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How To Download & Steal Raw YouTube Video Files In 3 Easy Steps

Yep, it’s pretty easy, and I’ll show you how below. But first know something. I think this is wrong, and I hope that it can be stopped. If you’re not fully aware of copyright issues, you should know that stealing content (video or otherwise) is an offense, and stealing someone’s video out of YouTube is probably going to get you sued quick. Don’t do it.

Step 1 To Stealing YouTube Videos
The first thing you do is visit a site called I don’t believe they’re associated with YouTube, which means that the site will probably be taken down any minute as it’s in violation of the brand. Just enter in the YouTube code for any video you want to download and hit go.

Here’s the link I put in about the NBC hit show ‘Heroes’:

Here’s a result page:

This let’s you download a .flv of the YouTube movie. Download to your hard drive.

Step 2 To Stealing YouTube Videos

Just do a search on Google for how to convert files. I found this tool right away that costs $29.95.

Notice the yellow arrow in the screen shot? Just use this tool to convert the .flv file into anything that you want, like a .avi, or .wmv.

Step 3 To Stealing YouTube Videos

Simply import your converted files into your video software and edit away!

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