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I Invented Something Today: Vlog-terviews

Check out my first vlog-terview over at my ReveNews blog. It’s a video blog interview with Loren Feldman of

I’m inventing, I think, a new form of online interview that I’m calling “Vlog-terviews”. Get it? “Vlogs” (video blogs) plus “Interviews”. Ok, maybe it needs a new name, I’ll work on it. A Vlog-terview is when you interview someone by sending them questions and asking them to respond via video. (Note: i was going to lead into the Vlog-terview with my own video, but my camera decided to get the flu today).

For my first Vlog-terview, I enlisted the help of Loren Feldman of, who if you haven’t seen his vlog yet, you should really go check it out. Loren is pushing the boundaries of entertaining (mostly) online social media through his vlog. He is a prime example of how easy it really is to make a name for youself very quickly using new web techniques. It also helps that he’s funny, sometimes.

I asked Loren 5 simple questions, and got back 5, slightly snarky, simple answers. What did I expect eh? All in all, there’s not much meat to this first Vlog-terview, but hey, it’s the first one. Thanks for being my first Loren, I’ll always remember you. :o By the way Loren, it’s pronounced “koo-kral”.

Vlog Fights: Free Online Marketing/Business Idea #2

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time now, but today Wired (Michael Calore) helped me finally get it out there. They wrote a piece called ‘ Best Blogfights of 2006‘.


If bloggers know how to do one thing really well, it’s fight.

Blogging is driven largely by raw emotion. When a blogger goes on an opinionated tirade about one topic or another, it’s often an honest emotional reaction rather than anything malicious. But whatever the motivation behind them, the heated missives often ignite furious debates, played out in public, complete with contradictory Alexa charts and Technorati rank data served up as evidence.

We prefer our action bare-knuckled, so we’ll maintain that the best blog boxing matches are the ones fought with no empirical data — just good old-fashioned name calling, hearsaying and muckraking.

Take off the gloves and get in the ring. These were the best (and bloodiest) blogfights of 2006.


It would be a site similar to, that pits bloggers against one another in video format. Sort of like a blog cage match like Wayne suggests in his battle with Loren from 1938media.

I would either let bloggers register and create their own matches, or let the community vote to see which matches they wanted to see. Each match would be released on the site in video form in a two-column spread, with each video from each person on either side, with the issue above for reference.

A reader could then watch each video individually and then vote for which participant “won”. Tons of other stuff you could do with this too, would be a fun site to work on and build. Load the site up with Adsense ads for revenue and let the bloggers who participate generate the buzz for you on their own blogs.

Again, if someone builds this, I’ll expect my check please. :)

Finally, An Honest Website That Isn’t Shy About Ripping You Off

Tired of being ripped off by crazy websites like Pixelotto, Adcubes,, & Quest for the million?. Well, there’s a new website in town that wants you to pay them a dollar to be ripped off, and they’re honest about it. Visit

The site asks you to give them a dollar for “absolutely nothing”.

What do you get for your dollar? Absolutely nothing, really. Seriously.

Disclaimer: Yeah, this is my website. It’s funny, yo.

Would You Change Your Name For $30k?

This guy would, and will, officially on Groundhog Day in 07.


My name is Scott MacDonald (for now) and on February 2nd, 2007 I will change my name to whatever the highest bidder decides!

I think this is is pretty clever, and heck, it’s working too. The current bid is $36,789.10 to change his name to “Finest Freshest Fastest” by a company called I can’t imagine paying that kind of money for a publicity stunt without guarantees that I’d get the warranted publicity, but… you never know, if this blows up like the MDHP they win out big time long-run. Still though, try explaining that media buy to your board of investors.

Hats off to Scott for a creative marketing idea. I’d try this scheme, but then someone would end up making me change my name to “Fukral”, so I’d be Fukral Kukral.

Free Online Business Ideas For 2007

2007 is about 8 hours away. I’m looking forward to the new year, specifically because this is the year that I’m setting a few goals for myself and focusing ONLY on those few things. As those you of you who know me, I’m ADD when it comes to marketing ideas. In other words, I have too many ideas, and not enough focus. So what happens? Nothing gets done as well as it could.

So as I launch myself into 07, I have set these three main goals I need to stick to.

1. – My affiliate network for bloggers. Requires the vast majority of my attention.

2. ReveNews – I serve as the publisher here for the past two years. Need to focus on launching some new projects and some general clean up.

3. Writing a book – This is the year I’m commiting to writing a book about, well, I’m not totally sure yet, but it will have to do with online influence and media and blogging and stuff like that.

