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Social Profit Formula

I’ve known Don Crowther for years and years now. I’ve personally sat with him many times and picked his brain. After I do, I literally have to run back to my hotel room and brain dump what he said to me because it’s THAT valuable.

This new thing he has is the real deal. I personally guarantee that you find Don’s formula powerful and well, actionable. The truth is that it’s the people like Don who teach all of us how to do these things in a way that’s not sleezy or fake.

Go check it out, watch the video. If you decide to order, get the bonuses (listed below). If not, at least you get a ton of free information from the video.

You will not only learn a lot from Don but he offers the best GUARANTEE I have ever seen. $5,000 check for you if you fail to make money with this system…check out the video to learn all about it.

Bonus Module 7
How to Make a living as a Social Media Consultant (this is the hottest job market and we explain in step by step instructions how to make a living even with no previous Social Media knowledge)

Bonus Module 8
How to be a Super Affiliate using Social Media
A complete step by step module that gives every detail on keeping customers while sending them offer after offer that convert. This will be a true business that is the first step for many on making money in the online world.

5 Things Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media

I’ve just returned from a fishing trip in Quebec, which was about a 12-hour drive from Cleveland, Ohio. Basically, you drive to Toronto, then North four about 4 hours, then east for another 3, then up the “Swisha” for another 2 hours. The Swisha shouldn’t be called a road mind you. It was basically sand/dirt and rocks, and giant natural potholes. Oh yeah, Moose, Lynx and Bears, oh my.

In other words… I was in the middle of nowhere. (Just in case you are curious, the lake was Lac Nilguat, or Big Moose Lake).

Camp4-5_lrg.jpg (JPEG Image, 792x394 pixels)
The cabin on the right was mine. The outhouse to the right. :)

It was 4-days of fishing for lake trout and pike while staying in a rustic (to say the least) cabin on an island in the middle of a lake (rumor has it there was beer involved as well). It was beautiful, fun and inspiring. And the best part was. No cell tower for 300 miles, which meant no phones, Internet or social media.

Now I’ll be honest. At first I didn’t want to go on the trip because I didn’t think I’d like being completely disconnected from the world. It wasn’t that I wanted to check email or work in anyway while I was there. I simply wasn’t comfortable with “not being able to” if I wanted/needed to. Not to mention that this would have been the first time I was COMPLETELY out of touch with my awesome family for days and days. No phone calls, emails, texts… nothing. Kinda scary actually when you think about it.

But I went on the trip anyway and I have to say, it was GREAT! Sure, I would have loved to be able to talk to my kids and wife once or twice, but what really was the best part of that was not thinking about emails or work or Twitter or Facebook or any of that. That is my point.

So I’m back now. And during the long ride back I started to think a lot about the state of social media and human connectivity and all that stuff. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’ve noticed I’ve been kind of railing against Twitter (read the comments, they agree). Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s useful, but I’ve been wondering if the usefulness of it has been outweighed by the un-usefulness of it.

In other words, and not just talking about Twitter, sure, social media is great and helpful to an extent, but really, at the end of the day, does it allow someone like me to achieve more, or less of my goals or successes I reach for? I’m not so sure lately.

sunset_rods.jpg (JPEG Image, 864x576 pixels)
Not a bad day of fishing in this sunset.

So here are the things that fishing for lake trout helped me realize about the state of me and social media. Please retweet or comment or both!

#1 Thing Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media
“Being connected” is overrated. At some point over the past 3-5 years I got so caught up in the day-to-day world of it all that I forgot that not everyone is, needs to, or wants to be connected all the time, or at all even. It IS possible to completely disconnect from the world for days and the world will still be there. And I’m not so sure that at the end of the day we are all better for being so hyper-connected. Time will tell on that one.

#2 Thing Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media
Social media is bullshit. The idea that we need tools like Twitter and Facebook to connect with each other is total b.s. Sure, they help us take it to a new level, but we don’t “need” them. We can communicate with each other without them, and frankly, I’m beginning to think that when we do, we’re better off. For a while there I thought that these tools enhanced our communication in a way that made us better. I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe more informed, but better?

#3 Thing Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media
I’m done with needing to know “what you’re doing”. Sorry, I’m just done with it. Way back when I thought it was kind of cool to know that you’re having lunch at Nobu or taking your kids to soccer practice. But now? Enough. I’ve had enough. It’s not as though I don’t care. I just don’t really need to know. It’s not helping me accomplish my goals. Not sure what I’m going to do, perhaps unfollow everyone, or well, I’m not sure.

#4 Thing Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media
I’m not so sure I want to be “social media” guy anymore. Nobody I met up in those cabins up there gave a you know what about Facebook or Twitter or emails or “the Internet” in general. (Just fishing, and drinking). There were no conversations about much else. In fact, I purposely did not talk about my business because I didn’t want to be that guy, even though I was. You know that guy: The Internet geek away for the weekend. Honestly, I would have been embarrassed to be that guy.

