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ScratchBack Goes Into Live Beta

It’s finally ready for eyeballs. In case you are new to my blog, you’ve heard me talk about my new online system called for months and months. Well, it’s finally open and ready for you to try it. Register for free and give it a run.

You can see a live TopSpot widget in action on the left of this page under my logo. Go ahead and tip me $1.00 for a place in my top spots!

I’ll be blogging about SB mostly over at the ScratchBack blog, so rather than me writing a giant blog post about it here, I’d much rather let you listen to what others have been saying about it.

Here’s a video that Shawn Collins did about it. He’s running the TopSpot widget over at the Affiliate Tip blog.

WidgetBucks Outperforms Chitika & Adsense

I’m not making it up. Darren, and a bunch of his commenters, say it loud and clear. Bold emphasis is mine.

I’ve been running it in a ’split test’ with Chitika ads in one position (ie 50% of the time I display a Chitika ad unit and 50% a WidgetBucks unit) and to this point the WidgetBucks ad is earning more on a CPM basis than the Chitika unit (it’s still early days on that test though). The CTR is higher on the WidgetBucks ad but the click value is higher on the Chitika ads.

I’ve also done split tests with AdSense and found that WidgetBucks out performed them also.

As a result of all this – I’m earning more with WidgetBucks than I would have with ads in the same positions as with either Chitika and AdSense (and considering that they are my two biggest earners that’s pretty good).

Wow, that’s amazing to hear and great news for my friends at Mpire. Congrats guys! More about high performance over at my buddy Zac’s super affiliate blog.

ScratchBack Launch Imminent – The Fun, Alternative Way To Making Money Online

If I’m quiet lately it’s because I’ve been feverishly trying to work out the final bugs in my new online advertising system called


I must say that I’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out and me and my team are pumped up about releasing it. I truly believe that what we’ve built is totally original, fun and can help all website publishers and bloggers earn a few bucks as an alternative to other online ad systems they’ve tried before.

The only things that concern me right now are…

1. If I do a major launch I’m worried that I might crash my server. This happened to me last year with Awesome Milllion and I don’t want to see it happen again. I use Rackspace, and my server is pretty bad-ass, but you never know.

2. Bugs. A handful of beta testers have been working the system pretty hard. But until my team finds every little thing; I don’t want to launch.

3. Fear. When you believe in something so much, and you invest so much time and money into it, there is a definite fear of launching it and seeing it fail, or people hating it. But that’s something every entrepreneur has to deal with.

I believe in this product, and I can’t wait to show the world. Must be patient though.

Where’s The Innovation In The Online Advertising Space?

Today Adbrite has unleashed a new full-page ad feature. Here’s a sample.

The Full Page Ad replaces our previous Active Interstitial product and now enables brand advertisers to bring the same kind of full page advertising seen on newspapers and magazines over to websites… We believe that the Full Page Ad will take online advertising to new heights.

Sometimes I really wonder if some companies really understand online readers or the online ad model? No offense Adbrite, I am a fan of your services in the past, but this move is way off the reservation. Who exactly is this for? What publisher in your space is going to use this? I don’t get it.

Adbrite is a company I have kept a close eye on because I thought they had potential, but they’ve never delivered the knock-out blow with any kind of creative or solution that truly differentiated or solved problems for publishers/advertisers. The InVideo thing was about as close as they got to that, and still may pan out. But full page ads?

Where’s the innovation in the online ad space? Why are companies so focused on selling “ads” and “making money online” when they should be focused on other things like better user experiences and fun?

If you’re using this full page ad system, and it works, tell me and prove me wrong. I’d be more than happy to eat this blog post.

I think I need to do a series of blog posts about the players in the online ad space. In my spare time!

Only A Handful Of Blogs Actually Make Money Online

It seems that finally everyone is starting to come clean about making money with blogs. The reality is that I’ve known for years is that most people can’t make a living off of a blog, and will never be able to. But because there are so many “make money online” sites out there nowadays, there seems to be some perpetual brand growth that everyone can make this professional blogging thing work monetarily.

