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Internet Video Marketing – The Next Step For Search

It’s very interesting to see how search is evolving these days. We have the whole paid links controversy heating things up again, as always, plus much more debate about the search industry as well. It’s never ending.

What’s more interesting to me is how search has evolved and continues to do so. The latest evolution comes in the form of online video, or, Internet video marketing, which is the process of producing high-quality video content for the purpose of generating leads, sales and publicity.

Here’s a video demo of what Internet video marketing is all about and how it can help your business.

SocialRank A Site Scraper Or MFA Play, Or Both?

You decide. is creating useful, high-quality websites that help people… or they are producing fancy made-for-Adsense (MFA) sites that scrap blog content?


Bloggingtips pointed this out to me. There are some good comments from the Socialrank representative in that blog entry. I’ll let you decide for yourself the answer to my question above.

One of the sites they have created is a site called Well, apparently I am listed in the scrape for that site right on their very own blog.


Every day, will list the top 15 stories of the day from blogging experts who teach other bloggers how to boost their blog income. We cover stories from the usual stars like JohnChow and Sabahan. But we also point you to some up and coming new Blogging experts you may never have heard of.

Each day, we also recommend 15 blogging experts who experienced a sudden boost in attention to their postings.

The list right now includes:

1. eXtra For Every Publisher
2. John Chow
3. Entrepreneurs Journey
4. Blog Clout
5. Mama Blogga
6. Blog Tips about Blogging
7. Blogging Tips
8. The Gospel According To Rhys
9. Jim Kukral – Marketing Ideas Online
10. Weblog Tools Collection
11. My Debt Free Goal
12. Enkay – Blog
13. Zac Johnson- Blog
14. Kyle Cove
15. Daily Moolah dot Com

Hope these help in your quest to moving up the ranks as a professional blogger.

I have a question though. When did I opt-in to have my content scraped so you could make a buck from it?

I didn’t. It’s hard to believe that Google would allow this site to continue to be ranked in the future.

The only way I would be ok with this is if they emailed me first and asked me if I wanted to be scraped. It’s called opt-in. That isn’t happening.

Franchise Opportunity Search Engine Solves Problems

I’ve always considered the possibility of owning a franchise. The lure of it to me was that it was a pre-built, pre-conceived business that is just handed to you with an instruction sheet for profitability. Then again, every single franchise owner I know tells me that owning a franchise is probably the most work they’ve ever done in their lives.

So… I’m not sure it’s for me. However, I am still considering it for someday. That’s why I was happy to see that my buddy Tony just launched a new franchise search engine at


FranchiseNetworks is a global franchise opportunities and business opportunities search directory that connects franchise and business opportunity seekers with the appropriate franchisors or opportunity, through use of our lead generation and syndication technologies.

In other words, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop place to find a franchise opportunity, or to get your opportunity out there, then this is the place for you.

But why is this different that other franchise sites? Here’s what Tony told me in an email…

We believe we are the only true Franchise Opportunity and Business Opportunity search engine out there. We take searchers directly to the franchisor or business opportunity and bypass the middlemen and broker sites that clutter the results of Google and other search engines.

What I really love about this idea is that they are not afraid to take a saturated market such as franchises and create a better utility/tool around it. This new search engine solves problems, and solving problems is the #1 thing you need to do to be successful online.

Google Should Come Out & Publicly Dump DMOZ

Does Google even “use” them anymore? I’m way far out of the seo details loop to know that. What I do know, is that for years I’ve heard nothing but bad from DMOZ and their “editors”.

Now we have extortion? It’s time for Google to step up and simply drop DMOZ from having any relevance. Simply stop indexing it or using it as a base, or whatever.

Will Google listen? What do you think?


There is a big DMOZ (Open Directory) kerfuffle going on at Jeremy Schoemaker’s ShoeMoney blog over an alleged extortion attempt by a DMOZ editor.

A while back I got a email from a guy claiming to be a DMOZ editor saying that I had to pay him $5,000.00 or he would have my site: removed from the dmoz.

I thought nothing of it…. then today I got a email from him saying it was removed and I might want to rethink not paying him. I thought I would check just for grins.

It was removed… WOW

Here’s the Shoemoney story.

Sphinn Is Like Digg, But Actually Helpful

Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn is an amazing resource. I submitted my first Sphinn today, and after I did so, I stayed to look around and see what the place had to offer.


What can I say? Good, good information about all kinds of internet stuff. Like my headline says, Sphinn really brings the information that someone like me needs to know. Not like Digg. And what’s even better, the people using Sphinn are cordial and actually work together. No d00ds so far.

I highly suggest you check out Sphinn. Nice work Danny.

How Do I Find & Hire A Search Engine Firm?

Todd has a wonderful list of “things” to look for when you’re searching for a search engine firm for your business.

Disclaimer: I am a partner with a top 20 USA search firm who let me offer free traffic and keyword reports. Click here for your free report.

Do your homework when searching for an SEO company. Don’t shop on price…shop on return on your dollar invested. Here are some questions to ask when doing your research.

1. What type of techniques do you use to achieve rankings?
2. What type of risk is involved with this method?
3. What will happened if our relationship is dissolved?
4. Can you show me examples of past work?
5. What was the client’s ROI?
6. What type of volume increase in traffic is reasonable to expect?
7. How long until I start to see results?
8. What would you expect from OUR end to aid your work?
9. What were some of your top search ranking achievements?
10. Do you offer any other internet marketing services to supplement your SEO offerings?

Look for good return on your dollar, and a company that understands business, marketing, technology, and the internet extensively. There are A LOT of different level SEO’s out there at this point. The biggest companies AREN’T ALWAYS best for the buck, but there is much less risk associated with your investment. Research and find a company that you are comfortable with. If this didn’t help you, here are a whole bunch more questions to ask your potential SEO companies, and what to look for in an SEO company.

Microsoft Adcenter Labs Tools – Why Bother?

Have you tried the Microsoft Adcenter Labs tools yet? I just played around with them after reading this blog post ‘Microsoft is really trying‘. Want to know what I learned?


First I tried a tool that is so sexily named Detecting Online Commercial Intention. In other words?

Microsoft adCenter can detect your customers’ intention to purchase products or acquire information.

For example, if a customer searches for LCD monitor, it is likely that he or she wants to purchase an LCD monitor; therefore, the online commercial intention is strong, with a confidence level greater than 0.5.

Webpage searches display two levels of commercial intention: informational and transactional.

The Online Commercial Intent (OCI) demo calculates commercial intent on a scale of 0 to 1. Any site whose score is greater than 0.5 is considered to have commercial intent.

However, some websites that have commercial intent might produce a score of less than 0.5. If you feel that this is the case with your website, we encourage you to contact us to help improve our scoring mechanism.

So, does have “commercial intent”? I guess not.


The next tool I tried was one called demographic prediction.

You can use adCenter technology to predict a customer’s age, gender, and other demographic information according to his or her online behavior-that is, from search queries and webpage views. General Distribution is the breakdown by age of MSN Search users-based on a one-month MSN Search log-regardless of search query used. Predicted Distribution is the predicted breakdown by age of MSN Search users for a single search query, based on the adLabs predictive model.

Result for


The keyword group detection tool seemed worthless to me. Why would I use this over other tools?

There are plenty of other tools on the page you might find useful. However, until MS makes a serious push at giving Google a run for their money, I ask you, does it matter what we think of Microsoft search?

Right now, it doesn’t.