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My First Webby Award! picked up an honoree Webby Award, pretty darn cool. Although I’m not the publisher there anymore, this award means a lot to me, and should mean a lot to Wayne and all the other ReveNews bloggers who worked to make ReveNews what it is. Congrats to everyone. Sam (the new ReveNews steward) will most likely get an actual win by this time next year probably.

Only a small percentage — less than 15% — of Webby entrants receive the acknowledgement of being among the best in their respective categories. Your accomplishment solidifies your work as among the best in the world.

Here’s a link to the official announcement page, along with the other honorees.

ReveNews & CostPerNews Sold To Incubeta

vinnyquote.pngFor those of you who have been wondering what’s going on with ReveNews, we now have at least a few answers. Turns out that ReveNews was sold to Vinny Lingham’s company Incubeta, along with Sam Harrelson’s CostPerNews and is forming into a new company called PlanetBeta. More here. Wayne just announced it here on ReveNews as well, so did Sam at CPN.

Note: Unless I’m part of some big joke they’re playing on me for April Fool’s day, this is real information. I’ve known about the buyer before I resigned of course, but I no nothing about their future plans. Still not sure why you announce something like this on April Fool’s day? I guess it is probably tomorrow in Africa where Incubeta is eh? :)

IncuBeta, an investment holdings company focused primarily in online marketing and media assets, has agreed to acquire the brand and site from SK Holdings.

The deal will include absorption of the ReveNews site into the overall IncuBeta umbrella, allowing for the further development of ReveNews as a thought leader in the online media space and furthering IncuBeta’s mission to provide both strategic practical and thought shaping media programs.

As an additional part of the acquisition, the online marketing blog CostPerNews has been acquired by the combined entity and will be absorbed into the ReveNews family of sites and brands. This family of sites will be rebranded and restructured as “PlanetBeta.”

What Is PlanetBeta?

PlanetBeta will serve as the online media arm of IncuBeta and provide both a technology and advertising platform upon which sites like and can continue to function and provide new media thought leadership. PlanetBeta will also serve as an aggregator of content from around its family network of blogs such as ReveNews and CostPerNews and others to be announced at a future date.


Congrats to Wayne, Sam and Vinny, I know how hard you have all been working lately to make this happen. I’m excited about the direction you guys are taking it and look forward to being amazed and informed along the way.

Popcorn popped! Wow us! I know you will.

I Just Resigned From ReveNews

I just posted my farewell post over at ReveNews. Today was my last day as Publisher.


My first blog entry at ReveNews was on March 1, 2005. Three months later in June 2005 I was officially handed the keys to the ReveNews community car. And I drove it pretty hard that first year. In fact, I don’t think I slept much behind the wheel that first year.

So here we are 3-months into 2007 and I am announcing that I’m officially handing the keys to ReveNews back to Wayne Porter. Where the ReveNews car will go now is something I’m sure Wayne will be letting you know soon. I will find out when you do.

I leave on my own accord, having spent over two-years working with ReveNews as one of my main focuses. Believe me, it’s hard to let go of something you have so much invested in, but on the same hand, I knew that for ReveNews to continue to grow that it was time for me to move on and let someone else run the rest of the race. It has been a learning experience and I’m grateful to have had it.

There’s really not much more to say except that it’s a sad day for me in some ways. I poured a lot of energy into ReveNews over the past few years, and while I’m glad to know that it’s going to continue to kick butt under Wayne’s continued expertise, I’m sad that I’m not part of it.

However, with every end, there is a new beginning, and now I’m ready to pursue new opportunities. You know me, I don’t know how to stay idle for very long.

Let’s grab the popcorn and watch and see what Wayne has in store. Again, Wayne, friend, thank you for the opportunity.

Long Live Personality Marketing Ala Mark Cuban

If it appears that I am stalking Mark Cuban, I am not. Here’s the problem I have with him. He’s smart and make a lot of sense and I keep learning things from his blog. Therefore, I keep wanting to talk about what he says. So Mark, keep it up, and I’ll keep learning.


On Christmas Mark let out a blog entry entitled ‘The Lesson Of Happy Gilmore and Pro Sports Marketing‘. The piece basically talks about why the movie Happy Gilmore mimics everything that is wrong about sports marketing today. Good read. It got me thinking, not about sports marketing, but about personality marketing in general.

Mark says…

I think the trend towards taking personalities out of the game could be a fatal business mistake. Leagues are so intent on polishing and packaging athletes that they forget the Happy Gilmore lesson. Fans love, or love to hate athletes with personality. Most importantly, they watch those players and buy their merchandise.

My big takeaway from this mantra is… Mark’s right. If you’re in the business (any business with personalities) to make money, this is what you need to do, because it works. As an online businessman, and more specifically, publisher of an online “magazine” at ReveNews that feeds off of many personalities, I’ve learned that the business of “selling newspapers” is how you need to think in order to have monetary success (assuming monetary success is your goal).

To do that, you need to give people what they want, and that’s confrontation, and the opportunity to disagree, to yell. To “trash talk”. That… is what sells newspapers, and yes, even sells in the blogging world. Look at the successful blogs out there today. They don’t play it safe. They are run by strong personalities that have strong opinions, and that’s why they work. Heck, look at Mark’s blog, he’s a prime example of this. Look at blogs like, or to see more of this in action.

In the end, Mark is right again, it’s all about providing entertainment, or helpful information. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, or a reader, or whatever. Heck, I’m considering changing the entire format of ReveNews to a giant blogger vs. blogger cage match where bloggers simply fight each other.

Now that would sell a lot of newspapers :)