It just isn’t true. This is hard, hard work.

Look, I’m not saying don’t try, because you CAN do it. I’m saying that most of you won’t get there (making a ton of cash off ads), that’s all.

Look at what Henry Copeland said this week. Henry is the CEO of, the first blog ad system from years and years ago.

…Only “dozens” of the 1,500 sites he works with can can sustain their sites solely with ad revenues.

Wow, if that isn’t social proof that I’m right, what is? Dozens of sites out of 1,500 make enough income to sustain solely with ad revenues?

I hate to preach, but c’mon, we all know this to be true as I’ve been saying for about 3-4 years now…

I wonder if anyone will have a solution to this problem soon??? Hmmm….

You Can’t Afford To Go To The Blog World Expo?

Wait, I meant you can’t afford “NOT” to go. Look, let me lay it on the line for you.

I know who you are. You’re a blogger who doesn’t make much money from your blogging efforts. You’re struggling with new widgets and other ways to make money online and you’re discouraged that you’re not making all kinds of money from your blog.

blogworldlogo.gifYou are saying to yourself, “I can’t go to Vegas, pay for a hotel room, flight, expenses, the show fee. It’s too expensive.” You’re right, it does add up. It can be expensive, especially if you’re not making money right now.

But listen to me, please. Seriously, listen.

These are the types of events that you MUST attend if you EVER, EVER want to make your blog a success. Hands down, no question, if you are ever going to make money with your blog, you MUST attend an event like this.

Here’s my suggestion for you. Find a way to go. Get creative. You’re a clever blogger right?

It’s $75 for the basic event if you get it reserved before Oct. 19th. The next level show pass is $175. I’m coming in from Ohio, and my flight is going to be about $250. My hotel is going to be about $119/night for three nights. Add expenses for food, drinks, transportation, I figure the whole thing will cost you about $800-1000 bucks when you’re all said and done.

$1000 bucks Jim? I can’t spend that much? Alright, here’s some ideas to cut the cost.

1. Apply for a press pass. You’re a blogger right? Maybe you can get a free press pass to the show? You NEVER know.

2. Promote the affiliate program and earn enough in commissions to cut your costs or pay for your show completely. Sign up for their affiliate program over at It pays 10% to you for every signup you get.

3. Get someone to sponsor you to go. This DOES work. Just ask my buddy Joel Cheezman. Read about how he did it. You CAN do this.

Here’s the bottom line. The lineup of speakers for this show is pretty darn amazing. I’m VERY excited to finally be able to sit down and meet with some of the most amazing bloggers I’ve known online for years.

I’ll make you this guarantee, ok? If you end up going based upon this article, I promise that I will personally find time to meet with you at the show and introduce you around. I’ll also mention your blog here in my blog, and whatever else I can do.

Why do I care?

Well, I love bloggers. I get you. I am you. I know what attending a show like this can do for you. You’re going to walk out of their with at the very least one great idea or partnership, or solution for your blog that is going to change your blogging success.

Or, don’t go. Just stop pretending you’re taking this whole blogging thing seriously. You CAN make it a success.

FYI, none of the links in this piece are affiliate links. I’m speaking at the show and my pass is comped, but I still have to pay my other expenses.

Go… now… make it happen.

Still not convinced? Tell me why.

Make Money Blogging Entrepreneur Radio Appearance

Tony sent me a link to a cool search site called Love that name! Anyway, I did a search for my last name, as I always do on new search engines because I’m marketing vain, and some archived audio files came up I had forgotten about.


I did an interview with the guys from Entrepreneur magazine EBiz radio show about how to make money as a blogger. It’s in two parts, which you can listen to below. Enjoy.

How to monetize your blog part 1

How to monetize your blog part 2

My Blogrush Stats – A HUGE FLOOD Of Traffic… NOT!

Note: I never put my “affiliate” code in any blog post. I put the widget on my site, but never put my code in a blog post. John Chow is right, you have to write about it for it to truly work. To me, that is NOT doing absolutely nothing.

Where’s my flood of traffic for doing nothing as I mentioned above?

