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David Lawrence, Online Radio Guru Appearing On Jim Kukral’s Radio Show

Mark your calendar. I have a very special guest appearing on my radio show on January 30th at 4pm est, Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539. Perhaps you’ve heard of radio giant David Lawrence, heard nightly live online and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Road Dog 147, and on XM Satellite Radio’s Open Road 171 as well as on AM and FM stations across the country?

davidlawrence.jpgOf course you have, and I’m proud to say that David, the man, the myth, himself will appear on my radio show for a half hour discussion of well, just about anything related to online success, maybe particularly about being an online radio star. This is your chance to call in live and ask David a question, don’t miss it.

David Lawrence’s show is billed as ‘Pop culture, technology and humor, served up nightly from LA’. And yes, it sure is all of those things.

Maybe you heard David’s latest interview with CEO of, Bob Parsons?

Or you could go back and listen to me as Awesome Jim and my partner Awesome Dave talk about


Because quite simply, David is both a radio star, and an online success. He’s built his brand around both things, and can certainly help you understand how to do that as well. This guys knows what he’s talking about, and he’s agreed to give us a half hour to pick his brain.

Remember, the show is at 4pm est on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539.

Free Online Marketing Radio Show: The Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker @ 1pm, EST

Tuesday’s guest (@ 1pm EST, Jan 16, please call in! (646) 915-9539) on Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show is Cathy Stucker, a lady with a lot of ideas. In fact, she’s branded herself as the Should be a great show, full of free advice, so call in.


More About Cathy…

As the Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker helps authors, professionals and entrepreneurs attract customers and make themselves famous with techniques that make marketing easy, inexpensive and even fun!

Cathy has appeared on television and radio programs from coast to coast. She has been featured in articles by the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal’s,, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, and many other leading newspapers and magazines.

Cathy writes a weekly newspaper column on marketing and is the author of numerous books, eguides, audio programs and more.

You can get more free marketing ideas from Cathy when you subscribe to her newsletter at

The Cheeze Comes To My Radio Show Today @ 1pm

Today’s guest (@ 1pm EST, please call in! (646) 915-9539) on Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show is Joel Cheesman, award-winning blogger and fellow Clevelander, and yes, creative online marketer. Joel and I will be talking about a few of his projects, as well as a very interesting story about Joel auctioning himself off on eBay.


Cheezhead author Joel Cheesman, president of HRSEO and Oaseo, is one of the most widely-read bloggers on emerging recruitment issues in the world. He was the recipient of’s Best Technology Recruitment Blog for 2005 and received Best Recruiting Blog in 2007. He has been featured in Fast Company magazine and its blog under FC Reads, as well as NewsNow, Workforce Management, AIRS and Crain’s Business.

Joel’s blog is a daily chronicle of how the Internet and technology are shaping human resources and how organizations can attract the talent needed to thrive in tomorrow’s economy. As an employee and insider of some of America’s biggest online job sites since 1997, Joel founded HRSEO to help employers and companies in the recruitment space move to a world where search engines deliver high quality and cost-effective traffic.

Video About Joel

Joel Cheesman Interview

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Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Turns out a podcast I did with Small Business Trends Radio last year made the top 10 list for the year! Here’s a direct link to my podcast and info page. It was entitled ‘Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.’ View entire list here.

I was podcasted on Small Business Trends Radio

In this edition of the Small Business Trends Radio show, host Anita Campbell has as her guest in this conversation, internet marketing guru, Jim Kukral of Jim makes his living helping others be successful with online marketing.

This conversation is terrific because whatever your experience level, there is valuable information and advice for you. Jim starts off with defining and discussing some commonly used terms like: Email Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Then he moves into the Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes list — done in David Letterman style. Let me share with you a few of the Top 10. Keep in mind he provides much more than the listed items, but also details behind why they are mistakes and how to do it right.

I Invented Something Today: Vlog-terviews

Check out my first vlog-terview over at my ReveNews blog. It’s a video blog interview with Loren Feldman of

I’m inventing, I think, a new form of online interview that I’m calling “Vlog-terviews”. Get it? “Vlogs” (video blogs) plus “Interviews”. Ok, maybe it needs a new name, I’ll work on it. A Vlog-terview is when you interview someone by sending them questions and asking them to respond via video. (Note: i was going to lead into the Vlog-terview with my own video, but my camera decided to get the flu today).

For my first Vlog-terview, I enlisted the help of Loren Feldman of, who if you haven’t seen his vlog yet, you should really go check it out. Loren is pushing the boundaries of entertaining (mostly) online social media through his vlog. He is a prime example of how easy it really is to make a name for youself very quickly using new web techniques. It also helps that he’s funny, sometimes.

I asked Loren 5 simple questions, and got back 5, slightly snarky, simple answers. What did I expect eh? All in all, there’s not much meat to this first Vlog-terview, but hey, it’s the first one. Thanks for being my first Loren, I’ll always remember you. :o By the way Loren, it’s pronounced “koo-kral”.

Techcrunch Conversation Tracker: Free Online Marketing Idea #1

If you’re an avid reader of as I am, you’ll know that the comments are always sometimes the very best part of the content. I would argue that most of the time they are even better. That’s no dig on TC, but rather a compliment to the community they have enabled over there.


So when a story breaks on TC that I am interested in, I follow the comments, and the trackbacks, very closely. TC doesn’t have a “subscribe to comments” feature, so I have to keep coming back to the site and refreshing the page. They do offer an rss comment feed, but I don’t use feed readers.

The other thing that I do is click on the commentor’s name to go to thier site. Why? Because it usually leads me to a blog that I find interesting.


What I want is a TechCrunch conversation tracker. I imagine it as a mini Not just a comment tracker, but rather a “conversation tracker”. A tool that would allow me to subscribe to a blog entry, then actively go out and find the conversations related to that entry, and here’s the key… it would bring them to me via email, or a landing page built just for me.

It doesn’t have to be a solution just for TechCrunch either. I would like it to be used for me on any content I wished to track. I wrote more about this idea at ReveNews a while back when I gave tips to

2. Bribe the bloggers with vanity. I would build a system that helps bloggers get noticed. The #1 thing that all bloggers want is attention, so give it to them. Build a solution that helps the blogger be found and rewarded for good quality niche content. Push that content in a Techmeme style layout out to vertical markets. Focus on the bloggers as your customers and solve their problems and stroke their egos while providing them, and their readers with a simple interface that pushes the discussions out to each interested party.