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You Want Short-Term Traffic, Or Long-Term Trust & Respect For Your Blog?

Here’s your Kukral blog tip o’ the day. You can’t fake or quick-hit your way into being a “big time blog”. There is no quick road other than to provide high-quality content consistently over time, while building respect and trust.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do, and I’m sorry to have to do this because I recently added this blog to my blogroll because I noticed it was everything I mentioned above. Yet now, it’s going down a path that won’t work for me.

Sorry Mark at, but you are losing me. Here’s why.

#1 Reason Your Blog Is Almost Off My Blogroll: Blog Attacks With No Merit

You attacked a respected industry person without merit. Now don’t get me wrong, attacking respected industry people is something I have done as well, and it works. However, you can ONLY do it when you’re right and can back up your case. What you’re claiming to Sam is crapola, and a very transparent attempt to get yourself some controversial traffic.

The problem is, again, controversial traffic is great, if you can back up your points, and you’re only concerned about short-term hits. If you want long-term readers, this is not the way to go.

45n5.jpg#2 Reason Your Blog Is Almost Off My Blogroll: Don’t Try To Fool Your Readers

You’re gaming your stats to try and fool me and your readers. So, all of a sudden your blog is ranked #1 in Alexa, you charge $10k for a Reviewme review, and you have 368k feed subscribers? We all know how to game those stats and that’s what you did. Your sitemeter stats show you have 73 visits a day.

I ask why? What do you gain by trying to fool readers into believing something that isn’t true? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that deception is successful marketing and branding, it’s not.

Advice: Decide What You Want Your Blog To Be & Stick With It

Then live with the consequences of your choice. I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to hyper-grow your readership though some of the oldest blog tricks in the book. Believe me, I know, because I’ve used them all, and they work, however, excessive over-use of them will define what your blog and you become.

Know what I’ve learned since having been blogging since 2001? Long term, that strategy won’t work, assuming you want to build a long-term brand and trust level in your community. Chose wisely is all I’m saying.

I’m hoping to keep you on my blogroll because until today your blog was winning with me. What’s it gonna be?

Google Facts You Did Not Know & Expert Tips You Can Learn From

mayer.jpgFound a nice little review of a talk by Google Product Manager Marissa Mayer. Check out some of the stuff she revealed, pretty darn interesting.

The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface.

Lesson Learned: Simple Works
How true is this? Sometimes things just work out. Don’t always think you have to over analyze something. And most importantly, if you’re confused at what to do, go simple. Simple usually works.

Due to the sparseness of the homepage, in early user tests they noted people just sitting looking at the screen. After a minute of nothingness, the tester intervened and asked ‘Whats up?’ to which they replied “We are waiting for the rest of it”. To solve that particular problem the Google Copyright message was inserted to act as a crude end of page marker.

Lesson Learned: Testing Means Everything
I’m going to guess this was ‘back in the day’ of slow internet connections. However, there is a lesson to be learned here as well. Testing means everything. You may think it’s so easy a monkey could do it. You know what? Sometimes, just sometimes, it can be too simplistic and it can confuse people. Test.

The name ‘Google’ was an accident. A spelling mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for ‘Googol’

Lesson Learned: Embrace Mistakes, Sometimes
Wow, it makes you wonder if ‘Googol’ would have hit with us as well? I don’t think so. Regardless, it’s important to realize that mistakes happen, and sometimes they happen for a reason. Don’t kill yourself over mistakes, instead, learn from them and sometimes embrace them.

Employees are encouraged to use 20% of their time working on their own projects. Google News, Orkut are both examples of projects that grew from this working model.

Lesson Learned: Your Employees Are Your Best Experts
If you’re running a business, think about this some more. Your employees are the #1 expert resource about your product or service, therefore, they are most likely the ones who can come up with the next big idea for you. Why not invest some of their time back into the possible future of your company?

The Blogging A-List Is The Matrix, It Does, & Doesn’t Exist

Sometimes I get so fired about about something that I just have to sit down and crank it out into a blog entry. Now is one of those times, and it’s best I do it now so I can relax with a cold, green Harp and relax for the rest of the evening. After all, it is St. Patrick’s day, and I’m Ukranian, heh.


The backstory: Tony says the a-listers refuse to acknowledge the ‘blue-collar bloggers’. Calacanis, an a-lister target, says the a-list doesn’t exist.

Tony, you’re right, and wrong. Blue collar bloggers do exist, but they’re not in the a-list because it really doesn’t exist beyond an idea conceived by those who aren’t in it. Again, the a-list is nothing more than an idea. It exists in people’s minds, yet, it’s not real. It’s like the Matrix.

