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The Jim Show Episode One – Reckless Driving While Videoing

There are two things painfully obvious when watching my new video blog called “The Jim Show”. 1. I’m no ZEfrank, and 2. I need to lose some weight (announcement on that coming soon). Nothing like seeing yourself in front of a camera at weird angles to make you realize you need to hit the gym more often.

So here you go, the very first episode of The Jim Show, my new daily (hopefully) show where I post up a video blog about… well… something. Why? Because I gotta walk the walk dude. I talk about videos a lot, and I’ve been doing a lot of behind the camera work (marketing, blogging, metrics, production, etc…), and not enough in front of it. Hope you enjoy.

By the way, I’m using this new camera called the Flip Video Camcorder: 30-Minutes (White) to film this and all Jim Show episodes. That’s an affiliate link, go buy it, pretty cool product. Review coming soon.