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Become An Affiliate Marketing Friend!

Do you love affiliate marketing? I sure do. I’ve been working knee-deep in the trenches of it since 2000 or so, as an affiliate, a merchant and from the agency side of things. Affiliate marketing has been good to me.

There are many positive things happening in the world of Affiliate marketing these days. Bumpzee from Scott Jangro has literally exploded the discussion. The Affiliate Summit event has blown away everyone with its growth and amazing success. And of course you have long-standing web communities like who continue to champion our industry through its valued members.

Those are just a tiny few examples, there are many more.

So I thought to myself, our industry seems to be in a bit of a happy period. By that I mean, we all seem to be getting along and sharing and growing and well, just being friends. So I kept thinking, how can I further that friendship?


Affiliate Marketing Friends

From the site

I built Affiliate Marketing Friends because there are some amazing people in this business and I thought it would be a great way to get a bunch of them together to have some fun, and to raise some money for charity at the same time!

Every ounce of money that this website generates will go directly to a charity. I’m not sure which one yet, I’ll update this page when I figure it out.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see your face staring back at me soon. If you love affiliate marketing, you need to join!

So there you have it! Let’s have some fun.

Update: I’ve decided that the money should go to an organization in my hometown that is doing some AMAZING things. This page should say it all. These are amazing people who have been through a parent’s worst nightmare, and now they use what they’ve learned to help others.

Introducing: Ask The

For years now I’ve struggled with recommending tools, services or guides that I liked because I always worked for a company in a brand management type of role. That meant that I was unable to endorse Internet related products.

Sure, I could pass recommendations to friends and colleagues, but that was about it. Until now. I’ve recently launched my latest website called from Jim Kukral is built for me to answer questions from anyone about anything Internet related. It doesn’t have to be blogging either. I’m most qualified to answer questions about anything related to making money online. ATB is also built to showcase my personal recommendations.

Let me give a HUGE shout out to the master Dave Taylor who has been running for years and years and has been a huge inspiration to me. I know Dave will appreciate that imitiation is the best type of flattery, and as anyone can see, I’m not delving into his world of tech at all. ATB is totally different.

I should also mention Tim Carter at who has also made a huge impact on the way I work. Tim is THE master, and will one day go down as one of the pioneers in online monetization.

Quit Your Day JobWhat’s Different or Special About

When I set out to build, I wanted to make it different and better. So I have been working on taking what I’ve learned over the years from blogging and online marketing and combining them together.


1. I’m hoping to solve problems for people. The best blogs or sites solve problems.

2. I’m writing it very conversational and direct from my voice as to keep it “bloggy”

3. I’m only recommending things that I’ve actually used, or that actually work. No snake oil here.

4. I’m adding a very personal touch to every blog entry. That means a custom recommendation graphic and I will be adding a custom video to each blog entry as well coming next week. You can view a sample of how one of these videos will look here in this question.

I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even find it inspiring. As always, contact me anytime (contact info on right).

Oh yeah, and do you have a question for the blogger? Ask away!

Jim Kukral Is Now Available For Online Marketing Consulting Gigs In Cleveland & Beyond

The video below pretty much explains it all. Essentially, some things have changed in my job status and responsibilities, so I’m now open to go out and do what I love to do, which is to help people and businesses be successful online through use of creative online marketing techniques.

I’m based in Cleveland, Ohio, so if you’re a small business out there, or an individual who’s looking to get online, or take your brand online, and do it right, so that it makes sense, give me a ring at 216.272.4383.

Enjoy the short video!

Personality Marketing & Branding Starts With The Right Image

When it comes to branding yourself successfully, you need to start with the right image. I would argue that the most successful personality “brands” on the Internet today have a strong graphic identity. Today I wanted to talk about cartoons or “icons” as successful branding graphics.

Let’s examine a few of them.

Dave Taylor at

Chris Pirillo at

Shawn Collins at

Sam Harrelson at

Of course, I’ve have my own icons. This first one is my old one, which I hate.
Jim Kukral

This is my newest one, which I really like.
Jim Kukral

Here’s a tip. If you’re going to have your own “icon” made of yourself, choose your most flattering photo. As with any type of cartoon of this type, your features are pulled out, and the point is you want to look interesting, not stupid. Oh yeah, and use a smiling photo, unless you’re trying to scare people or intimidate them.

I had both of my icons done at The first, which I hate, by the artist named Shalimar (to her credit, her other drawings look awesome, I just hate mine). The second, which I love, was done by Jose.

Cleveland Internet & Marketing Gurus Know How To Deliver The Goods

You know, I always thought I was the only Internet marketing geek here in Cleveland. Not true, over the past year or so I’ve begun to find out that many talented Cleveland people are also pushing the envelope of web technology and creative marketing ideas. Here’s mashup of a few finds just from this week alone.

turtle-small2.jpgCleveland’s own recruiting/HR blogging expert, Joel Cheeseman has just been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

“I can work in my pajamas and set my own hours,” says Joel Cheesman, author of, a blog about the recruiting industry. Notes Mr. Layne, who has worked at Wonkette for two years and generally acts as his own editor: “I get to be a national political columnist and comedy writer.”

Sage Lewis of has been sneakily doing a new video blog called, where he films himself talking about web marketing every day and broadcasts it for the world to see. This is amazing stuff Sage, and a great initiative. Here’s a sample video of Sage talking about the Overture keyword search tool. Very informative.

