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Tradtional Media Must Adapt, Or Die

It’s official, traditional media will die. How do I know? Bill Gates says so yo.


Chairman Bill Gates spelled out his vision of the future of media Tuesday, in front of about 1,000 advertising professionals in Seattle for Microsoft’s Strategic Account Summit of its top advertising customers.

“We’re saying newspapers will go online, and there will be massive innovation that comes out of that,” Gates said. “We’re saying that TV, the biggest ad market in the world, will completely go online and have the kind of targeting interaction that you only get out on the Web today.

“As dramatic as things happening on the Web are, that’s actually what all advertising … will be in the future.”

Gates painted a grim picture of the transition for traditional media.

“I have a lot of friends in the newspaper industry and, of course, this is a tough, wrenching change for them, because the number of people who actually buy, subscribe to the newspaper and read it has started an inexorable decline,” he said.

By the way, Bill Gates is really awesome, in case you didn’t know. Check the link for proof.