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Creating Passive Income Sharing What You Know With Susan Bratton

I had the pleasure of sitting down and doing a podcast with ultra-famous, fabulous, podcaster and new media mogul Susan Bratton at the last Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. If you have never heard of Susan and DishyMix, shame on you! You need to be subscribed to her blog and the podcast and everything she does. Because not only does she have the best guests on her show, she is also a big-time player in the Internet marketing space.

We talked about my upcoming book. We talked about my second upcoming book, and we talked about as well. Plus a litany of other things. Great interview, and I was truly honored to be on her podcast in the company of so many other big names in the business.

Tim (her husband) takes a great picture eh?

Here’s some more about Susan (below). And be sure to listen to her interview with keynote speaker Dr. Robert Cialdini here.

Susan Bratton is the co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, Inc., a multimedia lifestyle brand providing entertaining and authentic personal content to socially conscious adults. (click here for The Story) Personal Life Media produces 40 weekly audio shows (podcasts) and companion blogs and is a publisher of direct-to-consumer online information products. The company provides automated platforms for podcast and information product publishing to serve experts who deliver motivational programs, talk shows, virtual workshops, downloadable training systems and support programs via blogs, web audio, video and ebooks.

Renowned for her impressive breadth of business relationships in the media, marketing and Web 2.0 world, she treasures talented individuals with unique perspectives about digital marketing, which she ably showcases in her weekly podcast and blog, “DishyMix: Success Secrets from Famous Media and Internet Executives.” She is the creator of “Talk Show Tips: 72 Secret ‘Master Host’ Techniques,” a system to teach anyone who conducts interviews (podcasters, radio and TV hosts and info product marketers) how to prepare, produce and promote their work.

What Color Is Your Brand?

VERY smart video here from William Arruda about colors in branding. A must watch really.

A couple of things to take away from this video.

1. Color means a lot. You really need to consider the lessons learned before you build your brand.
2. See how fun and easy this video was? You can make a video like this pretty easily. Get some good content, throw a soundtrack on there, slide some words and graphics in, and bam, you’ve got a video that is now sharable and viral. Try it.

Here’s a few videos I did a few years ago on personal branding.

Video Book Review: Me 2.0 from Dan Schawbel

Dan Schawbel is a master at personal branding, something I’ve been doing for almost 10-years now. Except I had to figure all of it out on my own and go by trial and error. If you read Dan’s book, you won’t have to. My review is below. If you’d like me to review your business or marketing book contact me. View all of my other video book reviews by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Podcast: Career Tips & Motivational Guide To Success

I’ve been meeting so many people nowadays who have lost their jobs. It’s horrible to see this happen in this poor economy. Friends, family, you name it… it’s tough out there.


So I’ve been meaning to do a podcast where I talked about ways to find a new job or boost your career, and that’s just what I did, with a little bit of motivational stuff thrown in just to get your blood flowing. Sign up for the free recording here. I do believe you will find it inspirational.

What will you learn on this free podcast?

  • Getting a job is about selling yourself. Do you have the right pitch?
  • How to do something memorable
  • Want a better career or do you want to be an entrepreneur? You should choose
  • No more slacking. No more laying on the couch and video games, sorry
  • Examples of how I have gotten past jobs and how others have (beyond resumes)
  • How to use social networking to get a job

Sign up for the free recording here.

The Wife Asked Me To Shave

I love my wife, so the beard experiment comes to a close. My first beard ever. How sad. It had a good run, but alas, it had to go. Here’s a short film I put together of me before and after the “bearcectomy”.

On a personal branding note. I think having a consistent look is smart. But… you can change it up from time to time to keep things fresh. I will now, however, have a lot of photos and videos of me with the beard, creating an inconsistency in my presence online. However, I don’t think that’s such a big deal. Change is good! Try it!