#5 Thing Fishing For Lake Trout Taught Me About Social Media
I’m old and cranky. I’m fully aware that maybe I’m just getting old and turning into the “hey you kids get off my lawn guy”. I’ve been doing this Internet stuff for over 15-years now, so from the very beginning, which makes me the old guy in a young business. So maybe, just maybe I’m just tired of it all.

Now you’re saying, “But Jim, didn’t you just write a book about social media?”. Actually, I didn’t. I wrote a book about how businesses and brands can get attention for themselves and turn that attention into revenue. Yes, some of the ways to do that include using social media tools, but in no way is the book about social media as a main point.

In fact, I purposely did not write a book about social media because I’ve been having these thoughts in my head for a long time I suppose. Plus, social media changes by the day. It’s hard to write a book about something that will probably be different in 6-months from now.

I still believe social media is a great tool for businesses and brands and marketers. In fact, that’s how I’ll continue to use it even more so, much in dismay probably to friend and fellow Wiley author Unmarketing, but he’s tough, he can handle it. :) But on a personal level, look for less from me on that from now on. Does that mean I’m not engaging as much? Probably.

I believe that you’re going to hear more stories and opinions like mine as time goes by. In fact, I predict that at some point over the next few years, we’ll begin to see a flattening in the upswing of “being connected all the time”. Maybe not a downswing, but definitely a flat line.

What am I going to do now? First, I’m planning next year’s trip to Moose Lake. Then I’m going to go back to work and use social media in the way that makes sense for me, just as you should to.

Why Do I Still Care About Twitter Numbers?

Because my customers, you know, the small business owners and the corporate executives who pay me to speak and do consulting and buy my books… do care.

Enough said.

Louis Gray is right though, “we”, the social media/Internet geeks that play the most in this sandbox, do in fact need a new metric to look at besides numbers.

But sorry, the rest of the world, the people who pay us money and look to us for guidance aren’t ready for it. They like seeing those juicy numbers. To them, it’s credibility. It’s status.

Think I’m wrong, tell me why.

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Real Women Do Social Media – Giveaway!

Real Women Do Social Media - The Program & The Revolution in Social Media for Women Entrepeneurs

Ladies… do you do social media? Now’s your chance! My good friend, and super-smart and awesome person, Lena West has just released her new course for women called “Real Women Do Social Media“. Essentially, it’s a program for women to learn the in’s and outs of social media. Here’s some info about it.

Thus starts yet another year of hearing about social media. It works. It doesn’t. Don’t do this. Do that. Never do THAT! Always do THIS! At this point, you’re not even concerned with what other people are doing; you’d like to figure out what you need to do about social media — and more importantly, what you can safely ignore!

And, this year comes on the heels of last year, which found you in the same situation – feeling damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This isn’t a just rock and a hard place, this is Gibraltar and Stonehenge.

It’s not for lack of trying though. You go to conferences, seminars and workshops. You diligently take notes, but when you get back to the office, those detailed notes may as well be written in Greek (unless, of course, you can read Greek, and in that case, some other language you can’t read). There’s work to do, gym memberships to make good on and family to care for. Who the HECK has time for social media anyway?!?!

For something that’s supposed to be such fun, it sure seems like a complete and utter downer. You can’t imagine why in the world you would want to spend time “getting your feet wet” with Facebook, when there are little feet in your house that need to be washed!

And, while you’re not prone to violence, if one more 26-year-old gadget-guy gives you the why-don’t-you-just-set-up-an-account-it’s-free-and-everyone-is-doing-it-go-ahead-jump-right-in look, you’ll… well, you get the picture.

Here’s the best part. I’ve got a free seat for you to win. Leave a comment on this blog and make a Tweet about it using the hastag #RWDSM and my name. I’ll pick a winner on Feb 26th.

Sales, Leads & Publicity… Oh My!

Today I spoke to a chamber of commerce group in Westlake, Ohio about how small business owners can generate more sales, leads and publicity. If you are at all interested in learning how I and many others spend absolutely nothing on advertising and how we generate success online… you need to watch.

Below is the video. I start speaking a few minutes in.

Listening Is The Key To Social Media ROI

Listening… It’s the first step really. Even if you’re only dipping your pinky toe into the social media waters, at the very least, you need to listen first. If you don’t listen… how do you know what people are saying about you? You can’t. And guess what? They are talking about you…

I had the chance to interview Dan Neely, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dan’s company makes a product called Social Sense, which is a listening platform…

SocialSense improves your aim by giving you customer-driven insights. We help you answer questions about the who, what, where, when, and how so you can make better decisions. SocialSense mines the social web, uncovering and discovering insights that can be used and acted upon by marketers and advertisers.

