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Online Success: Start With The Idea, Monetize It Later

dwight_schrute2.jpgDo you love the hit tv show ‘The Office’ like I do? Great, fun show. Good tv.

If you like it like I do, you’ll like this site my buddy made called Memorable quotes from the hit NBC show “The Office”.

But this isn’t a pimping of my friend’s site. I wanted to point out a few observations about this site and my friend that apply to the business of online success.

First off, it’s important to note that this site wasn’t built to “make money online”. It was built because he liked the show, plain and simple. In other words, he is the best example of the new modern consumer. He has become a customer evangelist.

Second, it was only after the site was built that he began to try to monetize it. There’s a lesson here. Build your passion, and worry about monetization next.

Third, this is a great example of a site that will flourish using Auction Ads as opposed to Google Adsense. Why? Because instead of serving up “links” to stuff, Auction Ads can serve up actual products that are from the show specifically.