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Discover Twitter & LinkedIn’s Hidden Potential

Join me & Lewis Howes & Sean Malarkey to talk about how you can drive more leads and boost your traffic in this free social media webinar. Yep, free. Register here.

In this one hour social media webinar you will learn:

• The Top 5 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn To Generate Business
• Top 5 Twitter Tips to boost Traffic To Your Site
• How To Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry
• The Biggest Mistakes People Make On Twitter & LinkedIn
• Unique Tips for Twitter & LinkedIn That Get Massive Results

Lewis Howes is the King of LinkedIn, and wrote the book on the subject (literally). You will be blown away when he shares some of the tactics he uses to make LinkedIn so powerful. Sean Malarkey – A true Ninja on Twitter – grew his following to over 100k people on twitter in 9 months and utilizes it better than anyone I’ve met. Just one of his tips that took 2 seconds to implement has made a big difference for me.

Here’s a video of Lewis explaining 8-ways to use social media. Register here.

Twitter & Linkedin Secrets

Let me tell you about my friend Lewis Howes. He’s the “Linkedin Guy”. You may have heard of him. Now, when I say friends I mean we actually hang out and I know him as a person, not just as an business associate. We’ve done shows and webinars together, and we both generally believe that the new tools that are available to all of us are changing the world, and your small business, one at a time… for the better.

I normally don’t like to blog about events that are timely because then this content is out of date down the road. But I really want you to sign up and take this free Webinar from Lewis on Sept 2, 2009. Here’s the signup link.

Lewis, and Twitter guy Sean Malarkey, will be doing this free Webinar to talk about the top secrets of Twitter and Linkedin you may not know about. Now, you’re saying, “Secrets?”. Yeah, well, “secrets” is just a good marketing word to get you to take action. What you’re going to learn is tactics, and case studies that people and businesses use to make success using these amazing free online tools.

There are over 600 people registered for the free event already, so go get in now. And let me know how it was after by leaving a comment here.

LinkedIn Answers – Web Success Now! Show

Yesterday I told you about LinkedIn and how you can use it to generate more sales, leads and publicity. Check it out here.

Today, here’s some more LinkedIn information, free!! We love free!!!

Lewis Howes, the LinkedIn Guru, and I got on the Ustream the other day and did a show about LinkedIn success. Lewis answers specific questions from chat about how to setup your LinkedIn profile and things like whether or not to accept all new connections, etc….

It’s a good show.

Don’t forget to check out Lewis’s Ultimate LinkedIn Toolkit.

With his guide, you can:

1. Learn How To Create A Rock Star Profile!

2. Generate Warm Leads, Attract Clients, and Build A Massive
Niche Following!

3. Learn How to Draw a Massive Audience to Your Event!

LinkedIn Tips, Tricks & Secrets

lewisdeskI speak all over the USA about social media. So I get all kinds of questions sent my way. The biggest question I get is this…

“Jim, can I use social media to make me more money, or get my business more leads, or help me to get written up in the press?”

My answer is always the same.

“Yes, and it’s easy, if you learn how to use the tools.”

Take for example.

If you’re like me, you probably created a LinkedIn account for the first time and then did nothing. That doesn’t work. I was just like you.

Then I met Lewis Howes, a guy who I’ve become friends with that has unlocked the secrets of Linkedin. I bought Lewis’s book about LinkedIn and have now learned how to use it for my business and my personal brand.

Check out Lewis’s new guide called The Ultimate LinkedIn Toolkit.

With his guide, you can:

1. Learn How To Create A Rock Star Profile!

2. Generate Warm Leads, Attract Clients, and Build A Massive
Niche Following!

3. Learn How to Draw a Massive Audience to Your Event!

If that’s not good enough, Lewis is offering a 100% personal guarantee on his guide. I know Lewis, and I trust him, and I’ll personally guarantee his guarantee.

The best part about learning how to use tools like LinkedIn is that you never have to pay for advertising again. You just have to know how to use these tools first.

Lewis and I did a paid event together the other day where he talked about LinkedIn in greater detail. We also did a live streaming Web show. I’ll post that show soon.

By the way, let’s connect on LinkedIn. :)

Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)

Will you be in Cleveland on June 3rd? Join me and Lewis Howes in this exclusive 2-hour social media and online marketing workshop event. (10 spots left at the time of my posting this).

Me and Lewis, and you, all in a room together showing you, not telling, SHOWING YOU how to be a social media master. Not theories… real examples and instructions.

Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)


Join Cleveland native, Award Winning Blogger and ultimate Business Web Coach, Jim Kukral and myself as we walk you through a two hour training workshop to help you increase your business profits through social media and online marketing. This event will be in the morning before the Cleveland Business Networking Event at Rock Bottom on June 3rd.
During this workshop we will teach you:

* How to get started with online networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
* How to utilize these sites to find your target audience
* How to generate quality leads
* How to monetize your online efforts
* How to build a following of raving fans for your product or service
* How to save and manage time with advanced online tools
* How to build a positive brand image online
* How to create an online plan and maximize your time

Book now before it’s gone!

Learn How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

What’s the number one question I get from people when I tell them they MUST be on Linkedin? (click to connect with me). They ask me, “Ok, Jim… Why?”.

Well, the answers are pretty simple once you realize the power of Linkedin, and the good news is Lewis Howes has just released his new book on that exact subject!


The even better news is you can win an autographed copy of the book signed by Lewis and co-author Frank, handed directly to me at a Linkedin networking event.

Want it? Here’s how to get it.

1. Connect with me on Linkedin
2. Leave a comment below on this post with your linked in profile link

I’ll pick a winner next week and ship the book to you. USA only please. And if you don’t win, buy the book. I’ll post up a video review soon.

Linkedin vs. FaceBook – It’s All About The “FREE”

According to CNN money, says it will own business networking.

In the future, everyone will likely maintain two online profiles. So said LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye in an extended lunchtime interview last week here in Fortune’s conference room/pool hall. We had opened the conversation with THE question of the moment: in a Facebook world, what’s the future for LinkedIn — or for that matter any other “vertical” social network?

Stealing some of his material from LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman on the matter, Nye said people will build one profile for their personal life and another for their professional life. The argument, self serving as it is, makes a certain amount of sense. Not good to have a prospective employer stumble on to those photos of you freshman year in Delta Kappa Epsilon.

I might agree, if only they were actually priced affordably. They’re not. That’s the only reason I don’t shell out for a account every month… It’s just too expensive. What kind of strategy is that?


What would I pay? $5/month, tops. Yeah, I know it’s free to a certain extent, but free is of course relative. I cannot use the system fully for “free”. $19.95 for “basic” access is too much. “$200/month” for pro, are you kidding me?

With all the other choices out there of connecting virtually, why would I pay?

Is there room for Linkedin and Facebook? Yeah, I think so. But I’m telling you this, the winner will be the one who prices it right.