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Alternatives To Outlook Express For An Email Super User?

I’m really getting tired of using Outlook Express. Every 100 times I use it I get the dreaded “compact messages” warning on shutdown, and half the time I do it, I lose my sent emails and tons of other email in my inbox. By the way, there’s no way to turn that feature off from what I read.

logo_outlook_express6.gifPlus, you know, it’s just… blah. I want something more robust and pleasant and just nicer, you know?

Email is HUGE to me. It’s 90% of my business-life communication. I get all my news via email from rss to email updates. I get all of my consulting work via email contact (mostly). I am an email super-user.

I love my email, but hate my email tool.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should switch to? Obviously I’m on a PC, and you should know these things. I have 20+ emails setup, each checking their own account. I also need to be able to send individually from each one, so I can’t just receieve them all in one location and be forced to send from that one single email address.

Oh yeah, last thing, I don’t want a web browser client like Gmail. I prefer to have my email downloaded to my computer in the background while I work. I don’t want to have to be forced to go look for it (refresh), it should just come to me.

What’s an email super user to do? Am I stuck with Outlook Express? Calgon, take me away!

These guys say dump Outlook and go to Eudora. But I used that like 8 years ago, is it really something that I want to try again?

Is this sign #1 that I need to finally really concede I should switch to a Mac this year?