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Will Scratchback Help Everyone Make Money Online?

No offense to my friends who run major online advertising channels like Text Link Ads, and Auction Ads and all that stuff…

But I wonder how they continue to operate because the majority of bloggers out there don’t make hardly any money from them. They just don’t. I’ve been researching this for years and years, and I’ve written about it constantly. And I’ve read many other comments and blog posts from all over the Internets, and everyone tells me that they don’t make any money with these programs.


Disclaimer: Low-traffic bloggers don’t make money. Bigger sites that are the minority in the grand scheme of things drive, in my opinion, all the revenue for these companies.

When I read stuff like this from Zac Johnson, a personal friend of mine who I KNOW makes money hand over fist online, it really seems to validate my thoughts and my launch coming soon.

I mean, if you look in those comments on that page, you will see what I’m saying. Most people are saying they don’t, or have ever, made any significant money from those systems. Even guys like Zac, who are pushing a TON of impressions are seeing those true profits they should be getting fade into dust.

I’ve been saying it for years. Low-traffic bloggers have a really, really hard push to make money from their blogs. My former company BlogKits is making a run at this as we speak and I wish them well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I truly, truly believe that Scratchback can be the answer we’ve all been looking for. I cannot wait to show it to you, believe me. But I have to be patient and finish it first.

Again, I’m not trying to diss anyone else’s solution. They do work, just not for everyone. I’m simply being passionate about my own idea. Maybe it’ll suck and you can all laugh at me later, you never know.

Affiliate Widgets In Facebook

Just got a notification that Chitika now has a Facebook application, and… they’re promoting it using an affiliate program. Pretty neat way of getting attention. It pays $1.00 per application added into Facebook.

Here’s my code, if you wish to give me a dollar that is.

Will Scratchback Amaze You? Or Will It Bomb?

My programmer I contracted who built said to me the other day…

“What you’ve created here is either going to be huge and help millions of people with websites have fun and make money online, or it’ll bomb.”

He’s right. And the not knowing how it will be perceived scares the crap out of me and also motivates me.

The more I stare at my web publishing Frankenstein, the more I keep asking myself if it’s too simple to really catch on and work. When you work on something for so long you can begin to lose real perspective on it… clouding your brain with doubts.


Honestly though, my biggest fear in releasing Scratchback is also what I think will be its greatest strength.

That it’s simple and fun. Maybe too simple?

No giant marketplaces that make things confusing. No controlling system that only allows you to price based upon someone else’s criteria. No fancy frills or complicated coding or processes to get started. No paid reviews that could possibly bring in the integrity of your website or blog.

None of that stuff.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough as the first beta approaches. I’m cutting off the beta signup list by the end of the week. I’ve gotten way more test users than I could possibly ever use for the first beta, which will only be a handful of testers anyway. I’m even considering only releasing the second beta test sample to those are signed up and making the general public wait for a few months.

Yes, I said a few months, or maybe more. I really want this system to grow slowly so we can work out the kinks and make it a robust, stable solution that runs on auto-pilot for everyone.

There’s still time to get into the beta list. If you want in, sign up now.

I leave you with this. Don’t EVER give up on your passion. I have not, and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve created.

Facebook’s Secret Rate Card Exposed!

Valleywag has the story.


Here’s the part I was interested in.

The main question, though, is how much its sponsorship business can grow without offending users. Only one sponsored story can show up at a time on a user’s homepage, which limits inventory. And with Facebook apps now vying for users’ attention, will sponsored groups still spread as quickly from user to user?

We need a word for this. You know, the time between when a startup is ad free and then that critical point when they “turn on the ads”.

What to call it? Any suggestions? It needs a buzz word.

Scratchback Beta Invites Gone, But Don’t Worry, You Can Win Free Webhosting For Life!

Thanks to a quick mention in Twitter on a Sunday night, I was able to get the word out quick enough to wipe out my beta invites in less than 5-hours, with no other publicity beside my own blog post and a pickup from Costpernews.

Thanks everyone for signing up, as soon as we’re ready we’ll begin inviting you into the beta. From the feedback and anticipation and questions I’m getting (overwhelming really), I can see that there is indeed a void for this type of solution in this industry. I said the word “fun”, and everyone seemed to pay attention.

