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It’s Saturday & I Couldn’t Give A Shit About Scoble Pimping PayPerPost

But guess what? Many people apparantely do. The Techmeme coverage proves it.


Look, Scoble disclosed it, and you know what? It’s business. He made a business decision based on money.

News Flash: Scoble and the other big guns are not real bloggers. They are brands. Real bloggers are 63 million people who write a blog about office furniture or their day at work. It’s a huge difference.

Let’s all stop with this PayPerPost chatter as well. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, (did I say ever?), ever seen a company get so much press without a big media budget.

People, the deception is gone, this discussion should be over, let’s move on? Business is business. The real blogosphere doesn’t give a shit, either do I.

David Lawrence, Online Radio Guru Appearing On Jim Kukral’s Radio Show

Mark your calendar. I have a very special guest appearing on my radio show on January 30th at 4pm est, Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539. Perhaps you’ve heard of radio giant David Lawrence, heard nightly live online and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Road Dog 147, and on XM Satellite Radio’s Open Road 171 as well as on AM and FM stations across the country?

davidlawrence.jpgOf course you have, and I’m proud to say that David, the man, the myth, himself will appear on my radio show for a half hour discussion of well, just about anything related to online success, maybe particularly about being an online radio star. This is your chance to call in live and ask David a question, don’t miss it.

David Lawrence’s show is billed as ‘Pop culture, technology and humor, served up nightly from LA’. And yes, it sure is all of those things.

Maybe you heard David’s latest interview with CEO of, Bob Parsons?

Or you could go back and listen to me as Awesome Jim and my partner Awesome Dave talk about


Because quite simply, David is both a radio star, and an online success. He’s built his brand around both things, and can certainly help you understand how to do that as well. This guys knows what he’s talking about, and he’s agreed to give us a half hour to pick his brain.

Remember, the show is at 4pm est on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539.

The Big Boys Of Blogging Could Be Rich…er

Today over at my BlogKits blog I wrote about how 5 of today’s big top bloggers are leaving close to half a million bucks on the table by not monetizing their blogs. The piece was interesting because I enlisted the feedback from several expert online marketers who provided detailed advice and projections about the topic.

Even Seth Godin himself left a comment on the blog entry, check it out.

If Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Mark Cuban, Guy Kawasaki & Seth Godin monetized their blogs and let an online marketing expert professionally optimize them, they could collectively earn half a million dollars a year. Or at least that’s what BlogKits estimates, along with some other top online marketing/blogging experts. View all of that data below.

Oh yeah, I launched the BlogKits BIG Blog $$$ Survey today. If you have a blog, take a minute to add your thoughts?

Have a blog?
Please click to take short survey.

Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Turns out a podcast I did with Small Business Trends Radio last year made the top 10 list for the year! Here’s a direct link to my podcast and info page. It was entitled ‘Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.’ View entire list here.

I was podcasted on Small Business Trends Radio

In this edition of the Small Business Trends Radio show, host Anita Campbell has as her guest in this conversation, internet marketing guru, Jim Kukral of Jim makes his living helping others be successful with online marketing.

This conversation is terrific because whatever your experience level, there is valuable information and advice for you. Jim starts off with defining and discussing some commonly used terms like: Email Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Then he moves into the Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes list — done in David Letterman style. Let me share with you a few of the Top 10. Keep in mind he provides much more than the listed items, but also details behind why they are mistakes and how to do it right.

Vlog Fights: Free Online Marketing/Business Idea #2

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time now, but today Wired (Michael Calore) helped me finally get it out there. They wrote a piece called ‘ Best Blogfights of 2006‘.


If bloggers know how to do one thing really well, it’s fight.

Blogging is driven largely by raw emotion. When a blogger goes on an opinionated tirade about one topic or another, it’s often an honest emotional reaction rather than anything malicious. But whatever the motivation behind them, the heated missives often ignite furious debates, played out in public, complete with contradictory Alexa charts and Technorati rank data served up as evidence.

We prefer our action bare-knuckled, so we’ll maintain that the best blog boxing matches are the ones fought with no empirical data — just good old-fashioned name calling, hearsaying and muckraking.

Take off the gloves and get in the ring. These were the best (and bloodiest) blogfights of 2006.


It would be a site similar to, that pits bloggers against one another in video format. Sort of like a blog cage match like Wayne suggests in his battle with Loren from 1938media.

I would either let bloggers register and create their own matches, or let the community vote to see which matches they wanted to see. Each match would be released on the site in video form in a two-column spread, with each video from each person on either side, with the issue above for reference.

A reader could then watch each video individually and then vote for which participant “won”. Tons of other stuff you could do with this too, would be a fun site to work on and build. Load the site up with Adsense ads for revenue and let the bloggers who participate generate the buzz for you on their own blogs.

Again, if someone builds this, I’ll expect my check please. :)

Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show Recap – January 2, 2007

I just wrapped my first radio show of 2007, making this the 4th show so far. You can listen to the latest show here on my Blogtalkradio host page.


Not much to tell about today’s show. No callers yet again, but my stats showed at least 10 live listeners. C’mon people, call in and get your free stuff!

A reminder, the show is on every Tuesday at 1pm est. Please call me! hehe.

Long Live Personality Marketing Ala Mark Cuban

If it appears that I am stalking Mark Cuban, I am not. Here’s the problem I have with him. He’s smart and make a lot of sense and I keep learning things from his blog. Therefore, I keep wanting to talk about what he says. So Mark, keep it up, and I’ll keep learning.


