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Being Awesome Is Now FREE!

Yeah, that’s right, now anyone can be really awesome for nada, zip, nothing. Why go free? Well, we figured out that way too many really awesome people, places or things were really awesome, yet weren’t able to afford proving it.

The real, non made up reason? Why the heck not? Free rules! Enjoy, and tell your friends. It’s free! And, in case you didn’t know, I’m really awesome baby.

awesome free

Alex Tew’s Pixelotto A Rip Off?

Tonight I got an email from Peter who owns The Quest For The Million site (aff link). He claims in his blog that Alex Tew has ripped off his idea and created Pixelotto.

It’s basically what we came out with in the summer of 2006. The big difference is that Alex’s site looks cheaper, has no affiliate program, and not even a blog. How lame can you get? So here’s the deal. We’re cheaper, we were first, and we have an affiliate program.


Perhaps Peter, but what you need to do right now is block and tackle and get your word out. You can’t stop him from having a similar idea, and your “proof” is not worth anything legally, unless of course you have some kind of patented trademark on the process?

If I was you right now, I’d be using his name to help sell your idea to the press. There’s a story here? Keep it positive though. Nobody wants to help out some angry person.

Note: Being original is not always the only key to success. We put up and we were completely original and first, etc… But we had competitors (sorta) pop up in less than 4 weeks. None as good though. I always want competition, because it makes me work harder to make my product better.

Calacanis Is My Sound Bite Hero – “SEO Is Bullshit”

Jason, man, nice work. This innocuous sound bite of information is so perfectly crafted to get attention, yet so utterly meaningless. Check out the story.


You said… “SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.”

Now, everyone read this in the voice of Mr. Scott.


Good work man, seriously, I’m impressed.

Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show – December 5, 2006

Ok, so my first show went well, I think! 30 minutes goes really, really fast.

Show Notes:

I did a brief introduction of myself and then chatted about Pixelotto, Alex Tew’s new project.

I talked about my project at

Then I talked about my brother Ken’s company, International Excess. He wants to start a blog about the insurance industry, so I gave my tips that I forwarded on to him.

I did have one caller today, which was Greg from We chatted about his project and and Pixelotto.

That’s about it, it goes fast. Hopefully next week we’ll have more callers.

Pixelotto Is Alive – Will You Win The Million?

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the new Pixelotto idea in action, I think it’s going be another home run. The site went live this morning.


Here’s why it’s better/different. Because he’s giving away 1 Million bucks to someone (the ad clickers, not the ad buyers), and all they have to do is click on the ads. You max out at 10 entries per day. I clicked on 10 ads today and it took me less than a minute. So assuming the site sells out in 6 months, it works out as follows.

Time invested per day: 1 minute x
6 Months = Approximately 180 days
= 180 minutes of time spent for a chance at 1 million dollars

So that’s 3 hours of my time invested over the next 6 months for a chance at a million bucks. That’s a way better investment than the lottery.

I’ll be talking about this on my radio show today at 1pm, EST. Tune in! Specifically, I want to cover why this is going to work, and that is because of hype, and more importantly, value.

Pixelotto Early Screenshot Revealed!

Yesterday I wrote about Alex Tew’s new “idea” which is at the time of the blog entry about 4-days away from launch. Today, someone has posted a screenie of it with a few pixels already sold. It looks like the MDHP, but really, really purple.


Techcrunch is in a day late on the story here (that’s not a dig, just a fact). They think it’s stupid. We’ll see.

Alex Tew, the mastermind behind The Million Dollar Homepage is most certainly pressing his luck. Tew sold one million pixels worth of advertisement for $1 per pixel and made $1 million. It worked so well that he thinks he can do it again, this time for twice the price.

Tew is reportedly on the verge of launching a second site called Pixelotto. Instead of selling each pixel for $1, he plans to sell each pixel for $2, plus hold some kind of lottery where the winner who clicks the right advertisement will win $1 million.

I will gladly eat my words if Tew can pull this off but I just don’t think that lightning strikes twice. It was a good idea…once! Second time around, it’s not, as Michael Arrington calls it, “another stupid, brilliant idea.” It’s just a stupid idea.

I’m still intrigued, however, I agree with the commentors and buzz from most people that I wish he would have done something original, or at the very least not about pixels, which are so played.

Blatent sellout advertisement for myself: Go visit an original idea that is better than the MillionDollarHomePage.

Alex Tew’s Latest Project: Pixelotto

The buzz is brewing around an email that Alex Tew sent out to the previous purchasers of the from last year. Turns out that he’s launching a new program called Pixelotto, which is going to be some kind of pixel advertising and blog traffic thing that has a big promotional edge to it…


He’s promising that someone who participates is going to win a million bucks! I have to admit, this guy caught lightening in a bottle the first time, and now he’s got enough clout to do it again, assuming it’s good. I think it will be.

The MillionDollarHomePage spun off countless other imitators, yet nobody could duplicate his success, not even close. I’ll admit, his concept got me thinking and that’s why I created, which is completely different and has nothing to do with pixels, we just borrowed the “million” part of it for the fun of it. Sounds better than “” eh?

Here’s the email that was sent out.

Next week, on 5th December, I am launching a new venture called ‘Pixelotto’.
It’s similar to The Million Dollar Homepage only this time I will be giving
away $1,000,000!

It’s all based around pixel advertising and generating big traffic for
advertisers. Visitors play for free – all they have to do is click on the
ads for chances to win the jackpot. The more they click, the more chances
they have – and the more traffic you receive.

As a valued customer of The Million Dollar Homepage, I’d like to give you an
exclusive opportunity to purchase advertising space on Pixelotto before the
site goes public. The world will be watching next week and this is your
chance to get on-board before everyone else.

If you visit the site now you just see a coming soon image. Can’t wait for next week to check it out!

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