But just because the beta application invites are all mopped up, doesn’t mean you can’t still participate. Introducing the Win Free Hosting For Life contest.

Visit for details and rules. It’s free, and it’s really pretty simple to enter. Imagine no more hosting bills for the rest of your life?

Online Advertising Just Got Fun – My Latest Project:

You thought I was done helping others make money online when I sold BlogKits eh? Not quite. Starting today, I’m accepting only 100 beta testing applications for my latest project called

The press release goes out later this week, but loyal blog readers get the scoop early of course, and can apply for one of the spots early as well. I’m thinking they’re going to go fast though, so sign up now if you’ll want to have an invitation to the private beta in August.


So what is

I’m not revealing the juicy details as of yet. Beta users will get a sneak peek though. All I will say for now is that it is an online advertising solution similar to things like Chitika, Blogads, AuctionAds or TextLinkAds and Adbrite. Similar in that it’s a publishing solution, but totally different and unique in how it works.

It’s mostly unique because it’s fun. In fact, the entire model is based around fun, not “making money online”.

I’ve been building this project in my head for 3-years now, and it’s almost done. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and having some fun!

Changing Advertising Forever?

I just talked about user generated content and advertising in my last post, and then what do I find this morning? I find

The only problem I see with this is you “might” get chosen and eventually get paid, but… that payment could be like $50k.

Paying advertisers post “Requests for Brilliance” on our site, seeking YOUR creative talents in a variety of advertising media.

Feeling inspired, YOU choose to respond.

YOU create an ad on your own— or by collaborating with other members of our community.

YOU submit your ad and promote it among your peers.

If your ad is selected by either the advertiser or the community, YOU can earn as much as $50,000.

I think Madison avenue isn’t scared really yet, but as this stuff gets better, they will be.

$2500 a Month From A Featured Link List?

It’s true. Look at how Dane does it over at his superb Business Opportunities weblog. Check the sidebar, see the featured links?

I counted 50 links right now. That’s $2500/month. Are they nofollow Dane?


If you would like me to list your website under the “Featured Websites” banner down at the bottom of the front page please click the PayPal button below to subscribe. The current price is $49.95 per month, but because of demand I am expecting to raise the price soon, so please order today and lock in your rates!

Not too bade a price for a PR 6 website with high-quality content. Hmmm… You got me thinking Dane.

The Wrong Question: Will Adsense Die When Google CPA Takes Over?

I’m actually surprised that this came so late. I fully expected this discussion to start in the blogosphere and on forums the day Google announced their entrance into the CPA market. But, it’s here now, and people are talking about it.

Will Adsense Die When Google CPA Takes Over?

I don’t know. Again, I’m a marketing and branding guy. I’m not good at answering questions about billion-dollar business models and whether or not they have legs. Guys like this can answer that question.


What I am good at is looking at these types of issues from the 40,000 foot view, and from the eyes of small business owners and entrepreneurs. What that being said, I think that we’re asking the wrong question.

It shouldn’t be, “Is Google CPA going to kill Adsense”? The question should be, “As a publisher, does Google CPA make more sense for me than Adsense?”

The answer to that question is yes, and no, depending on who you are and what you’re doing.

If you’re a black-hat seo’r who creates thousands of crap, Google-clogging, niche topic pages and who loads them with Adsense ads, then no, you’re going to lose a lot of money if you have no clicks to collect from. Why? Because if Adsense is dead, then you’re stuck with CPA, and crappy, single, spam pages will not convert a CPA ad, they just won’t.

On the other hand, if you’re everybody else, then yes, CPA will make sense for you, and I argue it will and can make you more money long-term. Why? Because CPA only works when you presell, and/or you have good content and trust built with your readers.

So, by the very nature of creating high-quality, consistent good content, you’re going to be able to create trust, which will allow you to presell, which will in turn let you be an effective affiliate marketer.

Oh yeah, I forget, that’s a lot of work, yuck. It is, but it’s worth it. Again, you want the quick buck, or you want the long-term brand, AND the bucks? Make your choice.