On Christmas Mark let out a blog entry entitled ‘The Lesson Of Happy Gilmore and Pro Sports Marketing‘. The piece basically talks about why the movie Happy Gilmore mimics everything that is wrong about sports marketing today. Good read. It got me thinking, not about sports marketing, but about personality marketing in general.

Mark says…

I think the trend towards taking personalities out of the game could be a fatal business mistake. Leagues are so intent on polishing and packaging athletes that they forget the Happy Gilmore lesson. Fans love, or love to hate athletes with personality. Most importantly, they watch those players and buy their merchandise.

My big takeaway from this mantra is… Mark’s right. If you’re in the business (any business with personalities) to make money, this is what you need to do, because it works. As an online businessman, and more specifically, publisher of an online “magazine” at ReveNews that feeds off of many personalities, I’ve learned that the business of “selling newspapers” is how you need to think in order to have monetary success (assuming monetary success is your goal).

To do that, you need to give people what they want, and that’s confrontation, and the opportunity to disagree, to yell. To “trash talk”. That… is what sells newspapers, and yes, even sells in the blogging world. Look at the successful blogs out there today. They don’t play it safe. They are run by strong personalities that have strong opinions, and that’s why they work. Heck, look at Mark’s blog, he’s a prime example of this. Look at blogs like, or to see more of this in action.

In the end, Mark is right again, it’s all about providing entertainment, or helpful information. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, or a reader, or whatever. Heck, I’m considering changing the entire format of ReveNews to a giant blogger vs. blogger cage match where bloggers simply fight each other.

Now that would sell a lot of newspapers :)

Free Online Business Ideas For 2007

2007 is about 8 hours away. I’m looking forward to the new year, specifically because this is the year that I’m setting a few goals for myself and focusing ONLY on those few things. As those you of you who know me, I’m ADD when it comes to marketing ideas. In other words, I have too many ideas, and not enough focus. So what happens? Nothing gets done as well as it could.

So as I launch myself into 07, I have set these three main goals I need to stick to.

1. – My affiliate network for bloggers. Requires the vast majority of my attention.

2. ReveNews – I serve as the publisher here for the past two years. Need to focus on launching some new projects and some general clean up.

3. Writing a book – This is the year I’m commiting to writing a book about, well, I’m not totally sure yet, but it will have to do with online influence and media and blogging and stuff like that.

That’s it.

Here’s the problem though. I have too many ideas in my head. What I’ve figured out is that the ONLY way to actually not think about all of these ideas is to share them with you and maybe, just maybe, you can take them and turn them into real businesses, therefore I won’t have to think of them anymore :)

Starting next week I will be begin to drop these ideas one at a time on this blog, and maybe at MarketingProfs or ReveNews as well. Stay tuned, and if you use them and become rich and famous, remember me on your way to the top!

I’m Not A Women, Or Gay, But I Have Opinions

Caught a link-baitish piece over at Techmeme today entitled ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women Bloggers of 2006‘. My first thought on this piece was, wow, isn’t this going to tee off the rest of the women in the blog world? I mean, let’s face it, women have to deal with this type of scruntiny on their appearance their whole lives, now they are getting that same type of designation added to them as bloggers? Tough world. I’m not a women, but I think I’d be a bit cheesed off if I read this post. Then again, the world is overly politically correct, so who knows.

On a side topic, on that same site I saw a Google Adsense ad for a site called ““. The ad said “Is your car out of the closet? Find out at”. Had to click it, even though I’m not gay, and I bet you that it works really well for the target. Yes, it’s as I expected, it is a car enthusiast site for gay people.


Think you are the only gay person that likes cars? Want to know more about being gay in the automotive industry? Read our new HEADLIGHTS section where we put the high-beams on out automotive professionals.

A couple of thoughts come to mind when I read this site.

1. Isn’t it great that we can have such diverse niche content and topics?

2. Do we really need a list of gay friendly car companies? lol. Ok, maybe I don’t, but I guess some people do?

3. American Express “Open” Network is an advertiser. This just goes to show that big brand names do in fact pursue advertising to niche audiences.

Merry Christmas everyone. Please be safe and hug the ones you love.

Cuban Chumps Trump! Here’s Why Trump Doesn’t Need A Blog

Mark Cuban couldn’t resist jumping into the fray by calling out his ole’ buddy ‘The Donald’ on his blog today.


Now T the C on the other hand, well Donald, your blog sucks. Its actually pretty embarrasing. First of all, rule number one of blogging Donald is that you are the one that is supposed to write the posts on the blog. Less than half the posts on the front page of the blog have your name as the author let alone are written by you . Blogs are supposed to be personal, not corporate Donald.

Yeah, his blog does suck, but you know what? I would argue that some people don’t need blogs, and Donald is one of them. Trump has a plan and it works, and he don’t need no stinkin’ blog to keep it working. Here’s how Trump operates:

1. He overloads you with his brands, literally so much that you just can’t see through it all and your mind just gives in.

2. Then, when he’s attacked, he hits back… harder.

3. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s like being in a cult where they brainwash you. You know what? It works, very well. Gotta give him credit for it.

It’s because of that methodology that he doesn’t need a blog, and I argue that him even having a blog would hurt that system he has in place. A blog is to show transparency, and that my friends is in direct odds with Trump’s branding mantra.