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Solving Problems For People Is The Key To Success!

Upload Video to Multiple Sites Automatically
Success comes to those who help people solve problems. Case in point, I have been struggling with how to get my videos uploaded to many online video sharing sites. It’s a huge time waster, believe me.

Today I ran across a new tool called Video Post Robot (full review at Check it out.

In essence, the software allows me to save a ton of time uploading videos to sites like YouTube, Metacafe,, etc… All with the click of a button.

Does your software solve problems? Take a look around at the things people are selling? Notice how the ones that are always successful solve problems for people?

Think about that when you’re building ANYTHING! Products, services, blogs, etc…

Traditional Advertising Models Are Collapsing… Smell The Fear!

Are you ready? Here comes more creative uses of online video. Check out this piece in the Washington Post about brand evangelism.

The traditional advertising models are collapsing. Where once there were mass media, with the audience a passive receptacle, we are moving toward what branding expert Rob Frankel calls “the masses controlling the media.” An audience empowered by hundreds of cable channels and TiVo pays less and less mind to TV ads. And the marketers, well, some might suggest they are desperate.

“You can smell the fear,” Garfield says.

Which means that smart marketers will figure out how to get the people to do much of their work for them. The big marketing story of this year’s Super Bowl was “consumer-generated advertising,” in which ordinary folks competed to help create TV spots for Doritos and Chevrolet.

And it’s not only about getting your audience involved. It can be done the other way, by creating your own engaging content that your audience wants to see.

For example, look at this site called

The kitchen appliance company Blendtec has a microsite called, which functions as a laboratory of unlikely things getting pureed in Blendtec blenders, including pickled pigs’ feet and light bulbs. Users can send a note to the Will It Blend? site to suggest a new item to be blended — a shag rug, perhaps.

So very, very smart. I mean, c’mon, don’t you have to know if a video camera will blend? What about a baseball?

Man, I want one of those super blenders, don’t you?

What are you creating that is engaging? Are you concentrating your marketing efforts on building content that will grab hold of your audience?

Tips For Producing Good Online Videos Or Screencasts

Brian Solis strikes again with some good tips on how to make good online videos.

briansolis.jpgThere are several ingredients to consider when developing a video or screencast, and the choices you make for their implementation will determine the success or failure of the campaign.

1 – Be genuine. This isn’t yet another opportunity for PR to spam the world

2 – Know your targets, their pain points, and why your product will help them. And please don’t use the word audience. Viewers today are considered the people formally known as the audience. This ensures that we engage by conversing with, not marketing to, people. This is Jay Rosen’s philosophy, which many social media purists hold sacred when discussing how to participate through social media.

3 – Keep it focused on what’s unique, interesting, and compelling.

4 – Experiment. Don’t just stop at one…keep the line of communication open through video much in the same way you would with blogs, marketing collateral, newsletters, and press releases.

5 – Place the videos on the company site and offer RSS feeds for them.

6 – Ensure that the videos are placed in the social networks where the people you want to reach search for new and interesting content.

7 – Simply placing videos online isn’t enough. Just because you place in social networks doesn’t mean it will be viewed and shared. You have to do “PR” for it through the folksonomy of strategic tagging, linking, and having others point to it and republish it to spark the viral potential of your content.

8 – Be creative.

9 – Worry less about polish and more about content.

10 – Listen to feedback

Thanks Brian. I will be following this list as I continue on my path to video glory!

Forget Press Releases… The Video News Release Is Coming

With the ever advancing world of online video comes the next generation of the press release. The video news release, or VNR.

With Social Media Releases (New Media Releases) in the spotlight again, I felt this was the ideal timing to introduce you to the Video News Release (VNR) redux. Ready or not, start brushing up on flash, screencasting, video production, and video networks.

Online video is the next frontier for the communications industry adding a new layer of engagement to any existing PR, marketing and web initiative. In my opinion social media has reinvented the VNR, putting the power of creation and distribution in the hands of those with a camera, PC, and a broadband connection – well, and a little marketing savvy and an understanding of the pains and needs of the people they’re trying to reach…

What the social media press release is to traditional releases, amateur video, screencasts, and demos are to traditional video news releases (VNRs).

Here’s a great example. One that I find much more interesting than a written news release. But then again, I’m a visual thinker.