That’s it.

Here’s the problem though. I have too many ideas in my head. What I’ve figured out is that the ONLY way to actually not think about all of these ideas is to share them with you and maybe, just maybe, you can take them and turn them into real businesses, therefore I won’t have to think of them anymore :)

Starting next week I will be begin to drop these ideas one at a time on this blog, and maybe at MarketingProfs or ReveNews as well. Stay tuned, and if you use them and become rich and famous, remember me on your way to the top!

I’m Not A Women, Or Gay, But I Have Opinions

Caught a link-baitish piece over at Techmeme today entitled ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women Bloggers of 2006‘. My first thought on this piece was, wow, isn’t this going to tee off the rest of the women in the blog world? I mean, let’s face it, women have to deal with this type of scruntiny on their appearance their whole lives, now they are getting that same type of designation added to them as bloggers? Tough world. I’m not a women, but I think I’d be a bit cheesed off if I read this post. Then again, the world is overly politically correct, so who knows.

On a side topic, on that same site I saw a Google Adsense ad for a site called ““. The ad said “Is your car out of the closet? Find out at”. Had to click it, even though I’m not gay, and I bet you that it works really well for the target. Yes, it’s as I expected, it is a car enthusiast site for gay people.


Think you are the only gay person that likes cars? Want to know more about being gay in the automotive industry? Read our new HEADLIGHTS section where we put the high-beams on out automotive professionals.

A couple of thoughts come to mind when I read this site.

1. Isn’t it great that we can have such diverse niche content and topics?

2. Do we really need a list of gay friendly car companies? lol. Ok, maybe I don’t, but I guess some people do?

3. American Express “Open” Network is an advertiser. This just goes to show that big brand names do in fact pursue advertising to niche audiences.

Merry Christmas everyone. Please be safe and hug the ones you love.

Blog Tag – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Alright, I’ll play, why not? Today I got “blog tagged” by Shmuly. The idea is that you tag 5 of your blogger buddies and pass the torch, also that you (the tag-ee) must write 5 things about yourself that many people don’t know. So here goes my list, with my 5 tags below.

1. I read magazines from back to front. Not books or newspapers, just magazines. I’m not sure why.

2. I am not OCD, but I must have the last numeric digit on a gas pump fillup be 6, no matter what.

3. I’ve been blogging since August 2001, a month before 9/11. Archives here.

4. My nickname growing up from my two older brothers was “Shag” because of my haircut in the late 70’s. Which, is ironic today as that hairstyle is back and popular with teenagers today.

5. I built my first webpage in Pagemaker in I think 96? Took a job as a web designer 2 months later and was handed a “Learn HTML” book on my first day. This was before tables existed.

So I tag, hmmm, I tag the following. Sam Harrelson, Wayne Porter, Matthew Ingram, Eric Olsen, Anita Campbell.

Don’t Blame The Rest Of Us For Digg A-Holes

Pouge at the NYtimes goes off in an almost Andy Rooney tirade about ‘Whatever Happened to Online Etiquette?‘.

The deeper we sail into the new online world of communications, the sadder I get about its future.
I’m OK with criticism, I’m fine with disagreement, I’m perfectly capable of handling angry mail. That’s not the issue here (although my teenage correspondent above was, in fact, wrong about every single one of his points).
I’ve even accepted personal attacks as part of the job. I’m a columnist; the heat comes with the kitchen.
But what’s really stunning is how hostile *ordinary* people are to each other online these days.

I’ve been around, and I’ve seen more forum and comment trolls than most, so maybe I’m immune, but I can honestly say that the root of all new future trolls originates at Digg. It’s like the new breeding ground of trolls in training. They should change the Digg tag line to “99.9% Troll Super Fantastic – Fuck You, This Is Lame!”.

Seriously, Mr. Pogue, you’re right that a lot of people online today are jackasses, however, a lot are not. Stay away from Digg, and stop writing about the things that 15-year-olds with ergo keyboards obsess about, and you’ll live a much happier life :)


Valleywag Smacks Down Digg Users

In DIGGBAIT: The 8 People You Meet on Digg, Nick hilariously outlines the 8 types of people that use Digg.

My favorites are…

4. The One-liner. Always walks right in with the right thing to say. Often replies to trolls and spammers with some wordplay or a conceptual Monty Python reference.


2. The Loud Downdigger. Pushes the thumbs-down and won’t stop talking about it. “What do you get when you submit a 3 year old website?” “THIS IS BULLS**T I’M GOING FOR A WALK.” “I tried the game and it was suckiness.”