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$2500 a Month From A Featured Link List?

It’s true. Look at how Dane does it over at his superb Business Opportunities weblog. Check the sidebar, see the featured links?

I counted 50 links right now. That’s $2500/month. Are they nofollow Dane?


If you would like me to list your website under the “Featured Websites” banner down at the bottom of the front page please click the PayPal button below to subscribe. The current price is $49.95 per month, but because of demand I am expecting to raise the price soon, so please order today and lock in your rates!

Not too bade a price for a PR 6 website with high-quality content. Hmmm… You got me thinking Dane.

8 Internet Millionaires You Can Learn From

Take a look at these people who are making millions online. What I want you to look at is how they are doing it. Learn from it. Analyze their sites and ask yourself what the have in common.

Then emulate them. :)

8 people living the REAL American dream through the Internet.


I know three of these people personally and I can tell you this is no b.s. list. Very real. It can be done.

Build Your Customer Base First. Then Figure Out How To Sell To It?

web_internet_pointer_03.gifOr at least that’s what they’re saying this guy did.

He identifies a business niche or a hot growth area like commercial real estate. Then he buys domain names around the topic, saving money by shunning pricey domains for names with hyphens, such as

He builds the sites, adds content, and waits for customers. Search the phrase “commercial property” in MSN, for instance, and Carter’s site pops up on the first page, advertising that it has people eager to sell and buy commercial property. In truth, Carter has only a few contacts.

In more detail…

1. Identify an overlooked need for services kicked up by, for instance, relatively obscure regulatory changes.

2. Construct a first-rate website with a generic domain name that will draw in prospective customers.

3. With clients in hand, create the business, providing the service yourself or subcontracting to established players.

The thing about this is that it can work, and backfire. I mean, you could spend a lot of time building an audience and hoping that down the road you’re going to find a good referral partner. But what if you don’t?

I’ve always operated from the opposite direction. I first identify a good referral partner who pays what I consider to be competitive. Then I go and find out if the niche has room for growth and is broad enough, or small enough. Then, and only then will I spend time to develop something.

How do you do it?

How-To Videos Plus Online Subscriptions Make A Recipe For Success writes a piece called ‘How to Score with How-to Video‘, Niche players are resuscitating the subscription model to make money off homemade instructional websites.

(Business 2.0 Magazine) — When Evan Margolin launched SalsaBootCamp to sell instructional video clips online, everyone he knew told him it was a crazy idea. Why would people offer up their credit cards to him – a dance teacher known only to his students in San Francisco – when they could watch thousands of dance videos for free on sites like YouTube?

Yet aspiring salsa dancers have signed up in droves, even as Margolin has raised the monthly subscription price from $9 to $37. Four months after its launch, is making $20,000 a month.

Here’s a question you need to ask yourself right now. What do you know a lot about that you can film and sell subscriptions to?

Think about how easy it would be to upload this content to a private member’s area and let people access it on a subscription?

Online Success Comes To Those That Take It, Not Wait For It

Normally you won’t hear me talking much about “guru” type programs. Why? Because I think that a lot of them are suspect. However, I do know that there are high-quality gurus and the like out there that actually do deliver on what they promise.

Let’s throw that aside for a second and instead talk about why these gurus succeed. You know why?

Because they’re creative, and they move fast… and most importantly, they take chances.

Joel Comm has busted his butt to get where he is today. The guy has money now, he could retire. He’s already had success with websites, books, etc… But he doesn’t stop creating and taking chances and pushing… which is why he is successful.

Look at his latest marketing campaign called the Next Internet

You know why Joel Comm is successful online? Because he takes opportunity. He doesn’t wait for it to come to him.

Do you take chances? Do you take opportunity?

There are no mistakes now, everyone is experimenting. Just do something today. There is no failure at the moment.

Are You An Online Entrepreneur? Want To Be Successful But Don’t Know How? Here’s The Key.

intro1.jpgI’ve been talking a lot lately about being successful online. While I don’t think you MUST be an entrepreneur to be successful online, I do think that possessing a few, if not all, of the successful habits that entrepreneurs have is very helpful. (In not just success at work either, in life too).

The highlights 10 of those habits in a blog entry called The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs. A must read if you’re someone who is searching for success in any capacity.

So, how do you stack up to the 10 habits listed below?

Passion for Life
A Smile on Their Face
A Dynamic Team
A Willingness to Help Others
Habitual Goal Setting
Ability to Remember Names
Empowered by Failure
Proactive Attitude
Determination and Motivation

I would note, that nowhere in that list is “making money”. Again, focusing your success on making money is the wrong approach. Focus on helping people solve problems, and the money will come.

The Key To Online Success Isn’t Agloco & Get Rich Quick Products

I’m getting about 10 new blog entries a day now into the BUMPzee How to be successful online community I am managing.

I would say that 8 out of 10 that are submitted get included while the others get rejected because they are junk blogs full of Agloco promotions, or every blog post is written specifically to drive clicks to a “get rich quick” product.

