box that says “please contact me”. In other words, a solid, pre-sold, pre-qualified lead. How much would you be willing to pay for that? The industry average for b2b/service companies is about $35 per lead.

Watch the video to learn how to do it. Then simply go do it.

Now I’ll contact each one of them over the next week and take the next step in building a relationship with them, which will eventually lead to a new customer of mine. There’s plenty more that happens before and after this, but this is just one thing you can master for now. I’ll continue to blog about the other techniques I’ve used that you will find helpful as well.

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