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Chris Pirillo Tops Himself With These Videos

Here’s a great example of one of my creative mentors thinking, well, creatively. This is also from the guy who brought us

You need to hit play on all three of these in order, right away. So 1, 2, 3, top to bottom, then sit back and watch them all together. Good stuff Chris. First time I’ve seen this done. Me am impressed!

The Copyblogger Is Right, Keep It Simple, Tell A Story

If you’re not already reading Brian Clark’s, then you should go there now and subscribe.

Side note: I know two Brian Clarks. That one, read up, and the Brian Clark who is a founder of ReveNews and runs Indiewire.

Back to the Brian Clark of Today he writes a great post entitled ‘The Five Essential Elements of an Influential Blog‘.


    What makes a blog influential?

    Influence is often attributed to traffic and readership levels. But in reality, those are actually benefits that are symptomatic of something that precedes them.

    How do we get people to pay attention to what we say in the first place?

    Ultimately, a blog catches on just like any other idea spreads—it must somehow speak to people in a way that they want to hear. Your posts must fill a human need, and that will most often be at an emotional level, no matter how practical we think our subject matter is.

You know, I’m already into this newly revamped blog for 24-hours or so and I believe I’ve already lost a bit of the simplicity I was going for. I suppose I could write that off as me learning my way here, but in reality, I’ve been blogging long enough to know that’s an excuse.

So what is this blog supposed to be about? Let me try to explain using Brian’s five points.

1. Simplicity is built to give me an outlet to talk about online marketing. But specifically, I want to talk about creative and outrageous online marketing ideas. I want to be able to help small businesses and other bloggers learn how to think like I do to better market their companies. To me, that’s fun. Somehow I simply have to get that into the content.

2. Unexpected
I don’t believe a lot of people have as many crazy ideas that I have. So I’m a bit of wild card when it comes to thinking in such a manner. After all, I did invent the, and the soon to be released Big Brown Box project (not adult related people, move along).

3. Concrete
Got to stay on topic with information that makes sense for your specific audience. For this blog, that’s small businesses and anyone else who wants to think, I hate to say it, “out of the box”. Yuck, I hate that phrase, but it works.

4. Credible
I think I have this covered, but I need to prove it even further with this new blog.

5. Story
Keep the information flowing in a way that tells a story, and is still valuable. I get it. I think also that integrating your personal “style” into your blog brings our your personality as well. I always go by the mantra you “should write like you talk.” Fortunately for me, I talk very frank and conversational. :0

Giving Back: Local Entrepreneurism

Ben writes a good blog about giving back as an entrepreneur. He wants to reach out to other, local entrepreneurs in hopes of finding ways to help each other.

I’ve been in this same boat for some time now here in Cleveland. Until recently, for the last 7-years or so, I’ve stayed underground and out of the local spotlight simply because my work has taken me global (online). There was really no need for me to focus locally. That’s changing.

I recently have spoken at my alma mater The University of Akron, and a couple of other local events. If you’re from the Cleveland area, give me a call sometime, would love to chat about possibilities.

Here’s a video of me at an event recently talking about BlogKits. Courtesy of Sage Lewis.

Referral Marketing Better Then Affiliate Marketing?


Zachary Rodgers at the ClickZ news blog picks up on a discussion we’ve been having over at ReveNews that I started last week about renaming affiliate marketing.

Craig Danuloff chimes in with a good option: Referral Marketing. What do you think? I think I like that the best so far.

This is a hot topic in the affiliate marketing circles. I’ve been approached by many people privately to discuss it even further. Is it truly possible to change it? Who knows? But it’s worth talking about.

Online Video Still Has One Big Problem

Sam over at Costpernews writes that Valueclick has officially launched their video network.

Ok, so, it’s a network that streams videos, right? Here’s the problem I’ve been talking about for over a year now.

It’s still not that easy to make good videos. So if you don’t have the capability to create an entertaining, not boring, video, it really doesn’t matter if you can stream it as an “ad”, does it?

Nothing against ValueClick. I think that this is a needed solution. However, when I look at the world of performance marketing, I see only a few small top brands even trying to give video a shot, then even being able to do it well. I do believe that affiliates would kill for video content however.

I still think we need more ways for the small business owners to get into the video business. Personally, I think companies like Rovion are doing the right thing in terms of pricing and technology. However, even then it’s still a jump for many small businesses.

Overall, I think this is a niece portofolio piece for Valueclick shareholders mostly. Will it get used? We’ll see.

Ohh, Pretty Pie Charts Of The Top Blog Stats

Found this link over at the Blog Herald. This piece talks about the statistics behind the top 100 blogs over at Technorati. While nothing is earth-shattering in terms of data, there are a few tidbits that jump out.

First off, here’s how they break down how they make money. What I don’t get is how they got this data? Just by looking at the blogs? Did they call them up and talk to them?


Blogging is big business these days, and most (79%) of the Top 100 blogs had some form of advertising. A mere 21% had no explicit advertising at all. The most popular form of monetization is the ubiquitous Google Adsense, appearing on 24% of the Top 100. Easy to set up, and with a large catalog of advertisers, it’s a common choice. BlogAds and DoubleClick constituted a relatively significant portion of ads, with Federated Media et al lagging behind.

Again, these numbers don’t make sense really. Only 79% of the top 100 blogs in Technorati had ads? Google Adsense is the primary choice for top bloggers? My data shows that to be far, far, far from the truth. Take a look around for yourself, the top bloggers make most of their money from sponsorships either sold themselves or through places like Federated Media.

The Topic chart is interesting to look at, I guess.


Remember, these are the top 100 blogs. So this is NOT representative of the “real” blogosphere, which by my estimation is primarily consisted of general, personal and “other” type blogs.

Overall, I think the best thing about this report is the fancy pie charts.

Want Some Free Online Marketing Ideas? Listen To My Radio Show

In conjunction with launching this newly revised blog, I’ve decided to jump in feet first and commit to a radio show as well!

I Have a Talk Show

Like this blog, the radio show is going to be focused on providing you with free creative online marketing ideas and advice. Can I help you? Are you:

  • A small business that needs to start thinking creatively online?
  • A blogger who can’t seem to get any traction?
  • A marketing person stuck in a rut, or unsure of how to get creative online?

I’ve realized that helping people or businesses succeed online through creative marketing ideas is what I’m good at, and, more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. So why not give it away, free?

I encourage you to call in to the show, or email me at jim at jimkukral dot com with your questions/problems. I’ll try to help!

Creative Online Marketing Is A Heckuva Lot Of Fun

I’ve finally done it. I’ve decided that I want to use for a blog about online marketing, specifically focusing on what I’m passionate about… helping people learn how to make money online through creative online marketing techniques.

Originally, (the blog) started in 2001 as a blog about my personal thoughts, then evolved over the years into just a place to ramble, rant and test things out.

Focus Jim! Yes, I have focused, and this is the new, where I’ll be discussing online marketing in a way that is fun and interesting to me, and hopefully you as well. So stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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