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Link Sellers: Google Don’t Want Yo Money

Today, in what means to me that they REALLY mean business, Google decided that you can’t advertise with them if you’re trying to promote the selling of links that pass page rank.

Google continues to crack down on those text link advertising methods which don’t carry the “nofollow” attribute as a “machine-readable disclosure.” The latest move, triggered by communication between Google’s web spam team and the Google AdWords department, as Google’s Matt Cutts says, is to disallow the advertising for such PageRank-selling schemes via Google.

The assault on link brokers continues. Gotta give Google credit though… they are putting their money where their mouth is. Wait, does that make sense? I think so.

It’s Official, Google Killed TextLinkAds As We Know It?

It’s official. Google doesn’t want paid links that are followed. More at Techmeme.com.

I pondered last week if this was a TextLinkAds.com killer? I don’t think it will be because the guys at TLA are pretty smart and should figure out a way to rebound from this brand assassination they are getting right now.

What do you think?

Update: Joel in the comments points to this information about TLA today.

.. we have just uploaded changes to our marketplace that should significantly increase the privacy of your ad buys. We will no longer be revealing pictures or URLs to our users. We feel moving to a more private marketplace will prove more valuable to you the advertiser in the long term. This way your competitors, or other market players, will not have any access to which sites are selling text link ads. In addition to more privacy for your ad buys, we have advanced filtering that will allow you to find the ideal ad fast!

Does “closing” the open marketplace work?

Update #2: Shoemoney points out how easy it is to see who’s running TextLinkAds on their sites. Just do a Google search.

Google Pagerank Penalties A TextLinkAds Killer?

Rumor, or truth, nobody is sure, but speculation is that the recent Google pagerank drops are a direct counter by Google to “decrease” relevance on sites that sell text links. If true, that is a DIRECT frontal-offensive move at the TextLinkAds business model.

The reasoning on this make sense for Google (see Darren’s comments below), but the problem is, for TLA, that their business model is built on passing “Google Juice”.

I can understand the text link penalties though – people buy text links so that they can increase their ranking in Google. People buy AdSense because they want traffic. Google don’t want their search results manipulated so they work against text links. I don’t like it any more than you do – but I can see their reasoning.

Right. So how can TLA survive in it’s current business model if the rumors are true?

Furthermore, would you buy a text link from them if they had a “nofollow” in it?

I like the guys at TLA, but personally, I never did like the model of “passing Google juice” for cash. It always seemed very gamey to me.

More talk at Searchengineland. Original story from Andy B. Much more at Techmeme.

How to Monetize Your Blog – The Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show

I had the pleasure of appearing on the air with Chris Malta and Robin Cowie of the Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show the other day. We talked about how to monetize you blog. The show was broken up into three segments, which can be listened to here.

Segment 1 – Mp3 or read transcript.
Segment 2 – Mp3 or read transcript.
Segment 3 – Mp3 or read transcript.

Blogging is one of the biggest trends on the internet right now, but a blog can do more than give you an online voice. It can also generate significant revenue for your ebusiness. Joining us today is Jim Kukral, founder of BlogKits.com, to share different ways you can turn your blog into a serious income stream.

It was a huge honor to be on this show for so many reasons. First off, Chris Malta (CEO) and Robin Cowie (President) of Worldwide Brands are amazingly smart people who I admire. Secondly, I am an avid read of Entrepreneur magazine.

If you haven’t heard of WorldwideBrands.com, it’s The Internet’s recognized leader in EBiz Product Sourcing. They connect online sellers with highly qualified wholesale suppliers. They have a great product that I need to blog about soon as well.