Dan and I talked about the business of social media “listening” and about how businesses are afraid to jump into the social media scene. We also talked about how small businesses should be monitoring the social media landscape, and how to generate a return on investment from the data gathered.

If you’d like to test out Dan’s software. Contact them and drop my name.

Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)

Will you be in Cleveland on June 3rd? Join me and Lewis Howes in this exclusive 2-hour social media and online marketing workshop event. (10 spots left at the time of my posting this).

Me and Lewis, and you, all in a room together showing you, not telling, SHOWING YOU how to be a social media master. Not theories… real examples and instructions.

Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)


Join Cleveland native, Award Winning Blogger and ultimate Business Web Coach, Jim Kukral and myself as we walk you through a two hour training workshop to help you increase your business profits through social media and online marketing. This event will be in the morning before the Cleveland Business Networking Event at Rock Bottom on June 3rd.
During this workshop we will teach you:

* How to get started with online networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
* How to utilize these sites to find your target audience
* How to generate quality leads
* How to monetize your online efforts
* How to build a following of raving fans for your product or service
* How to save and manage time with advanced online tools
* How to build a positive brand image online
* How to create an online plan and maximize your time

Book now before it’s gone!

Podcast: Career Tips & Motivational Guide To Success

I’ve been meeting so many people nowadays who have lost their jobs. It’s horrible to see this happen in this poor economy. Friends, family, you name it… it’s tough out there.


So I’ve been meaning to do a podcast where I talked about ways to find a new job or boost your career, and that’s just what I did, with a little bit of motivational stuff thrown in just to get your blood flowing. Sign up for the free recording here. I do believe you will find it inspirational.

What will you learn on this free podcast?

  • Getting a job is about selling yourself. Do you have the right pitch?
  • How to do something memorable
  • Want a better career or do you want to be an entrepreneur? You should choose
  • No more slacking. No more laying on the couch and video games, sorry
  • Examples of how I have gotten past jobs and how others have (beyond resumes)
  • How to use social networking to get a job

Sign up for the free recording here.

My Customers Will NEVER Use Social Media!

jfk_lookIn my presentation called “Beyond the Website” (watch here) I have a slide that says this.

“The Internet is for kids and geeks, and MY customers will never be online.” – Unnamed 1990’s executive.

I don’t remember where I found that quote online, and I have no idea if it’s real or not (I bet it is). But I love it because it illustrates the short-sighted approach that many people take when emerging trends and technologies grab the hearts and minds of the world.

The thing is, people are still saying that quote, but today they’re inserting social media in place of “the Internet”. You know, things like Twitter, and Facebook and Myspace and all the rest. All of those things are just for kids and geeks… right.

Let’s redo the quote for effect. You know you know somebody like this.

“Social media is for kids and geeks, and MY customers will never use social media.” – Unnamed executive.

At this point I could go on and on about how that’s a big fail waiting to happen, and most surely a pink slip for the person who said it down the road as their business lags behind competitors who didn’t think that way.

However… let’s not do that. Let’s prove them wrong. On another slide in my presentation I point to a BusinessWeek piece that defines the 6 types of social media users.

BIG Image of above graphic

If you could really dig into this slide you would see that it’s not just kids that are using social media. The scale skews to younger, sure, but in fact, this data (which is two years old btw) does indeed show a major trend toward “older” people using social media in all kinds of facets.

Ignore social media at your own peril. This is your last warning!

Can I Use Social Media Marketing To Generate A Return On Investment?

Over at my coaching site, ($1.00 Trial), I’m constantly interviewing the movers and shakers and experts in the online marketing world. Here’s another interview you will enjoy. Please leave a comment.

Justin Levy knows social media marketing. He’s been using it to create leads and sales for his businesses for years now, and he’s willing to share his secrets with you, if you’re ready to listen.

Please enjoy this podcast where Justin and I talk about specific examples of how businesses are using social media to market themselves and to generate a return on investment.

Listen to the podcast with Justin here.

The Biz Web Coach wanted to find out more about how businesses use social media to market themselves. Justin Levy runs a restaurant near Boston and promotes it primarily through social media marketing. Find out how by listening to the podcast.

About Justin R. Levy

Justin began his career in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 when he began cleaning tables at Paisano’s Restaurant in Southampton, MA. He quickly moved through the ranks and learned every aspect of the restaurant under the mentorship of owner and successful restaurateur Constantine Sierros.

After moving away to college, Justin left the restaurant business while focusing on his studies and involvement with various philanthropic ventures. Following college, he became back involved with the restaurant industry working with Chili’s in Simsbury, CT. Justin also took on website development for Joe and began helping his friend learn how to market the restaurant to help it become as successful as both had envisioned.

Justin now focuses on rapidly exposing Caminito through organizations, affiliates, networking opportunities and events. Levy has taken the quality that Gionfriddo has created and now is introducing the Northeast to it.

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