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Everything Is Show Business

Look. Don’t get fooled. A LOT of what you see on the Internets is “show business”. Loren Feldman is the best example. The guy is an entertainer who’s doing a “show”. It’s to entertain you and get attention. Ratings/traffic.

Mylee Cyrus and those “racy photos”… same thing. Paula Abdul reading scripts on American Idol… same thing. It’s all about ratings and if you think that this stuff isn’t planned out, you’re fooling yourself. It’s show business. Did you know that American Idol show producers get people to make up the signs people hold up before the show and hand them out to the crowd? Politics? Show business too. I encourage you to go watch a movie called Bob Roberts, especially since this is an election year.

Anyway, I’m simply trying to point out that if you want attention, fast, and a lot of it, you need to start thinking like you’re in show business. Me? I try to entertain, but I’m not going to sell myself out and be fake just for “ratings”. It works though, just look at 1938media.