Greg H. has started a new blog called Awesome concept.

I’ve decided to focus my efforts on a specific part of our industry: Social Media Optimization. Though most all of us deal in some way or another with various forms of marketing on the internet, I’ve decided to go where I’m unnaturally called… the land of MySpace, YouTube, Digg and beyond to see where it is the rest of us can fall into place.

Clevelander’s, or shall we say, North East Ohioans to be more general, are on top of the game. I’m going to have to step it up to keep up the pace.

Hello, My Name Is Mr. Freebeestore!

Programming Note: Mr. Freebeestore will be on my radio show on Tuesday, Feb 13, at 1pm est. We’ll be discussing how he came up with the idea and other creative marketing things he’s working on as well. Please call in!

I wrote about this guy a while back. He sold his name to the highest bidder and the auction ended a few days ago on Groundhog Day. So, who was once Scott MacDonald is now…


Mr. Freebeestore!

It’s official, I am now Mr. Freebeestore! has won the auction with a final bid of $37,000.01, so until next Groundhog Day I won’t answer to anything else.

So, would you change your name for $37k?

Best New Web 2.0 Company Ever! Useless Account!

Ok, I don’t think it’s as funny as my, but it’s pretty darn funny.
Get an account at Via Techcrunch.


The trick to any good humor or hoax site is an attention to detail and a seriousness about your work. Useless Account is the best recent example I’ve seen. It’s clear, for example, that more work has gone into this joke than many of the startups we see every day.

The site has a single function – to create a new account. “Open ID is a pipe dream” the site argues, which also has a fake quote from “TechLunch” that says “Slightly more useful than Twitter.” Once you’ve created your account, you can log in, and edit your account. That’s it. The reason this is really, really funny (for us) is because that’s what we do all day – create new account after new account at every new Internet startup that comes along. I am a seriously huge expert on account creation.

Pretty darn funny. I love satire. Full coverage at Techmeme.

Free Online Marketing Radio Show: The Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker @ 1pm, EST

Tuesday’s guest (@ 1pm EST, Jan 16, please call in! (646) 915-9539) on Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show is Cathy Stucker, a lady with a lot of ideas. In fact, she’s branded herself as the Should be a great show, full of free advice, so call in.


More About Cathy…

As the Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker helps authors, professionals and entrepreneurs attract customers and make themselves famous with techniques that make marketing easy, inexpensive and even fun!

Cathy has appeared on television and radio programs from coast to coast. She has been featured in articles by the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal’s,, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, and many other leading newspapers and magazines.

Cathy writes a weekly newspaper column on marketing and is the author of numerous books, eguides, audio programs and more.

You can get more free marketing ideas from Cathy when you subscribe to her newsletter at

Show Me Your Business Card, & I’ll Show You Mine

Sam tagged me to show off my business card. The problem is that I have 3 business cards at the moment (, ReveNews & Forge/BlogKits), and they’re all pretty boring. So instead of scanning in those cards and showing them here, I figured I’d just design a new card that encapsulated my primary projects and contact information, specifically built for giving out at trade shows.


The idea behind this card design is to A.) Show my face so people remember me, B.) Remind the person who I represent and C.) Give the person a reminder and note area to notate what they need to follow up with me about.

Nothing fancy Nancy. Sorta similar to Shawn’s card, but less busy.

So now I gotta tag three peeps eh? Ok, I tag the following.

Eric Marcoullier of Mybloglog

Wade Tonkin of AffiliateWarrior

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends

You will burn in heck for starting this Harrelson, by the gods!

Donate $100k For Premium Ad Space On Jason Calacanis’s Blog

Super blog powers unite! Shape of… a big juicy charitable blog meme!

I can feel something starting to happen. A meme you say Jim? Yes, Shawn, a meme! Earlier today I wrote about how bloggers like Jason Calacanis and others could/should be selling ads or sponsorships, or whatever they can, on their blogs for the simple sake of giving the money they don’t need to charity.


I mean, why not? If you can help people with your blog super powers, why not, right?

Well, check it out. It appears we might have something going here. Turns out Jason bought into the idea and is offering space on his blog for a $100k donation to a local school.

Jim says I’m throwing away 100k by not having ads on my personal blog. That’s probably a little high since I only get 5k page views a day/200k a month. At a $25 RPM that would be $5,000 a month/$60,000 a year.

Anyway, the reason I don’t sell the space on my blog is because:

a) I don’t have the time to sell it
b) I like the way the clean design looks
c) I make money building profitable businesses, not selling ads on my business card (and that’s what I consider my blog to be).

That being said, if someone wants to sponsor my blog I will give them three ad units on the page and a huge hug if they donate $100,000 to the Bay Ridge Prep Opportunity scholarship fund (the same one that PodTech and Godaddy sponsor for my podcast–oh yeah, time to do one!).

The scholarship goes to folks who could never afford a private school education, but who the school feels could really benefit from it. So, it’s not an academic scholarship for folks who have amazing grades, its a scholarship for folks who didn’t get dealt the best hand in life.


Game on. Our job is to find that buyer for Jason. How do we get started? I want to see this followed through, and those kids get that money. Any advice? Maybe we could get three or more companies to pool the money and share the ads? Let’s work this out!

Then we’ll put the pressure on Seth, Mark, Guy and Scoble too :)