Jason, you, on the other hand, are ignoring the reality that perception is in fact the true reality. That is, dear sir, is that of course there is no real a-list, just as their is no real Santa Claus either by the way. However, there is a very, very real “perception” of Santa (especially by my 5-year-old), and on the same meme, there is the same very, very real perception of the supposed a-list in the real blogosphere. Sorry, like it or not, that is the reality.

You, Jason, do not get to define the perception as true or false, mostly due to your current status.

It’s the same as a billionaire trying to say that Walmart sucks because it kills the little guy. But guess what? That billionaire doesn’t have to shop there, he doesn’t know exactly how much Walmart means to someone who is forced to shop there to feed his family. His perception is NOT the vast majority. Therefore, it’s the minority, and last time I checked, the majority is usually what drives just about everything in this world (except a US election).

Is it possible to end this a-list, z-list conversation?

No, it’s not, because this is what humans do. We feel comfortable when we class ourselves into levels of status. It’s not going to change anytime soon.

By the way, the Big Brown Box is very real :)

Now, where’s my bottle opener. Was Hacked!

By me. :) Please excuse the horrible link bait-ish headline, but I wanted to get your attention for a special announcement I need to tell you about.

You can view the announcement at

Not All Ebooks & ‘Guru’ Guides Are Bad

Jon from Wickedfire forums and the Super Affiliate Marketing Blog writes a post entitled ‘My New War On Internet Marketing Ebooks’, where he wants to ‘stop these assholes from making money off of your foolishness and greed‘.


I’ve decided that I’ve had just about enough of these internet marketing ebook self dubbed experts and gurus making money off of their regurgitated information. So, instead of just warning people about it (since so many of them just don’t listen anyway), I’m going to go ahead and do something about it. From now on, when an ebook comes out, promising riches and traffic and whatever else they swear about, I’m going to buy it, summarize it, and post it.. for FREE.

As much as I might agree with the sentiment Jon, you’re painting with a very broad pen stroke here. There are good quality ebooks and guides out there that do help people, and people do use them and are successful with them. Not all of them are written by scammers and theives.

Here’s a better idea for you. Why not review them and provide a guide about them for people to read and let them decide to buy based upon your recommendations?

Also, I think you over estimate one critical factor. You are a smart Internet marketer and you know how to find the right, free, information to help you, the people who need these guides are not, and don’t know where to look. These people sometimes also need to have the information presented in this manner, otherwise they don’t get it.

Good luck with your quest. Can’t wait to see the hate mail and lawsuits that will be pouring in! I’d much rather see you spend your time on a review site. I’ve thought of doing that myself, but who has the time?

Internet Marketer Anatomy Lesson – What Type Of Marketer Are You?

If you’re new to the “making money online” business in general, you’ll soon find out that there are two types of Internet marketers. And those are…

Type A Internet Marketer:
The type that will find a way to make personal profit at all costs just to make money regardless of the technique and approach.

Type B Internet Marketer:
The type that do it the harder way, because they care about the industry, and instead focus on real content and businesses that provide value.

What you’ll also find then is there are two types of followers/readers to those types of marketers.

Type A Follower/Reader:
The type that want to get rich quick by following the quick hitters. “Awesome advice d00d!”

Type B Follower/Reader:
The type that look down on the quick hitters because they don’t approve of their tactics.

One thing is very true in all of this.

The Type A’s are spending most of their time fishing on a boat counting their money while the Type B’s are working away, slowly building their online marketing empires.

Sounds like an easy choice right? Who doesn’t want to get rich quick? Type A is the way to go?

Here’s the point. Have you asked yourself who you want to be yet? Are you in the Internet marketing business to simply make money at all costs? Or are you willing to do the work to build content that provides real value?

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about those questions.

Want More Blog Traffic? Give Your Expertise Away

copyblogger.gifYou’re an expert at something, right? Or maybe you know a heckuva lot about the topic of your blog, right? At least I hope so.

Give your knowledge away.

Here’s a perfect example. The Copyblogger had a simple request for his readers yesterday. His headline is written: ‘Let’s Remix a Few More of Your Headlines’.

Last fall, I invited readers to submit posts they had written, and I chose several and rewrote the titles. Quite a few people seemed to get a lot out of that process, so rather than writing yet another article about headlines, I thought we should do it again.

Here’s how it works:

Simply drop the URL of the post or article you want considered in the comment section. I will pick several from the submissions, rewrite the headlines in an upcoming post, and provide explanations for the changes I make.

He’s up to 80 comments and requests for headline reviews so far.

So stop for a second and think. What can you offer to your readers that solves problems and helps them? Think about it, figure it out, then offer it up, and keep doing it.
That’s how you build an audience and a reputation for being an expert.

Note: You can see me doing this in action at