Look, my version of “how to be successful online” DOES NOT include Agloco and get rich quick stuff. I want blogs in the community who provide helpful advice, and thoughts and stories about how to be successful.

Sure, they can have ads, and affiliate links, but there is a huge difference between writing content ONLY to sell some products, and writing content to help people. It’s a hard-sell vs. a soft-sell. If you’re hard-selling, I’m not going to let you join the community.

How Do You Define Success Jim?

Check out this neat blog I just included called The Hot Dog Truck. This guy bought a hot dog truck and set out on a quest to “make the perfect hot dog”, and he blogged the whole thing.


See, this blog isn’t necessarily about how to make money online, but it is about being successful, and he’s translated that wisdom into a neat blog that is entertaining to read.

Win Jim Kukral’s Domain Name Contest:

Take my domain names, please. I own about 150 or so domain names, most of which I don’t or ever will use. But I keep buying them as I “hope” to one day make them a good home. So why not give them away to someone with a good idea who can use them?


Here’s the deal. Every once in a while I’m going to give away one of my domain names to one of my readers who can come up with the best business model or website idea for that domain name. No, you don’t have to write an entire business model, but I will expect you to have a killer idea that is worthy of the domain (a few paragraphs will do).

The rules are you can either leave your idea for the domain in the comments for the public to view, or you can email me your idea and I will do a follow-up post in a few weeks showing each idea anonymously and my readers can vote on which one is the best.

The winning idea gets the domain in question transferred to them free of charge.

Interested? Let’s kick off this contest with one of my all-time favorite domains I’ve never used.

Take my domain, please.

I Care About Your Success, Get Rich Quick Guys Don’t

success.jpgThe other day I wrote It’s True… I’ve Made Over $500,000 From Blogging. The truth is, I wrote that piece a long time ago and never published it. Why?

Because I was worried of how people would perceive it.

I was worried that people would think I was lying.

I was worried that people would think I was boasting.

I was worried that I would look like an a-hole “money making follow me and get rich quick scammer’.

I was worried it would hurt my industry reputation that I’ve spent years building.

Then recently, more specifically over the last few months, as things changed for me, and as new paths appeared before my feet, I slowly stopped worrying about all of those things, and here’s why.

The bottom line is, I finally published the piece because I don’t care anymore.

I don’t care if you think I’m an ego-centric a-hole. I’m not. Ask anyone who knows me in real life.

I don’t care if you think I’m boasting about my success. I’m not, I’m trying to motivate you and prove to you it can be done without being a “get rich guy”.

I don’t care if you think that I’m full of you know what. Fine. Keep thinking that.

Get it? I don’t care.

Now, ask me why I don’t care anymore?

I’ll tell you why. Because I know who I am, and I know what I have accomplished that I’m damn proud of. And I know that I can and have used what I’ve learned to help other people learn how to do it too… the right way, the hard way.

The way that takes a ton of work and sweat and failures and could take you years to achieve. In other words, real success.

You want to get rich quick, find another blog.

You want instant success secrets, keep looking.

You want the real deal, no bullshit advice and tips from years of experience on how to find success online over the long-term? Then grab my feed and I’ll keep doing my best to try and help you.

I care about your success. That’s what I do.

It’s True… I’ve Made Over $500,000 From Blogging

Blogging has changed my life and has made me a lot of money. Here’s part one of my blogging success story. Subscribe to my blog feed on the right of this page for future updates.


I’ve been blogging since 2001. August 14, 2001 to be exact. I bought and threw up a blog using’s advanced publish feature so I could use my own design. The blog was called “I Hate Lettuce”, and it chronicled my personal thoughts and opinions about my life. Check it out here in the Web Archive.

From the moment I pushed that magic “publish” button I was completely hooked. No longer did I have to rely on a newspaper editor or magazine publisher to decide if my content should be published. Blogging bypassed them and made me global in an instant.

But what blogging also did for me, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was start the first, and probably the most important step in my personal brand, which has resulted in me earning over half a million dollars in revenue from my blogging efforts over those years until now.

Exactly How Did You Do It Jim?

It’s pretty simple; here’s the short version. Note: I’m not including salaried positions or things of that nature in my numbers. That’s extra :0

Indirect Blogging
I’ve used blogging to build my personal brand, which has indirectly allowed me to sell my services, expand my reach and create powerful partnerships and relationships that have helped me produce income and actual businesses that I own.

Direct Blogging
But indirect blogging isn’t the only way I’ve used blogs to my advantage. More specifically, I’ve used affiliate marketing techniques to produce direct revenue through blogs. No, I’m not going to show you examples of those blogs.

In the coming weeks on this blog, I’ll continue to expand on my story, and talk more about how blogging can make anyone a success (assuming they like hard work). Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed to keep updated on that content.

Final note: You should know that I have never used one single spammy or black, or even grey-hat technique ever to produce this type of income and success.

Credit: I consulted the master Copyblogger on the headline for this entry. Thanks Brian.

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