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Should We Talk About Online Porn, Or Shouldn’t We? What’s An Internet Professional To Do?

shoemoney.gifShoemoney is going to interview an online porn star. Here is his rationale…

What if you could ask a internet porn star who is doing revenues of over 1 million dollars a year (in subscription revenue alone) questions? Would you be judgmental and not be able to get past the Adult stuff or would you ask questions? I really have no interest in the Adult arena but I think there is a ton to learn here. For instance she is not only competing in the most compeditive market on the internet but is very successful (and I thought ringtones was tough). Also she faces the same issues as most of us webmasters. How do you aquire subscriptions? How do you get new customers?

I tend to agree with SM when he says that we could all learn a heckuva lot about the online marketing industry in greater detail by watching and learning from the adult crowd. Let’s face it, they drive the car in this Internet thing we do, they always have.

In fact, I’ve had this debate over at ReveNews, several times, with the verdict/vote coming out to be “no adult talk Jim”. What I’m trying to say is. I understand the issues of “as professional online marketers, should we talk about it, or shouldn’t we?”

So the bottom line is that yeah, we probably should talk about it, and examine it and disect it and learn from it… but deep down in our hearts we have to make a decision, and that decision usually come down to one simple realization we cannot overlook.

And that is… depite how smart the adult crowd might be and despite their successes and all that, it’s still porn.

I’m no prude, but you know what? I can’t sit my little 5-year-old girl down on my lap at night and know that I spent the day making money off of porn, I just can’t.

Can you? It’s your choice.

Good luck with the interview SM. I hope she even knows how to turn on a computer, or you might not learn much of anything.