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Introducing: Ask The

For years now I’ve struggled with recommending tools, services or guides that I liked because I always worked for a company in a brand management type of role. That meant that I was unable to endorse Internet related products.

Sure, I could pass recommendations to friends and colleagues, but that was about it. Until now. I’ve recently launched my latest website called from Jim Kukral is built for me to answer questions from anyone about anything Internet related. It doesn’t have to be blogging either. I’m most qualified to answer questions about anything related to making money online. ATB is also built to showcase my personal recommendations.

Let me give a HUGE shout out to the master Dave Taylor who has been running for years and years and has been a huge inspiration to me. I know Dave will appreciate that imitiation is the best type of flattery, and as anyone can see, I’m not delving into his world of tech at all. ATB is totally different.

I should also mention Tim Carter at who has also made a huge impact on the way I work. Tim is THE master, and will one day go down as one of the pioneers in online monetization.

Quit Your Day JobWhat’s Different or Special About

When I set out to build, I wanted to make it different and better. So I have been working on taking what I’ve learned over the years from blogging and online marketing and combining them together.


1. I’m hoping to solve problems for people. The best blogs or sites solve problems.

2. I’m writing it very conversational and direct from my voice as to keep it “bloggy”

3. I’m only recommending things that I’ve actually used, or that actually work. No snake oil here.

4. I’m adding a very personal touch to every blog entry. That means a custom recommendation graphic and I will be adding a custom video to each blog entry as well coming next week. You can view a sample of how one of these videos will look here in this question.

I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even find it inspiring. As always, contact me anytime (contact info on right).

Oh yeah, and do you have a question for the blogger? Ask away!

Ted Murphy Of PayPerPost Is A Fucking Marketing Genius!

After I wrote this post 30 minutes ago, I went to wash the dishes before I put my kids to bed. As I was washing I had an epiphany.

Ted Murphy of PayPerPost is a fucking marketing genius!


The Scoble thing nailed it for me. Checkmate. Game over people.

I used to dislike PPP, but now, well, I think I must start rooting for them as I admire Ted Murphy for his marketing skills. Think about it for a moment. I have followed it from the start, and I estimate that the work Ted has done has generated close to half a million dollars in free, yes, free publicity for his company since the get go. Possibly more?

Don’t believe it? Look at this press page. Then do a search on Technorati and Google blog search.

Love them, or hate them. Ted Murphy is a marketing rock star. Un-f-ing, believable the coverage he has procured for that company. Write a book Ted, I’ll read it.

Would You Change Your Name For $30k?

This guy would, and will, officially on Groundhog Day in 07.


My name is Scott MacDonald (for now) and on February 2nd, 2007 I will change my name to whatever the highest bidder decides!

I think this is is pretty clever, and heck, it’s working too. The current bid is $36,789.10 to change his name to “Finest Freshest Fastest” by a company called I can’t imagine paying that kind of money for a publicity stunt without guarantees that I’d get the warranted publicity, but… you never know, if this blows up like the MDHP they win out big time long-run. Still though, try explaining that media buy to your board of investors.

Hats off to Scott for a creative marketing idea. I’d try this scheme, but then someone would end up making me change my name to “Fukral”, so I’d be Fukral Kukral.

Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show – December 19, 2006

Today’s show was just me, all alone. If you didn’t catch it live like the rest, you can listen to the archives here. Reminder, their won’t be a show next week due to the holidays, but I will pick it back up on Jan 02, 2007.


I spoke about my latest quick media hit website/story at

I also talked about my latest idea “Donut Juice” :) Hopefully Dunkin Donuts will be sending me a check soon.

The rest of the show was a stretch for time. We need more callers!

Andy Beal Has 5 Must Read Success Tips For Interactive Marketing Agencies

Andy Beal writes an enourmously powerful and helpful blog entry entitled ‘Five Secret Strategies to Add $1 Million in Revenue to your Interactive Marketing Agency in 2007′. Go read it, now. Ok, assuming you’re in the online/marketing/interactive agency business. If you’re a shoe repairman, you might not find it so intriguing. :9


One of the most common questions I am asked by marketing agencies seeking my advice – especially those that are newly-started or still relatively small – is “how do I attract new clients and grow my business?” While there are many ways to accomplish this task, depending on your resources and your target market, there are some proven strategies that any marketing firm can implement.

The five secret strategies listed in this guide are tried and trusted. I have used them to help grow one firm to $25+ million in annual revenues and another to an annual run rate of $2+ million in its first year. However, the strategies suggested below are not just confined to the companies I have worked with, they are evident in many successful agencies. Take a look at any successful marketing firm – whether it focuses on search, web design, email, viral or interactive – and you’ll likely see they’ve followed at least half the strategies I’ve listed.

I don’t want to sound like one of those overly-tanned, bright-smiled, “gurus” you see on infomercials late at night but, if you follow the strategies I’ve outlined, I’m convinced you can add at least $1 million in new revenue for your agency, over the next twelve months.

I can relate to all 5 points, and tell you that he’s dead-on. If you want to be successful, you’ll read this and follow it.

Edelman’s Lack Of Creativity Sinking The Ship

I fully expected a big-time PR agency like Edelman to bank hard into the turn and speed up when they got bumped with this entire Walmart fiasco.

To me, this wasn’t something you tried to let fade away as a tactic. But then again, what do I know? I’ve never run a madison avenue type PR firm. However, I know bloggers, and blogs, and I know how they think/work, and this was a blogging issue. So perhaps maybe I’m even more qualified than they are?


I contacted Richard Edelman shortly after the story broke to present an idea to him, which he replied and said he thought it was good and he forwarded it to Steve Rubel for consideration, but I never heard back about.

At the time I had just released my BlogKits Blog Honor Badges, built to help raise awareness for bloggers who want to be able to make money, but who won’t try to fool their readers in the process.

My idea: Let’s work on an official set of badges for PR firms, independent of the WOMMA, who by the way is now considering kicking Edelman out of.

If done right, this would have been, could have been, a classic lemons to lemonade story. Instead of hiding from the story, why not embrace it, take your lumps and do something to proactively make a change for the better? Something that proves you are repentent.

There’s always a way to make things better if you can think creatively. Would this have worked? Not sure, but done right it would have won back the bloggers. But maybe they simply don’t care about them?