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Will Google Try To Own Affiliate Marketing Like Everything Else?

dreamgooglehe2.jpgAs I walking up to do my speech on blogging at the last Affiliate Summit event in Vegas, a gentleman got out of his chair and stopped me to say hello. He introduced himself as a product manager from Google, gave me his card, and told me he was looking forward to hearing this presentation in particular.

How’s that for pressure?

Turns out, we communicated after the show and he agreed with my ideas and like my presentation. Looking back at the moment, and seeing all the news the last few days about Google’s move into the affiliate marketing space, you just have to wonder…

(insert dream sequence dreamy music clip here)

Was Google scouting the Affiliate Summit in preparation for this move?

How long will it be before the Affiliate Summit event is the size of Ad-Tech with a Google booth bigger than the dining area?

Can Google harness the essence of affiliate marketing on a grand scale and make it work?

Will Google buy the Affiliate Summit from Shawn and take it global? Will Shawn let them?

Will Google try to use their power to rename the term affiliate marketing into something more, well, better?

(end dreamy dream music)

shawn_160height.jpgI’m excited about Google’s push into the affiliate marketing industry, if only to see how and if they can make it work on a mass scale, and to see some of the answers to those questions.

Feel free to leave your answers and thoughts in the comments below. I know Shawn will be here soon to deny that he’ll sell to Google, but c’mon Shawn, everyone has a price. :) Project Goes Live – Over $13k Value In The Box In Less Than An Hour

The Big Brown Box project just went live. Check it out, in less than an hour of it going live, the big brown box has over $13,200 worth of stuff in it. Including a $1700 Dell XPS gaming laptop.


Want to put something in the big brown box? It’s easy, find out more here.

Here are the first four items in the big brown box.

Item #4: $10,000 Web Traffic Package From Jon At Wickedfire Forums!
Item #3: $500 Podcast Design Consultation from David Lawrence
Item #2: $1000 Professional Logo Design Package
Item #1: Dell XPS Laptop Valued at $1700

So What Is The Big Brown Box?

The best way to know what the big brown box project is, is to read this page.


What kind of stuff can I send in for the big brown box?

What kind of stuff DON’T you want in the big brown box?

Am I donating these things I send in for the big brown box? Will I ever get them back?

How do I know what you’ll accept into the big brown box?

When will the big brown box fill up & what will happen to it?

Are you guys gonna just steal my stuff?

So if you put my item in the big brown box do I get a link on your site? Big Problem & The “Porn Test”

What’s the big problem with AuctionAds? It’s simple… “eBay sucks” (in my opinion), and eBay is the basis for the entire datafeed/products.

I know, I know, eBay is a billion dollar company, producing trillions of transactions yearly, etc… But you know what? Every single time I’ve used eBay to try and sell something, my auction gets flubbed up by scammers and fraudulent bidders. I hate eBay.

But honestly folks, I just signed up for AuctionAds and it was smooth and easy, and the product is easy to grab and implement. I always say, if you can make it even easier than Adsense, you’ve done a good job. They did.

The New Ad System Obligatory “Porn” Test

Whenever a new ad system comes out I like to do what I call the “porn test”. It’s simple, you just create ads based on dirty words and see what comes up. The point? None really, it’s just fun to see if the ad network allows it. So here’s a few I tried.

Keyword: Porn

Keyword: Boobs

Keyword: Sex

How’d they do? Anything funny? Anything too objectionable?

Not Doing Video Online Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

Perhaps you need some convincing yet still? Ok, let’s try to jam a few things into your brain from a NewYorkTimes article today. I’ll pull out the points that need to stick in your head.

But most of YouTube’s licensing deals have been done quietly. It says it has firmed up more than 1,000 partnerships with content owners ranging from the Sundance Channel to small independent video producers.

Are you hearing what they are saying here? Small independent video producers are/could be you. Case in point, they specifically mention, a home-improvement site built by Tim Carter. ATB isn’t a giant media company. ATB isn’t a huge corporation. ATB is Tim doing videos out of his home that help people.

Advertisers want that.

“We are creating channels on YouTube for each of these content owners,” said Jordan Hoffner, the head of premium and information content partnerships. “Those who do deals with us will have an opportunity for monetization.”

Let me translate this for you. “Video is the future and those who produce videos will make a crap-load of money.”

Have you started doing videos yet? Why not?

Here’s a good resource to check out. The top Internet gurus are uploading their videos in one place for the world to see, all for free. Visit the Making Money Online video channel. Got a video? Upload it for free!