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Learn How To Be a Six Figure Blogger

Zac Johnson is a guy I’ve known for over 5 years now. Probably more. He’s the real deal guy who makes a lot of money online, mostly through affiliate marketing. I’ve spent a lot of time with Zac at shows, dinners and at the craps table in Vegas.

So when he emailed me this weekend to let me know about his new free eBook called “How To Be a Six Figure Blogger” I jumped on this blog post to tell you about it.

Yep. Free. Download here.

Just read it, and you will agree, it’s down to earth quality and educational information about how to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. Just like he did it. There’s really NO reason you shouldn’t read this eBook. Again, it’s free!

You’ll see how Zac makes over $100,000 a year from his blog. Also, Six Figure Affiliate Blogging offers exclusive interviews with ten six figure bloggers. You’ll be able to get inside the minds of famous bloggers like Brian Clark, Gary Vaynerchuk, Shoemoney, Tim Sykes and more.

Get on it.


A Day In The Life With Gary Vaynerchuk

I spent a day hanging out with Gary Vaynerchuk last year. If you don’t know Gary, he’s the “wine guy” who does owns a liquor store in New Jersey, and who also speaks, and consults and has books and produces a Web video show that’s viewed by 100k+ people every day. Yeah, he’s a dynamic guy.

Ever wonder what it would be like to follow Gary around and hang with him for the day? I did, and here’s my writeup about it. I hope you enjoy it. It includes videos.

Oh yeah, go buy his book Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion. You will love it. It will get you pumped up, believe me.

A Day In The Life With Gary Vaynerchuk

Take Your Social Media Campaign & Shove It!

This week I sent a proposal for a Web-based outreach campaign to a potential customer that is used to spending money only on large-scale traditional media. In other words, they have never tried to engage or communicate with all of us “web people”. Instead, they just write big arse checks to radio and TV and use them to move the needle for them.

I get it. I really do. It’s very, very hard to get the reach you need through social media. On the same note, it’s MUCH easier to write checks to traditional media outlets and get the eyeballs/listeners to move the needle on your sales charts.

But here’s what I don’t get. The proposal I created was still very inexpensive compared to the amount of money they spend on traditional media. By far. So I was surprised that I got word back that the costs were out of line in their minds. Specifically, here’s what they said.

We can’t possibly allocate major market broadcast type dollars, from our business, to a field that is so new, constantly changing, ego driven and risky with no idea of any return.

Ok. I’ll buy that, um, some of it, maybe. However, I feel it’s short-sighted. Ignoring the potential of a well conceived Web-based word-of-mouth campaign for a low cost is probably a mistake.

There’s nothing new about word-of-mouth, and there’s certainly nothing new about blogging and bloggers and influencers and spreading the idea virus and all that stuff that makes a great campaign happen.

Sure, it’s risky, but the low-cost makes it digestible, right?

So I’m curious. Am I right, or are they?

The Two Reasons We Use The Web

In my presentation called “Beyond the Website” I cover my mantra of “Why We Use the Internet”. It’s one of the main things that we all need to understand before we can be successful online.

You MUST understand why people come online. If you dont, how can you sell to them? How can you create products and services and tools that they want? You can’t.

Here’s quick little snippet of me talking about why we use the Web. Do you think simple like this? Do you solve problems? You should.

Make Millions Using The Web Publisher Model, Learn How

Over at my coaching site, ($1.00 Trial), I’m constantly interviewing the movers and shakers and experts in the online marketing world. Here’s another interview you will enjoy. Please leave a comment.

Ever wanted to be a successful web publisher? You know, where you have a website or blog or newsletter that has millions and millions of readers and page views… and you make money off the ads?

That’s a web publishing model, and one of the people that’s been doing it right for years and years is Steve Hall of

Listen to the podcast with Steve here.

Steve Hall of knows his stuff when it comes to making money online as a publisher. Adrants is read by hundreds of thousands of readers every week, and his mailing list, and rss list is huge!

This interview asks Steve how he started his Web publishing business, and how he has made it so successful. Learn Steve’s tips and tricks for finding advertisers and traffic, and understand how to successfully promote your niche site to new readers.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make money as a publisher online, this is the interview for you!

Interview With Zane Savage

Zane Savage is a fun guy. He interviewed me for his show and what’s so cool about it is that he recorded it through Skype, but he also recorded it on video. Well, him talking at least. Pretty neat how he did this. Great interview too.

We talk about how to be successful online. I tell his rather young audience to quit playing video games and start working, unless they want to sit in some cubicle all their lives. I’m pretty harsh, but you know what? I wish I had someone telling me that when I was 18 or so.

Here’s part 1 and part 2 below.

Integrity, Trust & Branding

Your brand sucks? Does it? Integrity and trust matters. So are you living your brand? I did this video a long time ago (see the fail beard), but it never made it up until now.

Your brand is the experience people/customers have with you/it. What do you want your brand to be? You have to decide and then live it. You can’t say one thing and do another or vice versa.

For some reason the video ends early, but you get the point?

Please Don’t Start A Making Money Online Blog

The podcast recording below says it all really. Look, the “making money online” blog space is really crowded, and it’s really hard to “make money” in that space, and besides, there’s so many other niches you could be going after that you’d probably make “much more money” at.

Don’t make a “make money online” blog. Just don’t. You’ll be more successful if you move that energy somewhere else. Besides… aren’t we all just a bit sick and tired of these types of blogs? I am.


Watch Me Dance & Learn How To Make $50

Check out my fly dance moves in the video below. You just got served? Not quite. Anyway, the video is fun, and more importantly, the message is funner. Shawn and Missy own a site called where they review products on video.

I did a few video reviews for them and they’re looking for more. Even better, they’re paying $50 for a review. That is one awesome deal. So look around your house for stuff you have and get reviewing for some cold hard cash! By the way, hats off to Slim-Sam Harrelson for the rap.

Online Advertising Tips – Interview

Happy Friday everyone. Yesterday’s video about why you fail was a big hit. I’m thinking that I’ll do more motivational stuff like that in the future. Today, however, I’ve got a guest interview.

If you’re at all into the business of online advertising, or “making money online”, like I am, you should watch this video interview (below) with Michael Buechele of 11|15 Media. We talk about how to find a niche and where to look for industry trends, and Mike gives his top picks for ad networks. If you want more of Mike, listen to him on Sam’s Affiliate Fortune Cookies podcast. The guy gets around eh?

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