By the way, I’m #2 on Youtube when you search for Blogrush, with 132 views, which have actually sent me traffic… for doing something, go figure.

Anyway, here are my amazing stats for doing nothing.


I guess I must be making the common mistakes Blogrush users make. You know, I should start writing my headlines JUST for Blogrush. Great advice.

Is the jury still out? Really?

Blogrush Proves A Brilliant Marketing Effort Will Always Win

This whole Blogrush situation just fascinates me, and I’m sorry to keep blogging about it, but I LOVE good marketing and buzz, and John Reese and Blogrush deliver.


Case in point, what we’re seeing now is the sliding scale of backlash coming back about the product. Particularly, we’re seeing the guys who have had traffic exchanges for years come out of the woodwork saying stuff like “I did it already, and you just copied it, etc…” Check out this comment at Mashable from the guy who started Blogexplosion…


Your service is nothing revolutionary, new or even original for that matter …

I’m the original owner of, the original traffic exchange for bloggers (which I ended up selling to some time ago)

Both BlogExplosion and had text link exchanges (essentially what you do), where you can target by category etc.. But that was a couple of years ago.. You can talk up your technology to match content etc. but it’s mostly just that – talk

RELEVANT CONTENT, TARGETED – Bottom line this has been done before with exactly the same functionality (except we had a much larger userbase than you do)…

The point I’m trying to make is…


This is going to sound crude, but here’s an example.

Two people could take a crap in a box and both try to sell it. But the guy who wraps it in the nicer package, the better marketer, is going to sell more boxes of crap.

Sorry dude who made Blogexplosion, and the other guys who are now feeling like they missed something. Guess what??

You did.

John Reese is a brilliant marketer. He positioned it perfectly. He got the sneezers in early to push it hard, and their minions followed suit. It was brilliant, and it worked, and even if it doesn’t last long term, he’s now sitting on probably a hundred thousand email addresses he can push announcements and product to.

The summary…

Good marketing wins. I don’t care if your product is the same, or even better. The better marketing position will ALWAYS win short term. Now, personally, I refuse to market “crap in a box”. Not my style, even if I don’t get rich, I won’t do it. But you cannot argue my points above. John Reese did it again.

P.S. This does not mean you should focus on creating products that are not high-quality. In the long run, you will be able to create a long-term profitable business on the merits of a better product that solves problems… ALWAYS.

If Blogrush Proves Anything It’s That Bloggers Are Desperate

So now we’re starting to see results back from bloggers about how/if Blogrush is “working” for them. I have to admit, I’m hearing and reading that some are very happy with the return of “traffic” they’re getting, and not just the bigger bloggers, but it’s still early. Again, as I said before, I could be wrong. I just might be on this one. Note: The idea of Blogrush didn’t bite me, it was the marketing speak that did. Anyway…

Looking deeper, the real takeaway from this whole Blogrush explosion proves one HUGE point, and that is…

Bloggers are desperate for something that works. And they’re willing to try anything, even promoting something before testing and results, if they think it will send them on their way to blogging dreams.


I don’t blame anyone for jumping on the bandwagon. Believe me, I get it. You want to be a pro blogger. You want to live the dream that so few have, of staying at home and writing your blog as a living. Or you just want to make a second income from your efforts. I DO get it.

So that’s why Blogrush blew up so fast. The promise of a “flood of traffic” was the EXACT marketing message that bloggers needed to hear. Then combine that with the critical X factor of “getting in early” to promote it to your friends so you could “earn credits from their signups”, and here we are. And as John Chow points out…

The key to doing well with BlogRush will be to use really enticing headlines and build up a lot of syndication credits. Just running the Widget should get you some referrals, but you will get much better results by blogging about it.

Marketing brilliance, and I told that to John Reese here on this blog and privately in an email.

Back to my point. Bloggers want it bad and they’re willing to try anything. That’s not a bad thing mind you, it’s simply an observation.

I’ll be releasing in October (which is nothing like Blogrush), which I’m hoping will help bloggers with several problems they face. It’s obvious they are trying. Blogrush proves that.