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The Story Of Your Success?

I’m a Web consultant. I take a LOT of calls from small businesses and individuals who need to figure out how to find success online. Each business is different, with different needs and goals and personalities that run them. But there’s one thing they all have in common…

They all have a story.

And so do you. We all have stories to tell.

So what’s your story? You probably have one and don’t even know it. It’s your about page. Head on over to your about page and re-read it. Is it telling a story, or is it just spouting off facts about your business?

People want to read stories, not brochures. Copywriting is really an art, and storytelling is probably the biggest factor in successful copywriting.

I highly suggest you subscribe to Brian Clark’s excellent blog at to learn how to tell your story better.

Ukulele Lessons Part II – I Get Better

In part one of my self-imposed goal to learn how to play the ukulele, I showed you how clueless I was, and how out of tune I was. In today’s video, I show you how I figured out how to tune it, and how I learned a few chords.

This is a fun little instrument and I cannot wait to get better and begin writing some songs that I can perform on camera. Give me some time though. Have you ever tried to learn how to play an instrument from scratch? It’s hard. Any tips… send them over!

Storytelling With Frog & Toad

Writing blogs, or doing videos, or audio, or anything we do in marketing is storytelling. Today I read from one of my favorite children’s books ‘Frog and Toad’ to demonstrate that storytelling is what we should all aspire to be better at.

The copyblogger will tell you this over and over. He tells stories, and he tells them well. Look at other successful people online. Most of them are master storytellers. You should work on it.