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In this world, you have to give to get back. So when I started getting about 10 emails a day asking me how I make my web videos, I had two options.

1. Create a guide about how I do it and sell it for profit. Or…
2. Create a guide about how I do it and just give the darn thing away, for free.

I choose the free route. Introducing, A free video guide that shows you everything I know about making web videos using inexpensive equipment. I produced about 10 videos showing you all my secrets about lighting, set design, cameras to buy, clothing tips, sound, etc… It’s all there, with more to come.

I even have a contest for the launch. Want to win my Flip camera? Watch the video below. Note: The dates have been extended on this video, you have plenty of time to enter, don’t worry about it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Anyone Can Be An Expert, It Has Nothing To Do With Time Served

photo_experts.jpgThe Blog Herald wonders what makes you an expert at something?

I had to laugh hysterically (and groan) today when someone described a blogger as “world-reknown expert on WordPress”. The blogger had been blogging for 4 months. I know personally that they had no PHP, WordPress, or web design experience prior to beginning blogging. Now that they have the title “expert”, there is no telling who will believe that claim.

Here’s what I said in the comments.

Being an expert is all about value, it has NOTHING to do with how long you’ve been smart at something. You either can, or your can’t provide value that someone else doesn’t have the skills to do. If you can, you’re an expert.

The Internet is growing so fast, with so many new ideas and tools. Because of that, new experts are created every day.

Case in point, there are now Twitter experts. We simply cannot define expertise in terms of “how long you’ve been doing something” anymore. That’s an old way of thinking.

The rules have changed. Value is value.