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The Three Stages of Internet Marketing Consciousness

There are three stages of Internet marketing consciousness. Outlined below.

1. It’s All Bullshit
This is the stage where you don’t believe that anyone makes money online, and every “guru” is a scam-artist.

2. It’s Not For Me, But I Wish I Could Do It
This is the stage where you finally realize that not every “guru” is a scam-artist, and that they do in fact make a ton of money and help people. This is also the stage where you wish you could do what they do, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

3. Let’s Just Make Some Money
This is the stage where you say to yourself… “My ego is stopping me from being successful.” You finally realize that most of your “organic” efforts to monetize have failed completely and you need to make some cash. So you start buying into the system. You create products, you start teaching, you put ads on your blog, etc… You “sell out” per say, and you realize it’s not a big deal because you’re helping people AND making money at the same time.

Sound familiar? Which stage are you in? And how long did it take you to get through each stage?

Sales, Leads & Publicity… Oh My!

Today I spoke to a chamber of commerce group in Westlake, Ohio about how small business owners can generate more sales, leads and publicity. If you are at all interested in learning how I and many others spend absolutely nothing on advertising and how we generate success online… you need to watch.

Below is the video. I start speaking a few minutes in.

Video Book Review: The Perfection of Marketing

The Perfection of Marketing puts you in the room with James Connor, a leading brand expert to hear the exact advice he’s given to over 200 CEOs on the most efficient methods to build their brand and increase marketing ROI. Culminating from 12 years of work, these best practices are battle tested for small and midsized businesses. This practical guide gives you the detailed playbook run by The James Group, a brand strategy and full-service advertising agency in New York City, which has made more money for 95% of their clients. Skillfully written in narrative style, this book is a must have for any CEO who wants to grow a company through marketing. With a summary and key questions at the end of each chapter, The Perfection of Marketing provides a clear path to marketing success.

The Perfection of Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing with Andy Sernovitz

Do NOT miss this podcast. Andy Sernovitz (THE mast of word of mouth) from gives some unbelievable advice about how anyone can get started with word of mouth marketing.

Buy Andy’s Book at Amazon.

We talk about what WOM is and how anyone can do it, with examples of how real companies are doing it every day, and get this… with no real money spent! Andy gives two major things that you need to know about WOM. Huge tips that will make you start thinking right away.

Consider this: “Never let anyone walk out the door without something to share”. Think about that for a second. Are you letting the WOM get away from you?

Oh yeah, be on the watch here on this blog for some free copies of Andy’s book!

Here are the show notes:

What is word of mouth marketing?
How to get started?
Who’s gonna talk about my stuff? How do I make it easier for them to share it?
Identify the talkers.
Offline wom principles, never let anyone walk out the door without something to share.
(examples: bloomingdales big brown bag)
Send everyone back to office with 6 extra desserts, they’ll talk about it.
Email is a huge part of wom.
Emotional reasons wom works. Does it make me feel good? Does it make me look smart?
Makes me feel important (give away discount code).
Fun gets forwarded.
Potbelly restaurant sent coupon for 10 free sandwiches to old customer to giveaway.
Freshbook invoices, hosted dinners for travelers in every city.


The Power of Free! A Case Study

So do you believe in the power of “FREE”? You should. Free works. All the cliches are true. If you give, you get. Don’t believe it? Here’s a video for you to watch. Tell me free doesn’t pay.

Since launching my free resource site at

I’ve been asked to write a book from a major publisher (paid)

Invited to speak at a mastermind event (paid)

Been interviewed to be featured in a major marketing publication that sends out to 400k+ of my peers (was released today, Marketing Sherpa)

Closed several consulting gigs where I help people figure out how to do online videos for ROI

Helped thousands of people figure out how to begin to make web videos

And some other stuff too

ALL because of me being an expert in a niche and giving away this toolkit free. Watch this video.

That was in the last 7 weeks since launch, and more good things are happening every day. You tell me free doesn’t pay.

What can you give away free? Think about it. Free works. Try it.

Obama Knows Marketing

Quite simply… Obama’s marketing team is kicking McCain’s marketing team’s arse. Don’t think so? Please point me to some huge wins by McCain’s marketing gurus. Now, I’m not getting political here. I’m talking about marketing. Politics is about marketing. Hint of proof: When was the last time one of these candidates talked about some real issues? They don’t.

Why? Because nobody wants to hear about boring issues really. You give the audience what they want to hear. That’s how you market successfully. So Obama’s team strikes yet another blow by announcing the party nomination is going to be an “open event“. Watch the video below where I explain why this is so smart.

A LOT can be learned from watching how smart politician market themselves. Keep your eyes open.

B2B Sales & Marketing

Over the years I’ve done a LOT of sales and marketing for B2B companies. Basically, that means that I was the guy responsible for providing the sales team with marketing materials and campaigns and anything they needed to help close business. So I spent a lot of time working with sales people, and a lot more time on sales calls listening and figuring out “why customers don’t buy”. Very valuable lessons.

Today I’m talking with David Peltz, Founder and CEO of Revixio Software, creators of CorePage, the Instant Link Page System. David has a very similar background to mine and I thought it would be interesting to share some war stories and discuss the state of marketing and sales.

Although I was not paid for this podcast… I should have been. Seriously folks, the Corepage system he’s created is pretty neat. I wouldn’t let him pitch it at the end if I didn’t think it had merit.


Political Marketing 2.0 – Lessons For Marketers

Have you been following the Presidential election race here in the USA? There’s some amazing marketing going on on both sides. This video talks about how you should watch these campaigns closely for marketing tips and tricks that you can use yourself.

The future of politics is going to rest on which candidate can hire the best marketing, PR and creative teams to produce non-traditional content… ie… the Internet.

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Bratz Dolls & The Dark Side of Marketing

There are two kinds of marketers. Both use “the force”. You have the light side, and the dark side. And as every Star Wars fan, or any marketer knows… How you look at any situation, marketing or not, is usually from your own point of view. I’ll take the light side view of my marketing “force” and say I don’t like how these dolls are marketed.

Agree with my view? Digg this.

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The Best Marketing Book I Ever Read

Perhaps THE greatest book I ever read on the subject of marketing is called Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spolestra. If you haven’t read the book, go ahead and buy it and take the Kukral guarantee with it. If you don’t find it amazing, send it to me and I’ll give you your money for it. I’ll just give it to one of my friends. I’m serious, buy the book.

Anyway, if you read the book, and you’re like me, then you’ll also be like me when you find out that Jon has probably one of the worst websites in existence. Even worse than the glaring design letdown, he mentions on his website that he can be reached.

E-mail me. On my c ell-phone, I say, “Leave your name and phone number and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.” Always do. A lot of times, it’s even quicker on email. So, email me. Let me know what you’re thinking and how I can help.

Problem is, about a year later, and 6-7 emails later, no response, ever. Look, I’m a fan, I wanted to tell him how much I loved his book and how much his ideas inspired me, that’s all. Just kinda disappointing, you know?

Dear Jon, if you happen to read this, just drop me an email or give me a call. My contact information is on every page of this blog.