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Shoemoney & MyBlogLog Make Up – View Shoe’s Secret Yahoo! Check

Most of you might have heard that MyBlogLog apologized to Shoemoney.

What you may not know about the whole saga may shock you. I’ve obtained secret documents and photos that show that Yahoo! was so upset about the branding disaster they had created that they sent Shoemoney a check to ask him to stop talking about it.

The secret photo is below. You’ll notice I’ve added red arrows to show the proof. I can’t say I blame you Shoe, that’s an awesome check! Click image to see bigger if you can’t make it out.

ShoeMoney's Yahoo! Check

Disclaimer: Obviously, I hope, you realize this is a spoof post? It’s a joke people. This isn’t real. I can’t believe I have to say that. My lame Photoshop skills should be proof enough?

Uh-Oh, Techcrunch Grabbed The MyBlogLog Story

Thanks to Sam for pointing this out to me. I wrote about this last night here.

Judging by the first comment at TC (below), I can already see where this will be going. Not good for MBL.

Holy Christ, what kind of developer doesn’t encrypt their login cookies? That’s not a security hole, it’s just awful programming.

Get your popcorn.

MyBlogLog Teeters On The Uncool Ledge, Will They Fall?

mybloglog.jpgIt doesn’t take much to become “uncool”. I’m telling you, one minute you can be the Fonz, and the next minute they catch you picking your nose and the Fonz becomes the dweeb. ‘Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!, Nerd!’

I’ve got a message for the crew at MyBlogLog. In case you missed the drama, here’s a recap over at Techmeme.

Summary: Shoemoney has been messing with security flaws in MyBlogLog and posting about them. MyBlogLog got fed up and banned his account, and now the backlash against MBL is beginning to build in the form of protests and removal of the code from some popular bloggers’ sites.

I Wrote About MyBlogLog & This Scenario Earlier This Year

Over at my blog at, I wrote ‘You Can’t Just Be Cool, You Either Are, Or You Aren’t‘.

Don Dodge wrote… “Yahoo has acquired MyBlogLog reportedly for $10 million. Does anyone stop to do the math on these things? MyBlogLog started business in July…just 6 months ago, and they have 5 employees. They reportedly serve 45,000 blogs, have 33,000 registered users, and zero revenue. Valuing startups is an inexact science for sure, but there are some guidelines. Here are a few “back of the napkin” approaches without the benefit of any due diligence or facts.”

potsie.jpgDon certainly seems right. His argument makes a lot of sense from a financial standpoint (I guess), however, what Don is missing is one key factor that “numbers guys” can’t seem to buy into, and that is…

You can’t just be cool, you either are, or you aren’t.

MyBlogLog didn’t get acquired because of the money, it got acquired because Yahoo! knows cool when it sees it, and realized that no matter how much less $$$ they could spend on developing something similar, it would be extremely hard to reinvent cool. The challenge for Yahoo! now is to keep the cool bottled up and fresh.

The Moral Of This Story Is?

Banning Shoemoney is a big mistake, regardless if he deserved to banned or not. A mistake that could, and might just take MBL from being the Fonz and turning it into Potsie Weber.